Mr. Billionaire

Mr. Billionaire

By:  DaydreamerGirl97  Ongoing
Language: English
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She's always been described as "her" shadow. The shadow of a beautiful, intelligent sister that she could never beat. Her whole life, she has tried her best to meet up to her sisters standards but it has never been the same. She has never been able to shine by herself without being compared to Willow. For 20 years now, she's been the shadow and never once has she realised that she was equally as beautiful and intelligent. Today was the day, the day that it would be all about her, well that's what she thought initially. It was her 20th birthday party where she will be revealed as her fathers heir of the company after being abroad for a year studying 24/7 to be able to live up to her fathers standards. Today was her day being in the spotlight after disappearing from it for 2 years. In this year, she has changed drastically. So much that her parents didn't recognise her when she stepped out of her fathers private jet. So much that her old high school bullies wouldn't even have recognised her. She was finally back and stronger than ever. Neveah was back to show everyone that she is not the same girl as she was 2 years ago. Alec McKinley, the typical playboy of the century. Having flings left, right and centre but discarding them after a night with their bodies. He was notorious for this but it didn't stop females from dropping their skin tight dresses to state to the world that they've has a night with the heir to the McKinley Enterprise. These naïve females all through that they would be the one to change him. To be able to tame the beast in bed. However, they leave empty handed, without their clothes but just a robe as always.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Party
Today is the day, I'm trying to show that the nerves aren't getting to me but hell I'd be lying if I wasn't shitting myself with the fact I am being introduced to the business world again after disappearing 2 years ago.I disappeared to London the moment my senior year was finished, trying to get away from my toxic family and just my toxic life in general. I've always wanted to go to England to sightsee and I was able to have the chance and I took it with both arms the moment it was announced that I got a scholarship to Oxford. Yes, a prestige school but I'm nothing but prestige in my family’s eyes.I believe that I am a normal girl and doesn't give two shits about status and money. I just want to be a better me in every way I can. See that's the difference between me and my family. I want to just be a better pe
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Chapter 2 - Him
I walked onto the stage, hoping to hide my nerves with the fake smile on my face as it was time for me to give my speech after my father is done introducing me to the mass crowd gathered listening eagerly as if my father was the king. "I would like to give a warm welcome to my second daughter, who has come back to the states after 2 years of being abroad at Oxford University, Neveah Miller!" My father stated whilst the stage light points directly at me, blinding me in the process. I carefully walked on stage, hoping to not make fun of myself or my mother would continue to belittle me even more if I couldn't even walk on stage without tripping.Finally getting on the stage, my father allowed me to take the stand whilst he moves off stage to give the ultimate stage fright of the century. I composed myself and got ready to speak.
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Chapter 3: Interesting
----Nevaeh's POV----"Baby! You're finally back in the states and look at you with your killer British accent and your beautiful body that you have developed these 2 years in Britain. Going there has done you good." Tiffany exclaimed as she started ranting on about how I am more developed and how she has noticed all the men who have been staring at me non stopped since she's arrived. Knowing she would be going on and on about these thirsty men. I decided to look around and to see where my father was at since the first dance of the night was going to happen soon and this dance has a symbolic meaning towards it that my great-grandma decided that should be a part of the family when she realised that my nan and her father wasn't spending enough quality time together and this dance was a way for allowing the daughters to bond over with even if it was just 3 minut
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Chapter 4: Princess
I stared into his deep blue eyes and was still stood with horror. He didn't know the extent of what he has done. Every newspaper and media article would have us plastered onto the front page. All the ideas of just being an ordinary girl just flew out of the window because of this one-time association with him. Yet who does he think he is to "claim" me! When did I suddenly become a commodity that allowed notorious players like him to waltz into my life and suddenly think, they have the full potential to claim me? The warm that was still upon my waist made me snap out of my trance and realised that he was still holding onto me. The realisation that every couple on the dance floor has stopped what they were doing, and all were watching with beady eyes waiting for our next movement made me sick to my stomach. I hated being the center of attention, especially when it
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Chapter 5: The Father
"Lilly! There you are!" A deep husky voice stated with a hint of worry. Turning around I saw an individual that somehow resembles the individual that has gained my hatred in just a couple of hours of meeting him. He ran over and took Lilly from my arms which made me miss holding the bundle of joy. Even though I've only met her for a very short amount of time, we have formed a bond over her being just so damn adorable. Still slightly upset on the fact that this stranger, presumably her father, even though he seems no older than me, I couldn't help but smile over their bond."Hello, my name is Elijah, and thank you for looking after my daughter," he said with a cute smile with the most noticeable dimples. I couldn't help but smile back and state that it was nothing since Lilly was such an adorable child that it allowed me to feel better than before.
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Chapter 6 - Dealt With
---Nevaeh's POV---Today was the first official day where I would be starting my job role and getting to know everyone in at the company. My father has specifically given me a project that I would have to manage myself and whatever the outcome would be could implicate his decision on if I am ready for taking over the company. However, I know for a fact that it wasn't just a simple project since, at the back of his mind, I will need to fully prove myself with my ability for him to fully accept that I am taking over. Getting ready was easy but knowing that I would have to spend the morning with my family was a difficult task. Since my sister was back for a couple of weeks, breakfast with the family was not a scene that I want to endure before my first day at the company.
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Chapter 7 - Surprises
Throughout the meeting, it seemed like Crystal was fully submerged into this, but I couldn't be sure until I receive the report on my table first thing in the morning. This may be the first time that these different departments would be making a report after each meeting but I think this is a great way to see exactly they think is significant through a meeting and exactly what their ideas are on and also making sure they're paying attention. It also gives me an idea what their work ethic is and what they're ability is instead of asking just Camilla to do the reports after each meeting. These individuals may be very confused as to why I'm asking them to do a report, but I am always clear with what I am doing. Finally finished with the meeting and g
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Chapter 8 - The Business Opportunity
Everything was so confusing to me. Why he could invite me out on a dinner date that was supposed to just be about a business opportunity but in the end is in a romantic setting and I couldn't explain this feeling I had when he talked about this restaurant as being his and how he went through the process of building this restaurant up. Before I had always thought that he was someone who gathered all his fame and fortune from just taking over his father’s company but in the end, it was a mixture. Behind the scenes, he did do his work and was very passionate about it. "So, what did you want to talk about and what was this business opportunity that you thought I would be very interested in," I asked since the waiter had come back with our food and we had to get down to business before I finish all of the food.
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Chapter 9 - Ballistic
---Alec's POV---The moment I scared her, and her coffee spilt on her hand, I felt the need to protect her. This was the first time in years since I've felt this feeling. The moment she came into my life, I've felt all sort of things that I thought I couldn't be able to feel anymore. I looked at her hand after rinsing it under the cold tap to see if it was still hurting. It was slightly red which did make me worry but knowing that she didn't spill a lot made me feel at ease. I should give myself a note to ask one of the workers to send her some ointment for this. I couldn't help but crease her cheeks when I detected some sadness in her voice when I told her that I had to fly out of the country for a couple of days. It wasn't intended to leave just after giving her the contract see I would
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Chapter 10 - Night in
---Nevaeh's POV---The moment I pushed him out of the door I couldn't believe what I had just done. Without think, I had teased him and had given him a hard-on without realising. However, I just didn't have enough time to give myself even a second to think about my actions when Camilla came in to tell me that my first meeting of the day was about to start. However, before leaving she told me that Alec had left an ointment for my hand. This did make me feel slightly happy that he was able to think about me, but I remembered that he was the sole reason to why I got burnt in the first place. Within a couple of hours, we had finally gotten through all the meetings without one of the workers being late or out of place.
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