You Are Mine For Keeps.

You Are Mine For Keeps.

By:  Christabelradiance  Updated just now
Language: English
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"I can’t stand the thought that you’re waiting for this to end. It's not going to end, not for me. You can be mad at me when I hurt you which I'll never ever do intentionally, you can take a short break from us, say an hour or two. But this, is not going to end. I can't afford to loose you again." ##Intentional love and Erotic scenes. (R18) A few years later, Daisy got stuck in an elevator with the last person she wanted to be seen with, her ex! Somehow she let him talk her into attending a fundraiser over the weekend as his date. Things took a turn for the worst when she realized that running into her ex was something she'll be doing more often. Eventually, she had to make a tough choice to either continue having mind blowing orgasms with no string attached or letting herself fall hopelessly in love with the bad boy that wrecked her heart years ago. Judging from how irresistible Brett Lexington was, the decision turned out to be tougher than she anticipated.

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Edward Nancy
this is one of the best novels I have read in recent times, thanks to the author for this amazing piece...
2024-04-03 05:04:20
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thelma amaka
Am glued already, very interesting am loving ugo
2024-04-03 04:59:48
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Hi, Author here, I'm glad we're walking down this path with Daisy and Brett. I will appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Kindly share your thoughts with me as they will help me understand how you want this story to pan out. I promise, I'm seeing your comments and reviews and I'm listening
2024-04-02 16:28:55
user avatar
Lovelyn Chinonyerem
This is a very exciting piece. I'm so engrossed and waiting for more.
2024-04-02 05:33:35
155 Chapters
"What time do you even plan on getting here? Are you sure you're still coming?" Daisy listened to Ugo whine over the phone."I'm all dressed up already. You'll see me soon, I promise. I just had a really stressful day at work and I had to make a quick stop at home to get into more comfortable footwear." she tried explaining. Pushing the door of her walk-in closet close, she pulled a black leather jacket across her black singlet, sat on the bed and bent low to buckle her sandals when she heard Ugo's next words."You're changing footwear? Don't tell me you plan on wearing any of those boring flat sandals of yours.""Something wrong with my flats?" "Really, you're going to ask me that." Ugo boiled."We're going out to celebrate for crying out loud. You have to look the part. Put on a pair of those gorgeous Louboutins you got there. Why do you splash so much money on exotic footwear when you don't wear them.""Hello, are you forgetting something? You're forgetting that you made me buy the
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What Are The Odds
Daisy's phone lit up just then with a text from Ugo. "My power went out. Where are you?""Ahhh, yes, I just got alerted to that." Daisy told Brett as she held her phone up before she texted Ugo back. "I guess it's the whole hotel, I’m stuck in the elevator with some dude that is providing me with adequate company.""At least that means they were telling the truth," Brett said, interrupting her. "The good news is, they have generators, so the elevators should start moving shortly.""And you know this, how?""Oh!" He stepped away from the telephone. "They told me," he added.Daisy slid down to the floor, placing her purse and paper bag gently beside her, careful not to break the champagne bottle. Since she already informed Ugo about it, she knew how much tragedy it would bring if it ended up broken. Ugo would report her to anybody worth reporting to, including Daisy's parents. Her black heels used to be relatively comfortable for at least an hour or two before the discomfort a
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A Stand-In-Date
"I've been doing fine for years now. Please just go back to wherever you're coming from and let me be."Brett moved over to her and crotched down opposite her. "Go on a date with me, over the weekend."Daisy burst into laughter. "Is this guy a joke or something?" She asked rhetorically, loud enough to Brett's hearing. "No.""Come on.....""I'm not going on any godforsaken date with you Mr Lexington. Not in your wildest dream.""Okay." he said, pushing two open hands forward to calm her down. "Go to a fundraiser with me then. Technically, I wanted you to be my plus-one at the fundraiser organized by the Mayor over the weekend and maybe we could go on a date afterwards. But since you said no date, let's go to the fundraiser together." He offered."No.""Daiz. I promise you, if after the fundraiser, you decide that you don't want to see me ever again. I won't bother you. Just this once, please?"Daisy became calm for a moment. She looked up at his angelic face and watched him flash a smil
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A Shocking Disclosure
"Look what I brought you." Daisy said instead of arguing. She pulled the champagne bottle and the chocolates and crackers out of the paper bag. "I'm not quite sure how cold the champagne is anymore, but we still have to drink it. And I heroically saved all of them, including the chocolates and crackers from the guy I was stuck in the elevator with, so we’d better enjoy them." "Well, of course we still have to drink that champagne. Give me that." Ugo grabbed the hotel water glasses as Daisy pulled the foil off the champagne bottle. "I can’t believe you were stuck in the elevator all that time. And why weren’t you texting me back. Was your battery out?" "Okay, there’s a story there, but let’s toast to you first before I get into all of that." Daisy twisted the metal lid open and pulled out the cork with a gentle pop. After she poured a healthy amount into each of their glasses, she held hers up. "To Ugo Chike, the first black female partner at Jade and Judy, in over ten years. To a
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Still Yearning For Him
