A Tribute For The Cursed Alpha

A Tribute For The Cursed Alpha

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The Cursed Series #1 “There has to be a reason we’re not allowed to sneak out at night. I can’t believe I’m finding out on my first attempt.” **** The supernatural world has been hidden from humans for more than a thousand years. What happens when the alpha of one of strongest packs in the world finds his mate who was supposed to be the key to breaking a curse he has been with since he was a child? Luca Van Tyson never expected his mate to be human, but she is his beloved and he is determined to make her stay by his side. Fiery and smart mouthed nineteen years old Ashley Davis didn't care for men being a full hearted feminist, she meets an insufferable man who is determined to keep her by his side. He is convinced she wants him, and her body may want him but she isn't going to bend her will for any man. Luca’s insistence to have Ashley by his side poses as a threat for her as secrets long buried unravel themselves. Will Luca and Ashley try to work it out and break the curse while the secrets they find out promises more ruin than help?

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Ashley Trini-gal Fraser
When are we going to get more chapters for this book
2024-02-21 22:20:26
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I can't wait to read more chapters .........
2023-12-08 03:11:34
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Christine Owings
31 chapters 10/2/23
2023-10-02 23:25:15
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nice story
2023-06-08 01:41:13
31 Chapters
One: Moving To Stanford
ASHLEY"How many boxes left, Ash?" Andrea yells from downstairs, her voice echoing in the halls."Two more," I yelled back, heaving as I tried to drag the enormous suitcase with me, simultaneously hoping I didn't twist my ankle and fall down the stairs. I will be trashed if that happens."Let me get that, kiddo," I nod gratefully at Theo, my elder brother who acts like a father, much to my dismay.I place my hands on my waist and huff out a breath from all the stress of doing the barest minumum."Are you almost done? Oh, I will miss you so much, my babies." Mum says, pulling me into a hug.I wrap my arms around her, the distinct scent of cinnamon wafting through my nostrils.She has been baking, ßshe has been singing since morning that we needed cinnamon rolls for the trip."Well, you'll be with me for one more day, mum. There's not much to miss." I point out, earning a short chuckle."One day is not enough for me to get a fill of you, baby."My amazing but overbearing family thought
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Two: BDSM Club
ASHLEY"A club?" My two brain cells are fried; maybe that is why I don't understand that four-letter word.I shouldn't be surprised, but I still am.I'm in slutty clothes with red lipstick and heels that probably touch hell, and it's midnight in a place I've never been to. Where did I think we were going? The library to give the books a show as we read my favorite contemporary romance novels?I really wish it was that."Yes, a club, Ash, now don't look at me like that." She states, seeing the look I'm giving her.I honestly hope she doesn't drag me to jail."This is one of the reasons I wanted to come to this great school, so we can go out clubbing without Theo and dad breathing down our necks." She says it like it is a perfectly, plausible explanation for dragging me out in the middle of the night in an unknown town to a club in God knows where."And your smart idea is to make me come to school a month early and.....and do what, Andrea?" I can't help my voice rising in the end.She g
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3: Locked Gazes
ASHLEY"I made sure to keep you busy for the month before school starts, so make the most of it before you bury yourself in computers, just like I know you will," Andrea says the last part pointedly. I don't even argue because she is right.That was how I wanted my school life to be, based on the school. She's the social sister while I'm the sister that is plainly known as the sister and I am happy with that. It seems my sister isn't; it doesn't surprise me, she is always finding ways to make me more social and telling me to live a little."If anything goes wrong, it's all on you." She makes a cross my heart sign before walking forward."I'll take the blame if anything goes wrong, which I know won't happen." I fight the urge to tell her she doesn't have control over the universe, but I save my words. She wouldn't listen.We walked through two more doors with one buff guard outside. He didn't give us a hard time, only opening doors for us before reaching where I assume is our final de
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4: Auction
ASHLEYWe walk out through a different door and I follow Drea’s lead like I’ve been doing all night. She could lead me to hell and I’ll eagerly follow but what can I say, I am the loyal sister.This walk is shorter and there are no buff men outside the door she pushes open. Thank God!She struts into the room like she owns the place and I try to keep and not look out of place, hoping I don’t look like I’m breaking a leg in these death trap heels.There are about ten or maybe fifteen women in the room, most of them dressed similar to us and those that aren’t dressed like that are wearing something more scanty, it made me want to ask why they even bothered but I keep my opinions to myselfß.“Come on,” Andrea says, already dragging me by the hand and I just let her lead, too tired of arguing. “Why are they—“she doesn’t let me finish before we move to the end of the room and join a line. Probably the line to hell but oh whelps.The line is a moving one and I think my body has shut down.
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5: First Impressions
