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"If you are my fated then who am I to disagree?" He whispered more to himself than to me but I caught every word.Guilt began to stir within. I held back the tear that threatened to roll down my paled cheeks as I uttered the next words, "And what if I'm not?" I began but was immediately cut off by a set of soft lips claiming my own._______________What would you do if your fate had already been written out for you? Meet Zion Collins. A 17 year old going 18 who is the strongest and most powerful being within the three realms. His life had always been filled with immense hatred which would lead to catastrophic destruction. His prophecy had been written ions before his birth but his parents, Phoenix and Ciana Collins, kept it from him for his own safety. When Alina Hart stumbles into Zion's life he notices a change within himself. This love was bound to find him because if it didn't there would be dire consequences. It is up to Zion whether he wants to accept this love or fall pray to the darkness and let hatred consume him. What Zion didn't bargain for was that Alina has a secret of her own which would either break Zion or allow him to fall deeper in love with her!

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59 Chapters
...How it all began...At the beginning of time, the creator created two realms.The first realm was heaven. That realm was where the creator dwelled with his right-hand man,  Lucifer himself. Heaven was a place were Angels could roam around, using their magic freely.The second realm was the realm of the mortals. That was were non-magical beings dwelled. Angels were assigned to protect mortals but not be seen while doing so.The realms were made to keep a balance between mortals and magical beings. Everyone lived peacefully within the two realms. Angels protected mortals from within their realm as they were told and never disobeyed the creator.Lucifer was content with this for a while. He followed the rules set out by the creator and made sure the angels followed them as well fore if the rules were not followed the realms would be imbalanced.But then Lucifer wanted more. He refused to follow the creator anym
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Chapter 01
ZION Red and blue flashing lights blinded my vision. The feeling of the cold, hard metal handcuffs that were being cuffed around my wrists made my skin tingle instead of hurting them. I was placed into the backseat of the officer's car and driven down to the station where my parents were surely waiting to kill me.My parents were generally awesome considering they were immortal beings who wielded magic but they were just like any parents when it came to me always getting into some kind of trouble. They weren't always so hard on me. They understood why I did what I did. I never really fitted in with other kids. And I never really expected to considering I wasn't a mortal like them. I was different and everybody noticed that about me but I made it work. I owned it because I couldn't change what I was and I wouldn't change even if I could.There was no name for me. A half-demon half-angel was never heard off until I came along. The creator nor did Lucifer know off my existence because my
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Chapter 02
ZIONThe entire drive to our new house in this new town was pathetically miserable. This town was my last resort from all my antics. Any more misdemeanors and I would be placed in a correctional facility which my mother hated the thought off.They always kept me close to them, kept a watchful eye on me, and how I used my magic. They didn't trust me enough to send me into the outside world without them tagging along. The way my temper boiled I guess they always assumed I would incinerate someone with a beam of light.From what my mother taught me, light magic had more healing properties than harmful ones. Before my mother left her realm, she was an angel that brought unexplainable healing to mortals. When she left the realm of heaven she couldn't resist the urge of wanting to help and heal so she, therefore, became a general practitioner.Dr. Ciana Collins!That's my mum's
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Chapter 03
ZIONI woke up on my bedroom floor in fetal position. My body was as cold as ice and had no feeling. I realized I couldn't move. I was paralyzed and although I hated to admit it, the fact that I was paralyzed on my bedroom floor scared the living shit out of me.Warm thoughts, think warm thoughts!But my mind seemed to be betraying me as it thought of a massive ice cream sundae instead. So I then forced myself to think of fire and the hot sun and... I was hitting a blank.What else would be warm? I didn't know if the warm thoughts idea would work but it seemed worth a try. Mind over matter right? So if my mind thought I was burning alive right now everything else wouldn't matter. It was a stupid thought but I was taught that your mind is your greatest weapon especially since I didn't have to physically wield magic. I could just think ab
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Chapter 04
ZIONI woke up hours later. The sun just began to peak the horizon indicating a new day. Rays of orange, red, and soft yellow bombarded into my room. I perched myself up on my elbows and took in the heat of the sun as it caressed my skin and brought life to it.The creator created many wrong things in the world, mortals being one of them, but the simple sunrise and sunset that he created was probably his most majestic creation yet. A simple sunrise brought not only the dawn of a new day but it brought new beginnings and a fresh start to those who hadn't seen any hope in a long time.I shrugged the comforter off me and then dragged my now rested body out of the bed. Placing both my legs on solid ground, I realized that I seemed to have regained feeling in them again. I didn't want to test my luck by just standing up for me to end up kissing the floor so I took my time, gradually lifting my weight up.
