All Chapters of Escaping The Mafia King: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
56 Chapters
1- Leaving the Heart Behind
HopeI put my foot on the accelerator to speed up my car through the empty road. ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons was blaring through the speakers of my Porsche. I had just crossed the borders of Texas and was speeding my way inside the city.
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2- The Lust In His Eyes
And not the nice kind of people with all those things.These people were not nice in any way. They did not even look like people. In fact, they looked like the incarnation of Satan, but with nice clothes and branded watches.
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3- Flipping The Bird Up High
I crossed the distance between Ethan and me, grabbed his shoulder from behind, and pulled him off Stella’s body.Stella stumbled back on her feet from the impact but caught herself from falling.
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4- 'Hot' Coffee
The loud voice of a horn pulled my attention back to the present. I had just stopped my car outside of the address that the GPS was showing, and although it were eight p. m., and the darkness of night had covered the residential area, all the lights were off of the home that I was standing outside at.
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5- My Taste
Instead of answering me, he waited for a couple of seconds, making me feel self conscious as hell. And then he nodded his head at me and took a step backward, inviting me in.“Thank you.” I mumbled in a low tone and quickly went ahead to stand in front of the coffee counter.The mysterious beauty man walked around the counter and started to prepare the coffee.Even though I did not want to appear as some desperate, horny, cringing woman, unknowingly my gaze kept going back to look at him.The way he looked, it was impossible to imagine him as a barista. But anyway, who was I to judge a person?“Your taste?” his voice had me almost fall down on the ground in shock.&ldquo
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6- Neighbors
I got back home with uncle. He did not know that I was married or I had runaway. So when he asked the reason for my visit I told him that I was planning on changing cities for a fresh start and was thinking of settling somewhere near Texas.
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7- Involved
 The sound of bells chiming snatched my attention. I turned my head to see uncle Vincent walking inside with a carry bag in his hands, his eyes on us."What are you both doing?"
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8- Miss Innocent
The burly man turned around instantly and went away. My eyes were searching here and there. Trying to catch anybody's eyes that would save me, or at least alert the local police.I did not know who these men were. Or actually, I did.
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9- Bed Issues
Turned out, Max had called the cops.When he was on the call earlier, he had called the police. When the police had arrived, Max and the police had greeted each other like long known best friends.
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10- New Destination
The Next DayMy things were packed. I was standing near my suitcase, wondering where I should go next.
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