All Chapters of Rise of the Darkness: Chapter 11 - Chapter 20
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"I'm one of the creatures, a she-wolf actually." Sidney said with a proud grin on her face. Calla looked at her with shock visible on her face. "Am I the only one here who is a normal human being?" Calla said as she got up and left the kitchen. She couldn't believe it. Xavier, Mara and even her best friend kept her in the dark. They didn't trust her to tell her the whole truth. She felt like she was meeting strangers. Calla ran to Ethan's room and locked herself. "Calla, open the door. Please let me explain." Sidney said, knocking on the door. Calla was sobbing but managed to speak. "Go away Sidney, I don't want any explanations, nor I want your sympathy." Her voice cracked
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Calla nodded her head and Ethan crawled out of the bed. He gave her his hand to help her out. Then he pulled her out of his bedroom. Ethan took her to the top floor of his big house. She looked around, everything was clean but still untouched. He opened a huge door and pulled her in. The room was beautiful. Her eyes widened in shock as the room was almost decorated as she always wanted. She looked at Ethan and asked. "Why did you bring me her?" Ethan sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed and patted the bed for her to sit beside him. She walked to him and sat beside him. He took a deep breath and started explaining."It was my Master's room, Master Dalton." His voice had a hint of sadness, Calla held his arm and gave him a small smile. "Was his room?" Ca
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"Five hundred years ago." Ethan said and Calla looked at him. "How is that even possible?" Calla asked, Ethan grinned widely. "It is possible Calla, everything is possible. We are not talking about nature, it's supernatural. You can't even imagine how things work with us." Hearing him, Calla was now getting more and more nervous. She wasn't sure if she could do it. "You can do it Calla. I'll teach you everything you need to learn." Ethan said and Calla nodded her head. "So that means you knew me before I was even born?" Calla asked.
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 Calla was shocked. She had seen him angry but even with anger he was very gentle. "What do you mean?" Calla whispered. "After my Master's death, I went away. I went to Los Angeles and got settled there. I took over a territory, did a lot of bad things. But I never killed anyone. Killing any innocent soul wasn't my thing. But yes, I was king. I did whatever I wanted to do. And I enjoyed my life there, dic
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Calla woke up the next morning earlier than Ethan. He wasn't on the bed with her anymore. He was sleeping on the couch. Calla crawled out of the bed and went to the couch. She stood beside the couch and looked at Ethan, sleeping peacefully. She knelt down on the ground, put both of her elbows on the couch to balance herself and stared at Ethan. She was smiling looking at him. She couldn't help, he looked so cute while sleeping. "I'm not cute. Stop drooling over me." Ethan said, eyes still closed.
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 FLASH BACK…TEN YEARS AGO…"Come on Cal, or we'll miss the bus." Sidney yelled from the door of Calla's house.&
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Calla woke up and looked around. She was still at the cliff. She quickly got up and went back to the campsite. Sidney looked at her best friend and ran to her. She wrapped her arms around Calla and pulled her in a hug. She pulled away after a few minutes and yelled. " What the hell Calla? You gave me a heart attack. Where were you?" Calla gave her a guilty smile and rubbed the back of her neck.  
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 THREE WEEKS LATER:Calla washed her body, she was in the bathroom. Her feet were better, she was able to walk now. Calla wrapped a towel around her body and stepped out of the bathroom. She went into the closet and changed into a yellow t-shirt and black skinny jeans. She slowly made her way downstairs. She looked around for Ethan but she wasn't on the ground floor. She went to the basement and found him lifti
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Ethan woke up in the morning. He looked at Calla who was sleeping peacefully on the bed. He went to the bathroom, did his morning business and took a shower. He stepped out of the bathroom and went to the closet. He changed into his casual white t-shirt and black jeans. He stepped out of his bedroom and went to his master's room. He remembered everything Calla told him. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the painting of his master on the wall. He rubbed both of his hands on his face in frustration. "What am I missing?" He thought and ran his thick fingers through his hair. The information he got from Calla was something new.
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Next day, Calla called Sidney at Ethan's place and then all three together went to Calla's house. As Ethan had said, everything was in its place, except for a few things that belonged to Sophie. Calla went into hers and Sophie's bedroom and sat at the edge of the bed. Ethan and Sidney also came into her room. Ethan sat beside Calla and Sidney sat on one of the couches. "This is very abnormal, I mean come on, I am not ancient like you but I know enough. I can't even pick up my own blood scent and I almost bled to death if it wasn't for you guys." Sidney said. As they all stepped into the house, Sidney started sniffing around to find any scent but she couldn't e
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