LUCADamien did a great job with this place but it is not somewhere I would want to spend my weekend. I'm always busy with the company and pack work, the last thing I would want is to see people having sex in public.Who knew orgies were still a thing but I guess his whole big business idea is recreating something these filthy old men would like as much as the much younger guys looking for a mindless fuck, take Elliott, my second brother for example. He has a new woman with him every other morning.He hasn't found his mate, none of my three brothers have and I guess we are all living our perfect bachelor lives. While the others try to keep their affairs low, Arthur at least, Ivan doesn't care for it, Elliott likes bragging about his wayward life.Having a mate is the best thing that can happen to any werewolf, and for us pure blood wolves with direct linkage to lycans, we get to live longer than normal wolves. And in all the three centuries I've lived, I never had the luck of finding
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6: Emergency Running
ASHLEYI’m shocked by what I just did and I'm sure the man can see it on my face.Not that I feel guilty, he is the one going around and kissing strangers. That is called harassment.My eyes narrowed into slits as I moved back. The fear in mine mirrors the shock in his.The shock dissolves into something that looks so much like anger but I don’t wait to see what it Is because I've already run down the halls pushing over people. I’ve never run faster with heels in my life, I didn't even know I could run with heels. Fear is a great motivator.My lungs are burning desperate for air but I don’t stop, somewhere in my scared mind, I feel like the second I stop I’ll see him standing in front of me like in horror movies so I push my body harder, breaking my limits. I can feel my heart pumping in my ears but that only pushes me to run faster.I don’t stop until I’m outside and even then I hide behind two large garbage cans to save myself from that man.The adrenaline is still pumping in my s
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7: The Cursed Alpha
LUCAI can see my mate fairly well and with my eyesight, thanks to my wolf side.The man I sent to her, one of the warrior wolves from the pack.He is walking on eggshells near her knowing I’m watching him and her position to me, seeing how she looks out of place makes me feel better.The possessive side of me and my wolf want nothing more than to mark her and make her ours but I’ve waited my whole life for this, I can wait a few more days.Arthur takes off his jacket and puts it over her, I know he is definitely just helping but that doesn’t stop my wolf from stirring and I can feel him trying to break out, I pull my mental barriers up, cutting him off mid growl.'Fucking take it off her,' my words are a growl through our mindlink. It allows us to communicate with each other and our pack.He pauses before rolling his eyes and smiling at her, she was looking at him weirdly.'I’m not playing with you,' I don’t want his scent on her, she is my mate and she should only have my scent on.
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8: Almost Kidnapped
ASHLEYI am the worst person to tell your secret to. I’m sure Andrea is regretting ever taking me out. I’ve been jumpy all morning and looking over my shoulder, thinking that man would appear out of nowhere, and I don't even know.He looked like he was p[art of the mafia. What have I gotten myself into?“Ashley, is everything okay with you?” Theo asks me.I jump before calming down and turning to face him. I notice Andrea shaking her head from beside me.“Yeah, why do you ask?” I chuckle, hoping it doesn't give off just how nervous I am.Andrea mutters something under her breath.“I know what’s wrong,” mum says and my eyes widened.“You do?” it comes out as a squeak.I turn to Drea, who looks cool and I want to punch her. She put me in this situation, how is she not panicking?“Yes,” mum chuckles, reaching out to squeeze my cold hands. “You’re cared of leaving home, it is a normal reaction.”I don’t know when I sigh. She looks at me weirdly.“Yeah, yeah you’re right.” I said quickly.
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9: Kidnapping
ASHLEYI’m smart enough to understand his perfectly delivered threat isn't just that, it is a warning.“Now since we’re going to have a little chat, why don’t you call your sister and tell her you have a headache?”I almost smirk, ready to tell him I don’t have my phone, he clicks his tongue. He has been watching me too.My instincts didn't fail me. I knew someone was watching me. I just didn't know it was two people.“In your room, love. Come on.” I release a heavy breath and get ready to follow him. My feet don't move and my back makes a sound that has me yelping in pain.He is quick to hold me and his face twists in concern which for a moment makes me think he is actually a good person, then I remember he is making me follow him against my will.I’m swept off my feet, literally, as he carries me bridal style and starts walking up the flight of stairs, we reach our room and he tells me to hand him the keys.He puts in the key and then pushes the door open with his feet before closin
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10: Not A Good Morning
LUCAThe next time I wake up I find myself in my bedroom with multiple my comforters over me.I wait for the onslaught of headache and it doesn't disappoint, this has been going on for about six months of course I know what happens after.The worst part of this is not only the time it would take to regain feeling and senses in other parts of my body, fatigue isn't that bad compared to me remembering everything that happened.It's not like I wasn't there, I was there just with no power and control of my body.It took a lot of wolfsbane to keep me down and I have broken one of the chains they tried to use to restrict me, or the monster that I've become did all of that.I am not yet used to referring to my wolf as a different entity from me.Werewolves are a lot stronger than humans with sharper senses like vision, speed, and hearing. And for an alpha I'm a lot stronger, faster, and more resilient than the warrior wolf, the second strongest is the beta who happens to be Arthur, most of t
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