A gorgeous hostess led them upstairs to a quieter VIP bar that overlooked the stage and dance floor below. They were shown to a small seating area by the balcony and settled at a table hugged by two half-moon velvet sofas. The hostess propped a beverage menu in the center and said, "Your drinks are on the house. Enjoy your evening." "Wow!" Ugo whistled. "We scored." "I think that hawker recognized you from one of your court cases. Because how the hell are we getting such VIP treatment when we're yet to spend a dime." Daisy said out loud. "Wouldn't that rock." Ugo grinned. "Or it could be the chef guy.... That dude is full of surprises. I've gotten so many gifts that I can't count since I met him. Yet, he's not interested in hitting this ass." "He could be pretending." Daisy fixed in. "Or taking it slow. The good old ways. He might be hoping to win you over thoroughly before making a move. In other words, he wants you to...." "Lose my damn guard. Mmmm, not happening, not gonna h
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Love Is Selfish
Brett walked into his sitting room with a file he pushed over to Derin, who had come visiting. "You were scarce throughout Thursday, how much success did you record with your adventure?" Derin asked, picking up the file and flipping through it. "An adventure indeed. Success rate was way better than I'd thought it was going to be." Brett replied, taking a seat. Derin's eyebrows went up and he shook his head. "Of course. Why would I have thought anything less of you. Do you mind telling me how it went though?" "I got her to agree to be my date to the fundraiser tomorrow." He finally replied. "No way! How did you get her to do that? Wait! You are a magician now. You waltz back into her life, get her trapped in an elevator just to have a moment with her and somehow you get to convince her to go on a date with you. Wonderful! You are a genius Lex." Derin grinned. "It's not a date officially, but it's something I guess. I'm gradually walking my way back to her and at this rate, I'm
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The Payback Plan
Saturday morning came with Daisy being dragged out of her room by Ugo. She figured it was no less than she deserved since she avoided any topic related to Brett throughout Friday. After a long, hot shower, she made her way into the living room and was ordered onto a seat by Ugo and a lecture she never knew she needed commenced. With the biggest coffee mug in her hand, she pretended to be paying attention to her friend's rattles in order to let peace reign. "Number 10, do not fall for his seduction.... Number 11, never kiss him, never kiss your ex!" "Ugo, that was number one, four, and nine." "Yes." Ugo replied, pacing the room. "Now it's also number 11. Just so you know how important it is." "O.k.a.y, is there something I'm missing?" "You tell me. You and Lexington seemed cozy last night when you let him kiss you. You sat there and watched him try taking advantage of you." "Oh come on Ugo, that wasn't how it happened." "Really, could you please fill me in, I most definitely rea
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The Boss's Boss
Daisy studied the menu of treatments available at the Spa, and decided to skip her usual porcelain fix in favor of deep tissue pampering. She'd been waxed two weeks ago so she skipped it. But the rest of the treatment designed to make one sexually irresistible was exactly what she needed and Ugo insisted on them. While they were getting ready to begin, Daisy's mother walked in, carrying with her the effortless aura of a billionaire's wife and the beauty of an ageless youth. Her skin was soft even without touching it. A look at Bridget Ledwig would have a man wishing for nothing but to give her anything she wants.. "Daisy honey, I can't believe the both of you planned on visiting the spa without me! How is that even fair." "Mom!" Daisy called, rushing into her mother's already open arms. "Come on here U-U." She beckoned to Ugo. Wrapping the girls tight in a hug, she smiled sweetly. "Edna told me you came." She whispered to their hearing alone. "Don't be mad at her. She just wanted
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Almost Made out
Somewhat dazed, she went to the intercom and talked to the front desk, letting them know she was expecting Brett, and while she was still talking, he walked into the lobby. A few moments after that, he was at her door. It was only then that she remembered she was dressed in a sleeveless gown that stopped mid-thigh. Confused as to the type of impression Brett would get from her appearance. She rushed into her room and reappeared with a black leather jacket which helped to cover up the previously exposed skin on hee upper body. She went to the door and let him in. Bret stood in the hallway for a long moment, his gaze raking Daisy from her head down to her neatly manicured toes. Daisy on the other hand was equally stunned by his appearance. The way he looked in washed jeans and a T-shirt made her want to undress. "Hi." He smiled at her. "Come in." Daisy said, stepping aside. He stepped in like he was gliding through the floor. His aura was magnetic. The smell of his cologne was wood
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Fundraiser Prep
Ugo stepped in and threw a suspicious gaze at Daisy. "Did I miss something?" She joked, pushing a box of grilled turkey and vegan cream to Daisy. Daisy shook her head and hid her blush. "Your father got those for us. He said you should give him a call." Ugo added. "You went to the house?" She shook her head. "He made a quick stop at the lingerie store to see your mom." Daisy grabbed the meal box and started calling her father's line at once. "Dad, glad I caught you." She adjusted her grip on the phone receiver, placed her meal on the kitchen counter and pulled up a stool. "Ugo delivered your message, how are you?" "Better, now that you've called. How is work treating you my damsel?" Daisy went over her days from Monday through Friday, skipping over all the Brett's parts. "I really like my boss, Mr. Donald." She stated. "And the vibe I get from the other workers at the firm is quite contagious and beautiful. I'm happy going to work every day, and I'm bummed out when it's time to
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