All Chapters of Infinite Love from Flash Marriage Husband: Chapter 11 - Chapter 20
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Chapter 11
“Tang Mengyu?” Lu Zhengbei smiled and raised his eyebrows. He sat on the sofa casually, glanced at the man in the wheelchair, and said, “My brother, you are certainly not short of luck. The two sisters take turns to serve you!”“Zhengbei!”Before Lu Zhengnan could respond, the patriarch gave a loud shout with disapproval and said solemnly, “Though Mengyu is younger than you, she is your sister-in-law since she married your elder brother. Don’t be rude.”“Hello, sister-in-law!” Lu Zhengbei drew out his voice to greet her, with his lips curled, and his face disdained.When Zhou Qiuyue saw Lu Zhengbei, she seemed to be another person, behaving utterly opposite to her indifferent attitude to Lu Zhengnan. She came over to grasp him up and said lovingly, “Son, I have something to tell you. Let’s go upstairs.”“Oh, what’s up?” Lu Zhengbei was pulled away by his mother reluctantly. Before leaving, he turned to Tang Mengyu, raised lips, and smiled evilly.Tang Mengyu drew back and looked
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Chapter 12
Looking at the fugitive figure, Lu Zhengbei raised the corners of his mouth with interest: Lu Zhengnan had a good taste, and he managed to get such a lovely girl!Hearing her small and quick steps running, Lu Zhengnan, who was chatting with the patriarch, turned his face and asked, “Mengyu? What happened? Why are you running so fast?”His low and mild voice was like a cardiotonic, gradually injected into the heart of Tang Mengyu. She stopped, apologized to the patriarch with an awkward smile, and slowly walked towards Lu Zhengnan, explaining, “I saw a cockroach and was scared.”“Haha!” The patriarch burst into clear and loud laughter and said, "Zhengnan just told me that you could lift a sofa. Why are you afraid of a cockroach?" “Grandpa, I…” Tang Mengyu stuttered with a sudden blush on her pretty face.Lu Zhengnan groped around and caught hold of her wrist. “Mengyu, Grandpa has prepared us some gifts for me to take you back to the Tang Family. After all, you are about to live w
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Chapter 13
“You…”Biting her lips, Tang Mengyu suddenly found herself speechless when facing this most familiar woman to her.She knew that Xue Zhupei had disliked her since she was young. Xue Zhupei’s attitude towards her was the opposite extreme to that of Mengxue. But for the past years, Xue Zhupei had never been too aggressive to her. No, she was not aggressive but ruthless!“What? Don’t you have any pocket money given by Lu Zhengnan after you married him?” Xue Zhupei checked Tang Mengyu from head to toe in disbelief. Tang Mengyu held back the sadness spreading through her body and asked coldly, “How much do you want?”Upon her words, joy jumped into Xue Zhupei’s disappointed face. She stretched out her five fingers without hesitation. “This much!”“Deal!” Tang Mengyu grabbed the pen and paper from her hands. “Fifty thousand yuan. I will repay it to you in half a year!”“Fifty thousand yuan?” Xue Zhupei retook the pen and paper, rebuking, “Tang Mengyu, are you kidding me? Don’t look
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Chapter 14
After a busy day, Tang Mengyu was exhausted. She soon fell asleep in bed after taking a bath. Perhaps because it was the first time she had stayed overnight in a strange place, Tang Mengyu didn’t sleep well in the first half of the night. In a trance, a sense of feathery itch on her lips woke her up.Tang Mengyu opened her eyes all of a sudden and found a dark shadow covering her. The tall body of this man pressed against her made her a little breathless.“Who are you?” Tang Mengyu questioned him harshly.The man didn’t answer but kept kissing her.Seeing that he had no intention to stop at all, she hurriedly reached out her hands to push the man’s shoulders, and her legs kicked frantically around, trying to get the man off her. But her feeble resistance didn’t work, and for a strong man, it was like throwing eggs against a rock.The man looked up at her abruptly, and the silver mask on his face struck Tang Mengyu. It was the same as the man who sent her to the hospital on that
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Chapter 15
Tang Mengyu had racked her brain but still couldn’t figure out what had happened. She went out of the bedroom with her eyebrows frowned, pondering about how to investigate it.Unconsciously, she came to the door of the study. She saw Lu Zhengnan sitting in the wheelchair through the half-opened door. His white and slender fingers were gently stroking a book.Tang Mengyu tapped him on the shoulder. Lu Zhengnan took off his headphones and turned his wheelchair towards her.“What are you doing?” Tang Mengyu asked softly.“Reading.”A light smile appeared on Lu Zhengnan’s lips, which made his chiseled face more elegant and charming in a masculine way.Tang Mengyu went blank for a moment, her heart almost stopped beating, but this feeling was fleeting.She glimpsed at the book in braille placed on his laps, abruptly realizing that the only man living in the villa was Lu Zhengnan, who was lame and blind.However, in that dream, the man wearing a silver mask was a non-disabled person.
