All Chapters of Cold Showers : Chapter 31 - Chapter 40
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Chapter Thirty One
Sebastian swallowed painfully and ran his fingers through his already messy hair. His life was way more complicated."Where is he?" He asked, referring to Aaron."Taking a nap but he should be up by now," Katie said before making her way to where Sebastian presumed was Aaron's room.'What type of a father would he portray if Aaron was truly his son and he chose not to be in the little boy's life?'Soon enough, Katie came back with Aaron on her hip. The little boy was still kind of sleepy. He had his head rested against Katie's shoulder.Sebastian could not see his face properly and neither had Aaron seen him."Aaron, Your Daddy has come to see you," Katie said to her son.Aaron removed his head against Katie's shoulder, he became alert."Daddy?" He smiled, showing his dimples. The dimples were the only thing Aaron inherited from his mother, Katie.Katie had tears in her eyes, she knew it was a dream come true for Aaron to finally meet his daddy after days of him asking her about it and
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Chapter Thirty Two
As soon as Sebastian stepped into Jayda's apartment with the tubs of ice cream she asked him to buy, he was greeted with the aroma of his favourite food. For a while, he thought he had entered the wrong apartment. Then it hit him, it would be no other than Jayda that was cooking when she was meant to be on bed rest.Seb groaned, making his way to the kitchen where he met Jayda, effortlessly doing her magic.Jay's smile got wider as soon as she sighted Sebastian. She wiped her hands with a napkin, approached him, wrapped her arms around his neck, before standing on her toes and giving him a kiss on his lips."You were meant to be in bed." Seb accused."I took a long nap, I watched a movie then I was getting hungry so I decided to make dinner for us.""You should have waited for me to come back to make dinner," Seb said."You've been taking care of me since forever. I just thought I should return the favour." She smiled.Sebastian nodded. "In that case, I can't wait to taste the food, it
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Chapter Thirty Three
Sebastian rose to his feet. "Please let me explain." His voice came out almost like a whisper."There's nothing to explain, Sebastian. I regret accepting you into my life. Had I known, I should not have told you about my child. You were just using my innocent baby and me when you had your happy family elsewhere. A jerk and a bastard, that's what you truly are."Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair, he couldn't believe they were back to this stage of their lives; A stage where she did nothing but call him silly names."Please trust me Jayda, I didn't know about Aaron until recently" He defended with tear-filled eyes and a broken voice."I will never make the mistake of trusting you again. The roses, notes, love text messages, gifts, chocolates, sweet gestures, everything was all a lie. You never loved me, you wanted to get into my pants and leave me broken so you can get your revenge on me for calling you names or throwing my heel at you.""You know that's not true Jayda." Sebasti
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Chapter Thirty Four
The Next DayUnlike every other Tuesday, Jayda reluctantly stood up from her bed and prepared for work. She spent the whole of yesterday crying and sulking so she needed to catch up on so many work-related things that she didn't do yesterday.She cleaned up, changed into a simple but elegant dress, covered her puffy eyes with some makeup and proceeded to the kitchen to make herself a toast. She had no appetite but forced herself to eat half of it and washed it down with some orange juice. She took her vitamins and then left for work.Jayda stepped into her office building with a normal face when in all honesty, she was dying inside. She politely replied to the greetings of clients and staff and then made her way to her office to bury herself with work.Unlike the previous days where Jayda would delegate her work to interns, she chose not to see any of them today and instead do everything that needed to be done on her own. Maybe she did that intentionally, not to cross paths with Olivia
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Chapter Thirty Five
Sebastian was seated on his dining table, absentmindedly playing with his dinner. The last time he ate was last night when Caleb ordered him takeout and he only ate a little of what he ordered. He had no appetite; instead, he was worried about Jayda. He really wanted to know how she was doing, if she had had dinner and all of that.Resisting to dial her number or send her a text message throughout the day was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. He wanted to hear her voice and apologize again.Seb sighed and placed down his cutlery. He pushed the food away and buried his face in his hands. To top it all, Lilian and Jayda were not on good terms and he couldn't help but think it was his fault.Never had Sebastian felt such a heavy pain in his heart. He had no strength and inspiration to keep going or even go back to work-related matters. It has only been a little over 24 hours that everything happened but it felt like a thousand years already. He wondered how much he was goin
