All Chapters of Infinite Love from Flash Marriage Husband: Chapter 31 - Chapter 40
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Chapter 31
She turned around and glanced at Lu Zhengnan before leaving, casting a final glance at his thick brows which were furrowed together tightly, making him appear gloomier than usual.After returning to her room, she recalled the incident again and felt that this murder case had too many dubious points.Just who exactly was the man that she met that night?She had clearly seen him beside the pool, his hands completely covered in blood, but why had the surveillance camera failed to capture him?There were only two possibilities: either someone had tampered with the surveillance camera footage, or Auntie He had really committed suicide.Even if the former supposition was correct, Lu Zhengnan was blind in both eyes, there was no way he could have done anything to the surveillance footage.Moreover, even if he had really wanted to kill someone, he would not have been so foolish as to leave his fingerprints on the knife.Had the murderer chosen the fruit knife in the house and deliberate
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Chapter 32
"Wow, our Mengyu's all grown up!" A smile quickly cracked across Grandma's wrinkle-filled face.Tang Mengyu pushed Lu Zhengnan's wheelchair towards Grandma, then stretched out her hands and pointed to him as she said softly, "Grandma, this is my husband, Lu Zhengnan.""Grandma, it's very nice to meet you!" Lu Zhengnan's deep and mellow voice sounded rather sonorous.Grandma stretched her neck and squinted her eyes a little, but she could only vaguely make out the other party's silhouette. Upon realizing that Lu Zhengnan seemed to be sitting on a wheelchair, she could not help but frown. She tugged at the hem of Tang Mengyu's clothes, signaling at Tang Mengyu to bend over so that she could whisper in her ear."Mengyu, I'm slightly confused, why did you marry some old invalid?" Grandma said quietly enough that only the two of them could hear.She had actually mistaken Lu Zhengnan for an old man. This was so absurd!Tang Mengyu's shoulders shook incessantly as her eyes curved into b
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Chapter 33
Every time she brought up her past, she would always feel so bitter and her heart would shrivel as if it had been soaked in salt water. Why did other children have parents that doted on them, while her biological parents had heartlessly abandoned her?"You got to know Grandma from here?""Yes. That year, her biological granddaughter passed away in a traffic accident. The grief of the loss consumed her and she became slightly muddle-headed. That day, I happened to drop by the welfare home to take care of the elderly residents and she mistook me for her granddaughter. I was afraid that Grandma would be heart-broken if she recalled her granddaughter's death, so I played along."Upon hearing her account, Lu Zhengnan squinted his eyes. His stern expression melted away in an instant and he became gentler."What happened after that?""As time passed, we became closer and I came to see her as my own grandmother. Every time I come to the welfare home, I always keep her company and chat wit
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Chapter 34
Tang Mengyu smiled forlornly and replied indifferently, "I don't think we should go on a honeymoon. It's difficult for you to move about, and you can't see anything either, so it would be more trouble than it's worth. We don't need a big wedding ceremony either. Don't worry, I won't be unhappy."Lu Zhengnan shook his head, expressing disapproval at what she had just said. He persevered with persuading her patiently, "I can't see anything, but you can. The day of a woman's wedding is one of the most important of her life. I'm already incapable of providing you with a normal married life, if we were to do away with the wedding and honeymoon as well, then I'd really be an incompetent husband.""It's alright, I really don't mind!" she said, quickly rejecting his suggestion again."Mengyu, are you worried that you won't be able to take care of me during our honeymoon? Don't worry, I'll handle all of the necessary arrangements beforehand and have someone there to take care of me. All you'
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Chapter 35
From Zhou Shaohui's affair to her flash marriage with Lu Zhengnan, everything had happened so quickly. She had had no time to think about such matters at all, let alone the right to make a decision.Raining Everyday: "I didn’t think too much about it. Now that we're officially married, there are many things that I can't decide by myself. As for the future, I'm just taking things one step at a time."Safe Haven: "Yep. In the future, whenever you feel unhappy or need my help, you must let me know!"At this moment, though she was looking at the cold, sterile light of a computer screen, she felt warm and fuzzy inside.Somewhere in this world, there was at least one friend who cared about her. This was probably one of her rare bits of good fortune.Raining Everyday: "I will, thank you."After their conversation ended, she closed the laptop lid and gazed into space, looking pensive. When she felt sleepy, she then took her pajamas and walked straight towards the bathroom.The warm wate