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Chapter 05
ALINAEveryone seemed to be in their own little buzz this morning, whispering amongst themselves. They seemed intrigued about something. This town was pretty small and not much really happened. You couldn't flick a booger in this town without someone noticing.There was a cold chill in the air. A weird sensation ran down my spine. Something was wrong and I could just feel it in my bones. Something was definitely about to happen or already did for the entirety of Sapphire High to be in a chatting frenzy.From a child, I could always predict when something bad would happen. It was strange but I always regarded it as my sixth sense and for some reason my sixth sense seemed to be tingling more than usual.I roamed the eerie and chattery halls of Sapphire High with a clear goal of reaching my locker without being noticed by anyone but I lost sight of my goal when a strange figure stood at the m
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Chapter 06
ALINAZion cleared his throat, his anchoring stare never leaving me, "Are you okay?" He asked emotionlessly. Almost as if he didn't really care but asked out of courtesy.My words escaped me yet again, just like this morning, and I stood there as mute as a headless chicken. I found the energy in me to give him a slight nod before feeling a hand wrap around my arm, pulling me away and also bringing me back to my senses."What was that?" Max quipped, glaring at me with skepticism in his eyes. It wasn't like me to freeze up because I wasn't a shy person. I wasn't outspoken either, I was somewhere in the middle and I was happy for that because that meant I wasn't socially awkward."I... I don't know," I admitted, "I get a strange feeling when he's around and he always seems to be around." I shook my head as I tried to rid my mind of what had just happened."I'm surprised you d
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Chapter 07
ZIONWho would of expected that I, Zion Collins, would get laid on the first day in a new school. It didn't even take me that long. It was a new record for me. I'd admit, it was unconventional and pretty risky to do it behind the bleaches but it worked out just fine. That Megan girl got what she wanted and I got what I wanted.Everything about that school seemed to be dull and boring like every other except this one had many more promiscuous girls than the other schools I had the displeasure of attending.One girl, however, had a different energy to her. She was unlike anything I had ever encountered. She was different from every mortal I encountered. I had the same effect on her as I did with everyone else but there was just something about her. I couldn't put my finger on it.She was strikingly beautiful, entrancing me the moment my eyes met her greyish orbs. Her luscious, dark hair curl
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Chapter 08
ZIONOur house was located in a very secluded area of town. From the outside it had a scary appearance due to the black and grey exterior. Large black gates stood firm at the entrance of the cobblestone driveway to stop unwanted guests from trespassing. There were tall trees all over the yard that had a lack of leaves on them since it was autumn.The back yard was basically a huge field with dry, brownish grass. There was no way anyone could see anything that happened in our massive backyard because of how high the stone fencing was. It was why my father bought this particular house in the first place.The more secluded the better. That way we could practice magic without the possibility of being seen. Every house I had ever lived in had the same dark, mystic demeanor as this house. It almost looked as if it was haunted and with the black storm clouds that were rolling in, the house looked gloomy and petri
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Chapter 09
ZIONFlinging my school bag over my shoulder, I entered the school building for another daunting day at the miserable place. Just like yesterday, everybody stopped what they were doing to stare at me with their undying attention. I refrained from the urge to roll my eyes. It was as if they had never seen a teenage boy before.Alina was already at her locker when I arrived at the mine, a blonde girl kneeling against the lockers next to her and laughing. The girl was shorter than Alina and much curvier. She had deep blue eyes and plump pink lips to match. Her hair was cropped short, to her shoulders and wavy which matched her outfit of black high waist jeans and a black tube top. A leather jacket and boots finished her look.I took my time walking to my locker as I shifted my gaze to Alina who was having an animated conversation with her friend. Her hands moved everywhere, almost hitting a poor boy who was w
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