You Are Mine, Omega

You Are Mine, Omega

By:  AlisTae  Updated just now
Language: English
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Allison fell in love with Ethan Iversen, the soon-to-be Alpha of the Moonlight Crown pack. She always wanted him to notice her. Meanwhile, Ethan was an arrogant Alpha who thought a weak Omega could not be his companion.  Ethan's cousin, Ryan Iversen, who came back from abroad and was the actual heir of the pack, never tried to get the position nor did he show any interest in it. He was a popular playboy Alpha but when he came back to the pack, one thing captured his eyes and that was Allison.

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Lei Esturas
poor Allison..hope she get the courage to fight for what her heart truly wants.
2023-09-13 21:00:41
user avatar
Steve James
I wonder when Allison is going to find out Ryan is her 2nd chance mate and also that Elora is Ethan?
2023-08-29 08:43:32
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
130 chapters 8-25-23
2023-08-25 20:33:14
user avatar
interesting story
2023-08-25 08:27:20
user avatar
Mandy Pierce
This story grabbed my attention. Really liking it. Ryan seems a mysterious boy.
2023-08-25 03:27:51
user avatar
Derena Marie
I'm honestly not too far into this book, and I like the storyline however the writing comes across immature with absolutely no flow
2023-08-25 00:33:42
default avatar
This book is soooo good. Can’t wait to find out what happens …
2023-08-23 05:13:17
user avatar
Angela Mathis
I'm so loving this book! What happened to the updates?!!
2023-08-22 21:53:03
default avatar
J Rose
Great book! Every chapter keeps you wandering what’s going to happen next
2023-08-20 18:18:40
user avatar
Vikki Lee
This book is so captivating!!! It leaves me on the edge of my seat.
2023-08-20 05:37:53
default avatar
Jessica amy 28
Amazing book cannot put it down
2023-08-18 18:30:34
default avatar
Christine Anne
Great book! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
2023-08-18 04:26:56
default avatar
Jessica amy 28
When’s the next chapter/book please
2023-08-16 22:09:53
default avatar
Love this book so far ...
2023-08-11 09:17:39
default avatar
Courtney Littlepage
Really love this, hope more chapters come out soon.
2023-08-04 11:58:01
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175 Chapters
Chapter 1
Allison P.O.V "Stop staring at him." My best friend Teresa told me as she shook her head.I averted my gaze from Ethan Iversen, who was chatting with his friends at the specific table in the right corner.My eyes were always on him which he could never see.He was the soon-to-be Alpha of our Moonlight Crown Pack and I was just an ordinary Omega.I was sitting in the canteen of our school with Teresa. It was our break time so we came here to chit-chat.I sighed and turned my head to Teresa."I was just-""Yeah yeah, you were looking around and your eyes suddenly fell on him." She said and chuckled. I smiled and looked away. Teresa was my best friend. She knew everything about me. "You are this pack's beta's daughter. He can't let you down." She let out.I shook my head. "No, I want him to look at me as an ordinary girl, not as his father's beta's daughter.""You are beautiful. He will love you back for sure. Otherwise, I will break his nec-""Ssshhh. He will listen to you." I pressed
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Chapter 2
"Who are you?"I came back to my senses and footed back from the boy."I-I…" I looked away and tried to find my words."From your looks, I can say you don't belong here."I wiped away my tears. I glared at the boy because of his rude statement. My glare struck him speechless.I turned my head to Ethan, who was still conversing with Julie. Then I passed by the boy who had just spoken rudely to me.He could not possibly claim that I did not belong here.What exactly did he mean? I could not come to the club because I was not wearing a short dress?I was also irritated at Ethan. In truth, I was mostly upset with him. I had feelings for him for a long time. But he destroyed my heart without even speaking to me.I went back to Teresa. She looked at my face carefully and asked,"What happened?""Nothing.""What nothing? Didn't Ethan break up with her two years ago? Why is he with her now? Or they are just talking about random things?""Something like that." I mumbled.We heard a boy's voice
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Chapter 3
"YOU!"It was none other than Ryan Iversen. I felt disgusted. He just returned to this pack today, and he was already making out with girls? He arched an eyebrow and said, "Yeah, it's me, and for your kind information, it's my party, Baby."I got angry when he addressed me as "Baby".My phone continued to ring, so I ignored him and continued walking. I came to a stop a little distance away and got the call."Dad""Where are you, Allison?""W-Well Dad, I came to a party.""A party? What party?" My father's voice came out desperately. He always cared about me a lot. Since I was an Omega, he and my mother cared about my safety."My school's party. I came here with Teresa. So don't worry, Dad. She will drop me at home.""That's a relief. You were not receiving calls so your mom got worried.""Tell her that I will come back soon.""Okay, take care and come back safely.""Yes, Dad."He hung up the call and I sighed. I did not tell him that I was in a club. I was not a kid anymore. So they
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Chapter 4
I stared at Ryan. There was an amazement in his eyes as if he had just caught me red-handed. He raised a brow. "What?"I averted my gaze from him and looked around to see if anyone had heard him. Everyone was looking at us while whispering to each other.He was not loud enough to be heard. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.I opened my eyes and looked up at him."Can you just move?""Why?""What do you want, Ryan?""Why didn't you tell me about yourself when I asked you who you were?"I rolled my eyes. "I didn't find it important to tell you about myself. And we are not that close anyway."He was silent. I glanced at him, thinking I might be a little bit rude.But I was so wrong! He was smirking. I wanted to smack his smirk."Ryan, what are you doing with her?" I heard a voice and looked behind him. It was Sophia. She was our pack's Delta's daughter. Everyone knew about her identity, and that was why she roamed around our school like a queen. Her first target was Ethan; however