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Chapter 36
The purgatory-like pain was still fresh in her mind, which meant that she had indeed been sexually assaulted the previous time at the villa, and that that night had really been her first.The man in a silver mask, the identity of whom she could not fathom, had actually chased her all the way from the villa to the old residence, and sexually assaulted her twice in a row. Each time he had tormented her until she was on the verge of losing her grip on her sanity. He was simply a vicious devil!At this moment, though the bedroom was clearly very warm, Tang Mengyu felt bone-chillingly cold. Before long, her pajamas were drenched in cold sweat."I can't stay here any longer!"She ran barefoot to the study at lightning speed, wanting to tell Lu Zhengnan everything that had happened.She shoved open the door forcefully and saw him lying on the fold-out sofa with the usual pair of wireless headphones on his head.He had not even changed out of his pajamas and was still wearing the same se
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Chapter 37
It seemed like that person she had run into was definitely not Lu Zhengnan, who was blind and crippled. Instead, it had been his younger twin brother, Lu Zhengbei. Compared to Lu Zhengnan, who was disabled, Lu Zhengbei's arms and legs were perfectly fine and he could see well. No matter which way she looked at it, it only seemed possible for Lu Zhengbei to be the culprit.Moreover, she and Lu Zhengnan were legally married. If he wanted to have sexual relations with her, he would have already asked her or simply taken action right away. There would be no need for him to set up some elaborate scheme to get into her bed."This is too terrifying!"Lu Zhengbei is not only a murderer who kills people like he's reaping corn, he's also a disgusting rapist who has defiled his sister-in-law time and time again. He is the real black sheep within the Lu family." At this moment, she felt all the nerves in her body begin to twitch and tingle and her breathing became ragged, as if she was being
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Chapter 38
"But he didn't get arrested despite having done so many evil deeds. How could he have been caught by a little girl like you!?" Li Xiaoxian frowned as she voiced out the doubts that swelled in her heart."You've got a point there. Actually, all I have are suspicions for now. I haven't found any evidence yet, so I can't be sure. However, ever since Lu Zhengnan had that car accident, murder cases have been occurring one after another in the Lu family. There must be something fishy going on."Frown lines appeared on her glabella as she bit her lips until they turned white. Aunt Lu Zhengfang had once said that the house was haunted, but Tang Mengyu found the heart of a vicious man more terrifying than the idea of ghosts and spirits could ever be.Resting her chin on one hand, Li Xiaoxian glanced around and suggested, "Just keep this to yourself for the time being. Observe what's going on for a little while longer, and try to collect as much evidence as possible. Also, remember to keep a
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Chapter 39
"As the Eldest Young Madam of the Lu family, don't you feel ashamed coming all the way here only to buy the leftovers from the discount section?!"As soon as he had finished speaking, he turned around, crooked his finger at the salesperson and ordered, "Hand me the bag."Tang Mengyu gave him a cold-eyed stare and then turned away, ready to disregard this shameless person.Lu Zhengbei snatched the bag from the salesperson and forcefully shoved it into Tang Mengyu's hands. He leaned over and whispered into her ear, "I'm just doing for you the things my brother can't.""What does he mean by what Lu Zhengnan can't do?"Is he referring to buying the branded bag or…?"Suddenly, she felt that Lu Zhengbei was hinting at something else. There was another way to interpret his words, and judging by his mocking expression, it seemed like he was not really referring to just the purchase of a bag, but something much more sinister..."If he didn't harbor ill intentions, why would he say someth
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Chapter 40
Zhou Shaohui trembled as he felt the pure anger coursing through his veins. He pointed at Lu Zhengnan's nose and criticized, "Lu Zhengnan, take a look at yourself, you blind cripple. You're nothing but a useless disabled person. How dare you be so arrogant?""I'm indeed disabled now. You can take advantage of me, but if you dare bully Mengyu again, I won't let you off!"Lu Zhengnan spoke with a fierce look and a stern, murderous voice. The aura he was exuding was ice-cold and oppressive enough to make any onlooker tremble with fear."Hmph, you can't even see anything. What can you do to me?" Zhou Shaohui said loudly, unwilling to take the provocation lying down and trying to find fault with Lu Zhengnan."I may be blind in the eyes, but I'm a thousand times better off than someone who's blind in the heart like you. If you don't believe me, let's wait and see who's right." Lu Zhengnan said with a look of disdain.Zhou Shaohui's nostrils flared with anger. It was obvious that the oth
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