under his protection

under his protection

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Isabella Casey, a talented actress, finds herself entangled in a scandal after being drugged by a millionaire businessman during what she thought was a routine business meeting. Saved by the enigmatic and charming billionaire, Vincent Newhouse, Isabella is thrust into a world of luxury and intrigue. As Isabella navigates the cutthroat entertainment industry and battles her own demons, Vincent becomes her unlikely protector. However, as their bond deepens, secrets from Vincent's past threaten to unravel everything they've built together. Will Isabella and Vincent's love withstand the pressures of fame, fortune, and betrayal?

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39 Chapters
Chapter 1 Outsmarted
The stout, middle-aged man looked at Isabella with concern in his eyes. "Are you feeling under the weather, miss? Why don't you come with me? I have a room where you can rest," he offered kindly.Isabella's smile, though forced, was enough to distract the well-meaning Mr. White. "Mr. White, look over there!" she exclaimed, pointing to the distance. "Isn't that your wife? You might want to go say hello."Mr. White, now thrown off-balance, quickly turned to follow Isabella's finger. "Is that...Oh dear," he muttered, his attention fully on the supposed figure of his wife.Isabella, taking advantage of the opportunity, hurriedly made her way towards the exit, her hand clutched on her stomach.In the wealthy circle, it was common knowledge that while Mr. White might be a powerful figure outside, his wife was the undisputed queen of their home.This fact was not lost on Isabella's mother and sister, who had previously tried to win Mrs. White's favor to climb the social ladder. But Isabella w
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Chapter 2 The Mark on the Neck
Timothy pushed the door open and barged in. He grabbed Yao's high-necked shirt and saw the marks on Isabella's neck. He was enraged, feeling like he could strangle this woman right then and there.He grabbed Isabella's neck, trembling with anger. "How could you be so despicable? A woman as filthy as you doesn't deserve to be the wife of Newhouse. Since that's the case, let's call off the engagement. You're not worthy!"Even if the engagement were to be called off, it would be him who initiated it. This woman wouldn't have the chance to leave him!Angel, on the side, covered her smile and hurried over to tug at Timothy's sleeve. With teary eyes, she pleaded for Isabella, "Timothy, please calm down. Isabella has grown up and has her own thoughts now. It's my fault for calling you over."Upon hearing Angel's words, Timothy regained his composure and released his grip.For a moment, he had actually considered choking the woman to death.No, he wouldn't lose control because of her.Isabell
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Chapter 3 Meeting Again
Three days, seventy-two hours, it hasn't been too long. There should still be time!With a last shred of hope, Isabella tidied herself up and went out to buy the medicine.She had been idle for over a month, only meeting Audrey a few times.On this day, Audrey suddenly dragged her out, urging her to dress up nicely, then hurriedly took her away.When Isabella stood in the splendid banquet hall of the hotel, she still looked bewildered.Audrey led her to a quiet spot to sit down."Isabella, sit for a moment. I'll go find my brother and introduce you to his friends later."Isabella nodded, suppressing her doubts, and sat down, waiting for the people to arrive with a resigned attitude.When Vincent walked into the banquet hall, he casually glanced around, and then his gaze fell on a figure in the corner.After so long, he thought he had completely forgotten about that girl's figure, but unexpectedly, he spotted her among the bustling crowd.She was dressed in a pure white gown, her black
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Chapter 4 Pregnant
As soon as the words fell, a sudden wave of discomfort hit her again. She turned around and dry-heaved for a while, but this time, nothing came out."Just one glass of wine and you're like this?"Uh oh, was she being judged?!"No, my stomach has been feeling a bit off lately, so I had such a big reaction," Isabella explained.Vincent's eyebrows furrowed even tighter, feeling a bit angry inside. In fact, he had felt uneasy ever since he saw Isabella sitting there drinking with that older man."Drinking when your stomach is upset?"Isabella felt that the situation was extremely strange. She didn't know this person, so it was already nice of him to help. But the way he spoke sounded like he cared about her and was a bit angry at the same time."Go to the hospital for a check-up.""Huh?" Isabella was momentarily stunned, then quickly agreed, "Okay, I will go later. Thank you so much just now. Um, may I ask...""I said go now."Isabella hadn't fully recovered from her daze when the man alr
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Chapter 5 Anticipation of Having a Child
Vincent was also quite shocked, but he was calmer than Isabella. He had already calculated everything since that night. However, the doctor didn't care about their feelings and handed the report to Vincent."Alright, take her to the obstetrics and gynecology department for a more detailed examination," the doctor said, then called the next patient.Isabella followed Vincent out of the ward like a puppet without consciousness, clutching his clothes.Vincent didn't say anything, allowing her to cling to his clothes. Seeing the crowded hospital corridor, he extended his arm gently around Isabella's shoulder, protecting her in his embrace.He led Isabella out of the hospital without saying a word. Isabella was lost in her thoughts about how to deal with the situation until Vincent helped her open the car door, snapping her back to reality."Mr. Vincent, I may need to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for another checkup," Isabella said.Vincent nodded. "I know. Get in the car
