Wounded Hearts

Wounded Hearts

By:  Ecrin   Completed
Language: English
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Faith and Atlas were immensely in love with each other. Both were childhood lovers until Atlas had to go to another country for business purposes. He promised his love he will come back for her and told her to wait for him. What will happen when Atlas comes back but with a surprise....a surprise that will end up wounding a heart?.......... "I hate you. You are a whore, a manipulating bitch, get out of my face and stay away from my wife" ******************* "I love my wife and will only love her, the love I once had for you died long ago. You are nothing to me, nothing. You are only trash in my eyes" ********************* "I...I lied....I lied.....It was me, it was all me. She did n-nothing. I was j-jealous of her.....I w-wanted to steal you away from her...I b-beg you...p-please find her for me....I w-want to ask for f-f-forgiveness e-even i-if i d-don't deserve it.......I w-want to s-s-see her b-before I-I t-take my l-last breath" ****************** "I-I'm s-so sorry my love" ******************* "I-I l-love you so much my angel, you mean the world to me. Please c-come back to me" *********************** "Daddy why does mommy hate me?" he cried in his father's arms. "Shhhh, she doesn't hate you. Mommy loves you a lot"......... **************************** "Please angel, P-please....I was the one who hurt you, who betrayed you but that child has no mistake in this, he is innocent, he craves for a mother's love" "I am not his mother and never will be. Get yourself and that child out of my life" she said coldly with blank expressions. A story about a girl who started to hate the word called Love "Love is only for the weak" she said

