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A week laterLiam's POV"Eva, do not sit there." I rushed to her by the window and grabbed her before she could sit on the sill. For some reason, she was obsessed with sitting there while staring out. Her eyes twinkled with happiness whenever she sat there."Come here," I whispered and gently grabbed her hand while taking her to the couch sitting right in the hall that gave the clear view of outside, "Wait for me here, I will be back once I grab our breakfast, okay?"She nodded in acceptance and quietly sat where I told her too. Once I was sure that she was not going to move from her spot I ran to the kitchen to grab our breakfast.I was honestly doing my best to stay calm and composed. Rush was still unconscious, but thankfully alive. The pack doctors and witches said that he was given some unnatural substance that had made him go into a deep sleep. So it could take him either one more day to wake up or one more year.
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"What is wrong?" I immediately sat straight in attention, "Is there any attack on the pack house?""No." Aster replied before calming down a bit and sighing heavily, "Elders got the hint of what happened at the pack. They heard what Marcus had done so they sent two members of the official alpha council here to inspect everything. And as they say, they are going to be here for a while.""What the actual fucking hell." I growled angrily. But then my attention immediately went to Eva who had shuffled away from me in fear.I had yet to learn to control my wolf in front of her. I kept forgetting she does not know about wolves.Calming myself down I gently extended my hand towards Eva for her to approach. She took in hers but very hesitantly but that was enough for me to calm down."I am coming." I said on the phone before cutting the call."We have got to make one more stop." I said to Eva before turning the car on and driving off towards the new pack
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I did not know where he was going with this. Date? With me? With peanut butter and wine? It totally felt like a dream but actually was not, I knew. But to be honest, I was enjoying every second of the time that the grey-eyed stranger was spending on me."Like what you see?" he tilted his head to the side with a smirk on his face that absolutely looked beautiful.My eyes widened for a second but then what was the harm in enjoying a few minutes of flirt with someone?I let a small smile fall upon my lips and then nodded my head in approval with a smile.A grin immediately appeared on his face as he picked up the wine glass and offered it to me before taking his own."Cheers to you, adorbee." he whispered with a glint of heat in his eyes before bending down, coming close to me and then placing his lips just near my own."Eva!" Liam's voice thundered in my ears right before I felt his hand grabbing my shoulder and pulling me off the chair completely a
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Liam's lips moved upon mine, his soft lips sucking onto mine, moving in a rhythm that almost brought tears to my eyes. His tongue thrust inside my mouth violently, fucking my mouth and clashing against my tongue, trying to win a battle that did not even have any competition.He pulled back from the kiss only to stare into my eyes, the anger still shining in his eyes like a possessive stance of a violent animal towards its prey."Tell me you are going to do exactly as I say. Nod your head and tell me that you are not going to go close to that fucking bastard. You are not going to be anywhere near that fucking cunt of a man! Nod your fucking head, baby."I was in shock.I was still trying to understand w
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I was still shaking in Liam's arms when he loosened his hold and let me go. I slid off his lap, trying to adjust my dress and avoiding his gaze. My face was bright red, I could even feel the hotness covering my cheeks."Why would you do that?" I wanted to ask, but I did not have my voice nor the courage.I felt his hand slithering up the side of my cheek, lifting up the curtain of hair from my face and lifting my chin up to look at him."This, between you and me, right now, don't dare to forget it, Eva." he murmured, his eyes hooded and filled with unquenched hunger. I silently nodded my head while looking into his eyes. It was not at all weird to me and that is what alarmed me even more. Why was I not ashamed or angry or anything else emotion that would run through a normal girl's mind in a situation like this when she gets kissed by a stranger. Well... almost a stranger.He lowered his hand from my cheek and put it in my lap after
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 The words uttered on the other size of the call was enough to make Liam forget everything that he was just doing as his hand shook a little in happiness. Rush was finally awake!He hand not known how much tensed, and worried he was to hear these words. Rush had slipped into a deep sleep and none of them knew when or if he was going to come awake. The things that ran inside his head were not good and scary. Now as he had heard the words that he was actually dying to hear out of the doctor's mouth, the relief flooded through his veins like water in desert, drenching him. He needed to get there! He needed to go to his brother. That was the only thing running through his head as he cut the call and swiftly turned around to find his clothes. But as soon as he turned, he found Eva staring at him strangely and with worried expressions.She rose her brows up in question at him. But he instead of saying anything, he rushed to her and kissed her forehead lovingly, the smil
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Liam turned around and found Rush standing in front of him in the hospital pant and shirt only. His condition did not look too good. Liam could sense Rush's distress and the worry etched on his eyes was proof enough that he was right. Before Liam could make a move, Rush was running to him at full speed. In less than a second Liam was thrown a step back with the force that Rush's body collided with his, engulfing him in his arms. "You fucking bastard!" Rush growled with a shaky voice, "I thought I am never going to see you again."Liam could not describe in words the happiness that was flowing through his veins while his heart thrummed in happiness. He had not dared to imagine Rush's reaction after waking up, thinking he would be furious, mad, sad, everything else but this. And he... well he was definitely not complaining at all.His arms tightened around Rush's torso, engulfing him in a dear hug and sque
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Eva's POVI could not even describe in words the feelings that ran through me when Liam left me so suddenly. Anger, confusion, fear and everything negative hit me like a wrecking ball, making my head turn into a jumbling giant mess. As he left, leaving me still so wet and aroused, I could not help but feel dejected and disappointed. I had let him go with a small smile, but the storm swirling inside me was a giant one. I wanted to know why he did that but he never explained anything. And the fucking tingle between my thighs was sure as fuck not going anywhere. Sighing, I came around to sit on the couch, and slid down, laying halfway. I rubbed my thighs together, trying to dull the ache between my legs but it just increase to hell, leaving me even more aroused than I was moments ago.I tried to control my urges, but in the end I failed to do anything but fall to my desires. My ha
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As soon as they both saw the man cornering Eva, it did not take even a second for their minds to register the thing happening in front of their eyes. Both of them were on Rhett in the next moment. And when the scent of Eva's pleasure hit them, making them think that it was Rhett who had made their mate cum, they lost all the control over their sanity.  Liam's fist came down to pummel Rhett brutally while Rush snatched Eva up from the couch and hid her in his chest, hugging her closely while staring furiously at the fight between Liam and Rhett. Eva had suddenly gone stock still. Her arms were wrapped stiffly around Rush while she breathed in his scent and tried to understand what was happening. She remembered this scent, she remembered this face, she knew this man! Her mind was circling wildly, images flashing in front of her eyes like a fast paced movie clip. S
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"You really want to get killed, don't you?" Eva snickered through her tears suddenly while jumping to catch the flying fist of Rush that was about to hit Rhett in the face.Rhett put a hand over his heart and heaved out a heavy sigh with sad face, "You are breaking my heart, Adorbee."Eva giggled softly before standing up and taking him in her arms, hugging him tightly, "I hope you really do find an e
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