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Chapter 16
The next morning.Tang Mengyu hastily finished washing up and went downstairs. She saw Lu Zhengnan having his breakfast.When Lu Zhengnan heard the noise from the stairs, he turned around to Tang Mengyu and said, “Good morning!”“Morning!” Tang Mengyu replied politely.“Mengyu, come and have breakfast.”Lu Zhengnan leaned forward gentlemanly, groped, and pulled back the chair near him, signaling Tang Mengyu to sit next to him.“Thanks! I won’t have breakfast at home. I’ll pick up something to eat later near my company.”“Are you going to work?” Lu Zhengnan asked, his voice sounded attractive with a rising ending.“Yes! I searched online yesterday. There is a bus near this villa that goes into the city. Then I can change to another to get to the company, much easier than I thought,” Tang Mengyu said as she took out her cellphone to review the bus route. Lu Zhengnan subtly frowned without her notice. “You are now the hostess of the Lu Family, which means you don’t need to earn
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Chapter 17
Meeting room.Lu’s Group.There were several directors sitting rail straight, looking at the patriarch of the Lu family with a mixture of emotions spreading over their faces. The group staff knew that Chairman Lu had been half sober and half muddled over the last two years. Nobody could guess what weird things he would bring up today.Seated in the middle of the conference table, the patriarch was hale and hearty. There were wrinkles all over his weathered face as if carved by a knife. His eyes were bright and deep, brimming with radiating vigor.“Ladies and gentlemen, I have called you all here today to make an announcement.”When speaking, he was full of energy, with the calmness and introversion that formed through his life experiences.“Five years ago, I have signed a marriage contract with the Tang family. When Tang Mengyu, the first daughter of the Tang family, graduates from college, she will marry to Zhengnan. Now, they are officially and legally married. According to the
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Chapter 18
From Tang Mengxue’s attitude to him, it could tell that she was indeed not much valued in the Tang family. They were quite similar in this sense. In other words, they were fellow sufferers that commiserated each other.Thinking of this, he could not help but feel a little pity for her.“How did she get acquainted with Zhou Shaohui?” Lu Zhengnan asked sharply.“Half a year ago, they attended the same wedding, where Young Mistress was the bridesmaid. It is said that Zhou Shaohui fell in love with her at first sight, and then started to court her crazily. According to the investigation, Young Mistress never had a boyfriend before she met Zhou Shaohui, so he was her first love.”“First love?”Lu Zhengnan sneered coldly. His eyes didn’t look different, but the raised corners of his mouth revealed his derision.What a bullshit “first love”! Didn’t it finally end in tragedy?Seeing the sudden change of his face, Zhao Shu didn’t dare to speak and even breathed more carefully.“There’s
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Chapter 19
Good at gauging people, Tang Mengyu instantly recognized that Lu Zhengnan was upset when she mentioned divorce in front of him. His reaction was normal because of his current condition, and he must have felt self-abased to some extent, making him more sensitive to such things.“I was just kidding about finding my true love! Just pretend you didn’t hear me.”After that, she forced a chuckle, her expression a bit unnatural.“Don’t joke about that.”“Yes, First Master Lu.”She increasingly found that Lu Zhengnan was emotional—the first moment warm like a spring breeze and the second cruel and tyrannical.It seemed that Li Xiaoxian was right about not infuriating Lu Zhengnan at her will!After dinner, Tang Mengyu pushed Lu Zhengnan in the wheelchair and went back to the bedroom. Then she walked straight to the bathroom to run some bathwater.Even though they were already legally married, she would still be embarrassed to face that man naked.Encouraging herself for a while, she fi
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Chapter 20
Struggling desperately, Tang Mengyu began to gasp.She even reached out her hands spontaneously, trying to push the ‘boulder’ away.That ‘boulder’ was heavy and hot, not moving as if it was fixed. She was pinned hard under it and had no chance to catch her breath or break free.Goosebumps broke out on her skin where the ‘boulder’ touched.Tang Mengyu trembled fiercely, couldn’t restrain her inner fear anymore, and blurt out to ask for help, “Help-Hmm!”With only one word shouted out, her little mouth was covered by a big hand of the man, and the remaining was blocked in her throat.“Hmmm…”Who was he?!Being panic, Tang Mengyu opened her eyes out of a knee-jerk reaction and looked at the man’s face.However, a face with a silver mask came into her sight.The mask covered over half of the man’s face, only showing his angular jaw.The silver mask had a good texture. It flickered in the moonlight coldly, making a chill creeping in Tang Mengyu’s heart.It was the weird man agai
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