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Rita Wilson
Great story!!! Atlas was seriously a demented guy. Glad the ending did justice to the story. Have read it twice.
2023-02-07 03:43:44
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Tanelle P
Greta story! Emotional roller coaster but totally worth it
2023-01-22 07:44:41
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Dominique T Bast
awesome stay could of share love both guys
2022-08-10 16:25:11
user avatar
Katherine D
And also love the karma! Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around Comes Around song comes to mind lol
2022-07-23 07:33:28
user avatar
Beautiful story.... very nice............. I am happy Faith never goes back to Atlas and lives happily with Dario and kids....and Dario's character is superb.............
2022-02-03 05:45:33
user avatar
love the story...
2021-08-10 16:27:15
default avatar
Atlas can rot in hell. This is a dumb book
2021-08-08 21:31:57
user avatar
A beautiful book by the Author! Totally loved it!❤
2021-06-26 00:45:46
default avatar
Good book love it
2023-05-04 00:17:27
default avatar
just started this book and I need to stop. such a heartbreaking story and I can feel the pain the hurt and hate from the fl. hopefully she is not going back to him and take care of his son for him.
2023-04-13 14:49:37
92 Chapters
I quickly ran down the stairs in excitement ready to meet the love of my life, the man who I have waited for all my life. He promised me he will come back for me, he told me to wait for him, which I did for 5 years and finally that day has arrived.I nearly tripped over the stairs but I didn't care if I hurt myself, I was craving for one look of him, I was in desperation to see his face again after 5 long years.With a wide smile I walked through the hall way and was ready to greet him but my smile died down at what I saw. I heard my heart shatter to pieces at what I heard next........"Congratulations on your wedding, son. You and Melissa look absolutely gorgeous together" Mrs Williams said looking at the couple with adorness and love. I leaned next to the wall, feeling weak with fres
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Chapter 1- Cold
Faith's POV "Get the fuck out RIGHT NOW!" I yelled at my assistant in anger who flinched and rushed out of my door. "Fucking bitch...just ruined my mood" I muttered under my breath. A knock on my door snapped me out of my anger. "Come in," I said with a cold tone. "Alex walked in with a blank face. "you have a meeting at 2 pm," he said in his deep voice. "Ok," I said and went back to my important files. I looked back at Alex and raised my eyebrow "Why are you still here?" I asked in a bored tone. "When will you stop this?... It's been 3 years Faith...why don't you let him go?" he said with a frown. My body became stiff when hearing those words. I clenched the file in anger while I glared at Alex in anger. "Get Out" I hissed and shockingly he obeyed me. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes as images from m
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Chapter 2- Hatred
Faith's POV "I want all the work finished by 5pm tonight understood?" I ordered coldly at my PA who was shivering under my watch. "Y-yes M-ma'am" she said with a shaky voice and left the room with stacks of files in her arms. I sighed and leaned back into my chair massaging my temples. My office phone then rang, snapping me out of my trance. I answered the phone with tiredness. "M-m-ma'am someone is h-h-here t-to meet y-you" she stuttered. I rolled my eyes at her voice and without answering I disconnected the phone. All of a sudden my door sprung open in a flash making me jump "Mommy, Mommy I miss you" a sweet voice said making me grit my teeth. I look down to my leg to find a 3 year old grabbing onto my skirt, pulling it to get my attention. I harshly pulled my skirt away from him and stood up. How on earth did he even come here?... unless..............."I'm sorry Faith, he ran out of the car when I parked
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Chapter 3: Past
5 years ago"I'm gonna miss you so much" I cried in his arms. "I'm gonna miss you too my badass angel" he whispered back. I didn't want to let him go. He was my world, my obsession, how will I live without him?. "Baby...you have to let me go...it's time for my flight" he said kissing my head. I hugged him tight and sobbed. He broke the hug and cupped my face. "I will ring you once I reach....I promise" he said wiping my fat tears. "Now give me my kiss" he smirked and kissed me passionately on my lips. "Take care and ring me okay?" I said while sniffing my tears back. He chuckled and pecked my lips once, twice then thrice. "I will and you also take care and don't create any problems for the teachers....you trouble maker" he said playfully making me chuckle. He then turned to Mel who stood there watching us. "Come here Mel" Atlas said with open arms. She ra
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Chapter 4: Strange
1 year later Faith's POV It's been a full year since Atlas and Melissa have been in New York. In this full year I felt like as if Atlas was slowly distancing himself from me. Our texts, calls and skype calls were reducing day by day. At first I thought it was because he was busy but I'm sure he couldn't be that busy that he didn't even have 2 minutes to spare for me. Me and Melissa would talk everyday but she also stopped talking to me. She did tell me her Aunty was going through a surgery so I didn't want to annoy her, but I missed them so much. I was here so far in London while them two were in the same City togethe
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Chapter 5: Atlas
Atlas's POV I sat in my office with my son on my lap. He looked exactly like me but had her eyes. He was sobbing in my chest while I rocked back and forth trying to calm him down. "Shhh....it's okay baby. Mommy didn't mean to say that...she was just a bit tired and busy" I consoled him. He looked up at me with his big cute, teary eyes. "Mommy love me...no love me?" he asked innocently. I kissed his chubby cheek "Of course...Mommy and Daddy love you a lot Leo" I said with a smile. He smiled and clapped his hands. I chuckled and put him down for him to crawl around on the floor.I leaned back in my chair, remembering the scene that just happened a few minutes ago. I felt hurt seeing so much hatred in her eyes for me but I deserved it for everything I did to her. I broke all my promises with her while she stayed faithful...I didn't deserve her but I am selfish. I can't...I just can't live without her....that woman....my bada
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Chapter 6: Parents
Faith's POV I was feeling exhausted from work today. "Welcome home my sweetheart, dinner's on the table. Go and get changed and come downstairs" my mother said with her sweet voice. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and went upstairs to get changed. After getting changed I came back down and walked into the dining room. I froze at who I saw there. I gritted my teeth and glared at the figure who was sitting at the table. "Why are you standing there Fai...come on....let's have dinner" my mom said dragging me to the table. "What is he doing here?" I asked with a cold tone. Atlas looked at me with a hurtful look but continued to smile at me which I ignored."Don't be rude Faith...he is our guest...now come on let's eat" My dad said with a firm tone. I sat down but glar
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Chapter 7: Melissa
3 years agoFaith's POVI barged into Melissa's room which she shifted in...in other words Atlas's room. I glared at her and grabbed her arm. "What the hell is this Mel?...." I hissed in anger. She yanked her arm out of my hold and glared at me. "Don't touch me Faith and about what is going on...I'll tell you" she spoke and moved closer to me. "I am now Atlas's wife meaning you are out of the picture" she said with an evil glint in her eyes. I was taken aback seeing this change in her. "Mel...Mel please tell me you are joking. I missed you both so much and here you both come back....married" I said with tears falling out of my eyes. "Tell me Mel...why?" I cried."I'll tell you why" A voice that I loved to hear said.
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Chapter 8: I'm not giving up on you
Present  Faith's POV "Ma'am, Mr Campbell is really interested in our new project and is planning on taking us on. Do you want me to book an appointment with him?" My PA asked while I signed some files. "Yeah and make sure it's after 2pm as I'm really busy before that" I said with a calm tone. "Sure Ma'am. Anything else you want me to do?" she asked softly. I closed my file and looked at her, "No....you can leave for the day...Thank you Lily" I said without any expression. She gave me a nod and left the room. I continued reading a few important files until I heard a knock on the door. "Come in" I raised my voice. I heard the d
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Chapter 9: Wounded
Faith's POV3 years ago  I sat in my locked room gazing at mine and Atlas's photos that hung onto the wall. "Fai....sweetheart...why is your door locked honey" my mom knocked on the door, speaking with a concerned voice. "Fai....honey are you okay?" she spoke again but I ignored her, hugging my legs as I stared at the images. "Fai....FAITH HONEY..." she raised her voice in worrisome and started to bang on the door. I slowly got up from my bed and unlocked the door, opening it for my mom who stared at me with concern. A sigh of relief left her lips as quickly hugged me. "You made me so worried honey...why was your door locked?" she asked now breaking the hug. I faked a cough and looked away "um...sorry mom...I probably did it without noticing...sorry to make you worried" I said quietly. She stood there in silence, studying my face. "Are you sure you are okay sweetheart?" she asked with her sweet vo
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