Worth Waiting For

Worth Waiting For

By:  Alexis Porter  Completed
Language: English
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**Completed. This is the second book in the Baxter Brother's series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel. Almost ten years ago, Landon watched his mate be killed right before his eyes. It changed him. After being hard and controlling for years, he has finally learned how to deal with the fact that she was gone. Forever. So when he arrives in Washington, Landon is shocked to find his mate alive. And he is even more determined to convince her to give him a chance. Brooklyn Eversteen almost died ten years ago. She vividly remembers the beckoning golden eyes that saved her, but she never saw him again. Ten years later, she agrees to marry Vincent in the agreement that he will forgive the debt. But when those beckoning golden eyes return, she finds she must make an even harder decision.

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35 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Landon
Landon lowered himself towards the ground and inched closer to the voices floating through the dark. His footsteps were undetectable and subtle as Landon inched through the warehouse, his tennis shoes light against the concrete. He made sure to weave between the metal shipping containers carefully as to not make any noise. He needed evidence and if he got caught, he would lose his chance. Landon’s steps slowed as he came closer to the voices. He slowly ducked behind a large metal container and reached for his phone. Landon quickly turned down the brightness of the screen and pressed the recording button. The red button flashed and started counting to signal it was documenting sound.Landon held his breath and stalked towards the light. The voices picked up their volume as he crept closer to the lit room. The small crack in the door shed a sliver of light along the ground. Landon stopped his approach just before the crack and focused on keepi
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Chapter 2 - Landon
“You did what!?” Landon cringed from Levi’s angry voice. He didn’t bother calling his brothers last night after he got home from his disappointing and confusion encounter. Instead, he tended to his wounded side and rested so his body could properly heal. When he woke up with no more pain, Landon rushed to the store and snatched a new phone. He immediately plugged in his brother’s phone numbers, once again feeling foolish for losing his phone.
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Chapter 3 - Brooklyn
Brooklyn glanced down at her phone again from inside the laundromat. She was hoping her car would last her a little longer, at least until she had to marry Vincent. Now that didn’t seem like a possibility with the
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Chapter 4 - Brooklyn
Hunter reached under her dashboard and she heard a soft ‘pop’ before he rounded the front of her car. He pulled up the hood of the car and rested the heavy piece of metal on a small pole he pulled from under the hood. He then went to his car and did the same.Brooklyn couldn’t tear her eyes from him. She still couldn’t believe he was here.
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Chapter 5 - Landon
Landon knew Vincent was giving him directions, but he had a hard time focusing on what he was saying. He had a perfect view of Brooklyn from where he was. She was sitting down in her office, a large window giving him a perfect view of her curvy body. Her light blonde hair was now thrown up in a bun. She had changed her clothes to look more professional and a pair of reading glasses were perched on her perfectly straight nose. Her fingers flew over the keys of the computer and her brow furrowed in concentration as her mind remained focused on the screen in fr
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Chapter 6 - Brooklyn
“Brooklyn!” Vincent yanked the office door open as Brooklyn swung her purse over her shoulder. Not for the first time, she was working much later than usual, but because of her late start, she had been behind all morning. Not to mention the delicious distraction that hadn’t left her mind since that morning.
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Chapter 7 - Brooklyn
Luckily, Brooklyn knew where she was because she’s driven this way for years. She knew that there was a bed and breakfast down the street that she might be able to squeeze into tonight. It would take even more money, but luckily Brooklyn was hyper-focused on budgeting, so she knew she could afford one night of trouble followed by the tow in the morning. Despite having lived in southern Seattle for years, the mud and constant rain was something she still wasn’t used to.
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Chapter 8 - Brooklyn
“Here’s some clean clothes for when you are done. I don’t know how long I’m going to be, so if you are hungry and I’m not back, help yourself to anything you can find.” Brooklyn nodded as she grabbed the folded clothes from Hunter’s hands. The white shirt and blue sweats smelled like him, just like the small space. “Thank you again, Hunter. I promise I won’t get in your way.”
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Chapter 9 - Landon
Landon took another deep breath to control the urge to reach out and snatch his mate. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she rinsed another dish and set it on the rack to dry. She insisted on doing the dishes after he cooked their simple dinner. Landon wished he knew she would be here tonight. He would have bought more food and hid his alcohol stash if he knew this would end up happening. After Brooklyn&
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Chapter 10 - Brooklyn
Brooklyn pulled out a granola bar from her now dry bag and took a large bite from it, trying to focus on the numbers on her computer. Hunter was by far the most distracting and forward man she had ever met. It had been nearly
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