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Chapter 6 Asexual?
Isabella instantly understood, her eyes widened in shock as she looked up at Vincent.Vincent met her gaze, his hand gently resting on her abdomen."Inside here, is my child," he said.Isabella: ...Isabella's mind went blank.She scrutinized Vincent carefully.High nose, thin lips, deep eyes, and at this moment, there was seriousness in his gaze.That night, she had been drugged and her mind was foggy. The next day when she woke up, she only wanted to leave, so she had no idea what the man she had a one-night stand with looked like.This child came unexpectedly, and she was barely able to take care of herself, let alone him.But before Isabella could express her thoughts, Vincent spoke up, straightforwardly saying, "Isabella, I will take responsibility. Let's get married."Isabella was surprised by his words, but she was rational. Without hesitation, she rejected him."No, it's unnecessary, Vincent. That night, I was framed, and everything that happened afterward was an accident. Thi
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Chapter 7: Moving In Together
Randall couldn't believe it when he heard that Isabella and Timothy had called off their engagement. He couldn't wrap his head around it, so he dashed straight to Timothy's office."Are you brainwashed by Angela again?" he blurted out.Even though Timothy and Angela seemed to blame Isabella for everything, Randall couldn't agree. He was convinced that Angela was behind it all, plotting against Isabella."Why do you have such a grudge against Angela?" Timothy frowned.Randall scoffed, "Because I've known Angela since we were kids. Do you know how many times she's schemed against Isabella?"Now, every time Timothy heard Isabella's name, he felt annoyed, especially seeing Randall unconditionally defending her."She already had an engagement but went messing around with others. I saw it with my own eyes, can't blame anyone else for it," Timothy asserted.Randall was taken aback at first, then resolutely stated, "Impossible. Isabella would never do such a thing."This topic was a thorn in
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Chapter 8 : Living Together
"Okay, wait for me to calculate for you." The landlord took out his record book and flipped to Isabella's page."Deposit is three thousand, which can be refunded to you. But the remaining rent for this month cannot be refunded. We agreed upon this when you rented the place. You should have informed me at least half a month in advance if you were planning to move out suddenly. It puts me in a difficult situation."Isabella pursed her lips, reluctantly nodded. Although it was the truth, she still felt a pang in her heart.She even considered discussing with Vincent about staying until the end of the month before moving out.Vincent had been discreetly observing Isabella. Seeing her pained and helpless expression, he couldn't help but find it somewhat endearing.As they stepped out from the landlord's place, Isabella held onto the three thousand deposit, her mood not lifting.Vincent spoke up, "How much more rent should she refund you?"Isabella looked up at him, mentally calculated, the
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Chapter 9: Cooking for Wife
Isabella quickly refused, "I'm not cold."Vincent nodded, "Don't take it off, it's just a few steps, we'll be there soon."Isabella stopped refusing upon hearing this and silently followed Vincent.They walked through the meticulously groomed courtyard, and Vincent stood in front of the door and entered the passcode."The door code is 1212, remember it."Isabella nodded, then silently repeated it twice in her mind.Opening the door, the first thing that caught their eyes was a spacious hall, elegantly decorated with no excess.Vincent bent down to change his shoes and then brought out a new pair of slippers for Isabella."These are for guests, tomorrow I'll have someone buy you a new pair."Isabella immediately shook her head, "No need to bother."Vincent didn't respond to her refusal, instead he led her to the sofa in the living room and handed her the TV remote, "You watch TV for a while, I'll go cook."Isabella looked at him somewhat shocked, "You can cook?"Vincent: "What's so sur
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Chapter 10: A Hundred Bucks for a Bite
"Here are your wallet and phone," Vincent handed them to her."Wow, that was quick!" Isabella exclaimed, sitting up excitedly to take the bag. She immediately pulled out her phone.Vincent watched her swift movements, a hint of disapproval in his eyes. But seeing Isabella so happy, he didn't say anything, simply walking away to help her pack her luggage.Isabella had gone almost the entire day without her phone, which for a modern young person was unimaginable.Knowing she had to attend a banquet, Isabella had put her phone on silent beforehand. Now, as she checked her phone, she was taken aback.It was filled with missed calls and messages.Mostly from Randall, and even Timothy had called once.After breaking off the engagement, she had considered blocking Timothy, but then she thought, given Timothy's personality, he wouldn't actively contact her, so blocking him or not didn't make much difference.But she never expected him to call her?Isabella chuckled and promptly blocked Timoth
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