All Chapters of Escaping The Mafia King: Chapter 51 - Chapter 56
56 Chapters
51- Bring Her Back
The mansion was dark when he got back. None of his men remained. Varys' deep scowl only increased. Every step he took the worry inside him just continued to grow. How had things gotten this corrupted in his organization? He had more men than Ethan, so why was it full of more traitors?"Varys?" whispered a voice up ahead. "Is that you?" he recognized the voice, but he was in considerably worse shape than when he'd left him.
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52- Rescued
Varys.Varys had made it back to her, though her uncle wasn't with him. She bit back another cry as the man tightened his hold on her hair. At least it wasn't her neck this time. He lifted her by it until her toes scraped the floor. "How about it, Varys?" he demanded as he shook her. "Drop your gun, or I'm going to bash her brains in."Hope had no doubt he'd be true to this word. This man had went
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53- Surreal Dreams
Varys sat beside the bed as a chorus of beeps drove him insane. But as much as he hated them, those beeps meant Hope was alive. She was still fighting. The doctor looked at him and nodded. "She'll be fine, she's had a tough experience, and I worry about the trauma it might have mentally caused her more than her health. The poison has been counteracted."The rock that had been crushing his chest slowly dissolved. "And your other patient?"
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54- Nightmares and Love
Hope woke up to the rays of sunshine warming her face through the blinds. Her head still pounded, but at least she didn't feel like she was fighting to stay alive. Varys was asleep at the foot of her bed, his arms used as pillows as he gently snored. With his hair all messed up, he went from the hot mafia boss to the cute boyfriend from so long ago. Well, cute soon-to-be-husband now.She didn't want to wake him so she forced her body to calm itself as much as possible as she just watched him sleep. The day before's proceedings was a huge nightmare by this point and she had problems figuring out
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55- Love and Him
Hope pushed against his chest. "We're in the hospital," she hissed as she stared at the door.Varys smirked and pulled out a key. "And I have enough money to own this place." He slipped out of bed and locked it. "Better?" he challenged.
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"Oh my God," Hope gasped and buried her face in Vary's shoulder, grimacing, "Stella is drunk. Not a good sign." Turning her head to the side she peeked a look at a completely drunk, wobbly Stella rolling her finger around the tie that Max was wearing mumbling something while winking at him, trying so terribly to be flirtatious while Max put a fist over his mouth, clearly trying to stifle his laughter.She felt Varys' shou
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