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Chapter 5
It had been one week since I started to avoid Ethan. That day, I did not reply to his brother, Ryan. He said I was in love with Ethan. I was surprised at first, but then I realized he could read my eyes when I was looking at his brother.After that day, he did not come to bother me again. He became very popular in our school. As Teresa said, he did not date. I only saw him with different girls each time. Ethan also looked strange whenever he was around me. I did not know why. Since I was avoiding him, I should not think about it either."My honey's birthday is tomorrow. I am so excited."I heard Teresa cheer up about my birthday.It was going to be my eighteenth birthday. I somehow felt nervous. It was the time when werewolves found their mates. If before that someone marked me, I could be his mate. But I had not mated with someone yet, so I would get someone as my mate."What are you thinking?" Teresa patted my shoulder.I shook my head. "Nothing.""Are you still thinking about Eth
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Chapter 6
"Allison Dear, everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Come fast."My mother shouted from downstairs.I was in a daze when my mother left my room. She told me that Alpha Neil's family had come. That meant Ethan also came here. I shook my head. 'No, no. I can not think about him anymore.' I told myself.I glanced at myself in the mirror. I was in a long brown dress. It was a simple yet pretty dress. My mother chose it for me. It was my birthday gift from her.I was not particularly eager to put on much makeup so I only used mascara and light pink lipstick. I left my room and went downstairs. I was stunned when I saw the decoration of my own house. It looked so fascinating. So many flowers here and there, and the fragrance of roses touched my nose. 'When did they do all of these?' I thought.I smiled and went to the living room.The moment I entered, a pair of arms wrapped around my body and hugged me. "You look so pretty." I smiled at my best friend. My parents loved her too. She
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Chapter 7
"MATE?"His eyes were gazing into mine. I could not describe how I felt at that time. In fact, I could not believe it.'Ethan is my mate?'It was like a dream I had been dreaming of for a long time came true.I loved him from my childhood days. We were kids. He always played with me, and we became playmates. But then he started to go to training to become an Alpha and I was busy with my studies.However, I was in the same middle school as him. My eyes always followed him wherever he went. One day, I was going back home alone; that night, I was trapped in danger. A few hooligans were passing the road and saw me. They tried to molest me, but in that hazardous moment, Ethan saved me. He did not even think about himself and protected me.Only Alpha and my father knew about this incident. They didn't tell Luna and my mother about it. They did not want to make them worry.However, after that night, my love for Ethan turned deep. I could not think of anyone else in my life except him.I cou
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Chapter 8
Third POV ..."I, Alpha Ethan, reject you, Omega Allison as my mate."Allison immediately grabbed her heart. She felt a loud noise in both of her ears. It did not come from outside but inside of her.She could see Ethan leaving her alone in the forest. She tried her best to stand straight until he left. The moment he left, she fell to the ground and screamed in pain."Aaaaahh!"She clutched her clothes, and almost pierced her nails in her palms. Why was the pain unbearable? What was happening to her? Would she die?Her head was burning like hell. Her wolf started to howl inside. She was whimpering in pain. How could he do that to her? Did he not know that by rejecting his mate, she could die too? "Please help me, Moon Goddess."She begged the moon goddess. Though she knew there was no way to save from this intolerable pain.It was nature's law. If anyone broke it, they had to bear the consequences. However, the law was one-sided. Only the wolf who got rejected could feel the pa
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Chapter 9
"Then let me have her."Hearing that Ethan sneered at Ryan. "She knows you are a playboy. Do you think you can actually have her?"Ryan shrugged his shoulders. "There is nothing in this world that Ryan Iversen can't have.""Don't forget who her father is. She is Beta Glen's daughter. He will kill you.""The one who rejected his daughter talking about his capability to me. Funny isn't it?"Ethan averted his gaze from Ryan. He tilted his neck. His bruised cheek by Ryan's punch was also healed in a few minutes."What if your impressed dad will get to know about his son's action? What will happen to your name in his good books huh?" Ryan said to him and raised a brow.His eyes turned dark. "If you want to tell him, you can. I am no one to stop you.""Are you serious? A coward like you who could not dare to accept an omega, talk like this?"Ethan turned around. "I am already messed up. Just leave me alone."Ryan nodded his head. "Looks like you are not happy after rejecting her. Why?"He s
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Chapter 10
Everyone was worried for Allison. Teresa just left the house after assuring Allison's mother that she would be okay.Beta Glen and his wife Joey left Allison's room half an hour ago. They would check on her in the morning. All of a sudden they heard Allison's scream."NO!"Beta Glen looked at Joey, she also looked at her husband. "Allison!"They let out and went on upstairs. They opened the door and saw Allison crying."What happened, my princess?" Beta Glen asked and hugged her.Joey started to cry when she saw Allison crying. What happened to her daughter? Allison shook her head when she realized that her parents came to see her. She wiped her tears and replied,"Nothing, Mom and Dad."They looked at her carefully. "Why are you crying?" Joey asked.Allison was silent. "It's okay if you don't want to say anything." Beta Glen said.Allison shook her head. Her voice was hoarse. She replied with that broken voice."I just had a nightmare."Beta Glen and Joey felt relieved when they
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