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Chapter Thirty Six
It was second to none that Jayda Wright was an exceptionally brilliant Lawyer. Opposing counsel prefers to settle with Jayda and whoever she was representing so it would be a win-win situation for all because they were aware Jayda hardly loses a case. She gives her all to every client she works for and that has actually been a plus to her successful career.Jayda mostly works for high-class clients, particularly, Close clients of the firm and not everyone could afford to pay for her services.So every two months, She takes up three pro bono cases, sometimes more than three, depending on how busy her schedule was. She does that to help the less privileged who wanted Justice and couldn't afford a lawyer. Jay has been doing that for four years now.That brings us to the courtroom. Jayda Wright was representing a 36-year-old single mother of four children to help her get the justice she deserved.Jayda heaved a sigh, gracefully rose to her feet, made her way to the front of the judge and g
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Chapter Thirty Seven
Before they proceeded to the mall, Seb and Jayda made a stop at the restaurant to have lunch. Then they went maternity clothes shopping. (work, party, casual and nightwear.)Jayda bought all the outfits Sebastian said he loved. She also bought some sexy lingerie when he wasn't looking.The maternity store led to the baby store. They agreed they were just going to take a look at everything but they failed woefully. They saw some unisex baby items that they liked; ranging from clothes, shoes, toys and other baby supplies. Jayda also bought a few items for three-year-old Aaron.Thankfully, they came in their own cars so they had no struggle trying to fit all that they bought in one car.As soon as they offloaded everything they bought on Jayda's sofa, she crashed on a free couch and Sebastian joined her."I think this is the first time I had fun shopping," Jayda confessed. "What about you?" She asked Seb."Honestly, I had fun too. I enjoyed watching you model for me and also shopping for
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Chapter Thirty Eight
"Daddy, is Jayda no longer coming to see me?" Aaron asked for the 6th time.Sebastian smiled, "She's on her way, buddy. She should be here any time from now." He poured some water into Aaron's sippy cup and handed it to him."Thank you," Aaron said as he collected the cup from his father.Sebastian connected his hands with Aaron's tiny ones then they made their way back to the living room to go continue watching Aaron's favourite cartoon.Seb left work a little bit early today for Katie's place to pick Aaron for the weekend. From the moment they got settled in his car, he has been asking about Jayda.Unfortunately, Jayda had to stay back at work because she had an impromptu meeting with important members of the firm.A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. "Jayda is here?" Aaron asked as he rose to his feet excitedly.Sebastian chuckled, "I guess so." He proceeded to the door with Aaron behind him."Heyy!" Jayda smiled at the love of her life as soon as he opened the door for her. She
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Chapter Thirty Nine
When it was almost time, Sebastian paused the work he was doing, reached for his car keys, then exited his office.After a nineteen minutes drive, he got to his soon to be in-laws home.Seb rubbed his palms together, let out a sigh and then went ahead to press the doorbell.Immediately, a woman opened the door. From the resemblance, Seb could tell she was Jayda's mom."Good day, Mrs Wright." Seb greeted nervously.Grace smiled. She was happy to finally come face to face with the love of her daughter's life. "You can call me Grace and it's nice to meet you, Sebastian." She ignored his handshake and pulled him into a hug instead. That seemed to calm Sebastian down a little."Come in." She ushered him into her home, closing the door behind him.Grace led Sebastian to the second living room downstairs where David, her husband was. He was comfortably seated, going through a newspaper."Honey, Sebastian is here." She announced, getting his attention before taking a seat beside him."Good aft
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Chapter Forty
Just as she had anticipated, Jayda made sure she filled her fridge with Ice cream and chocolates so she would have something to personally celebrate her birthday with.The last thing she remembered before she fell asleep was that the next day was Saturday, her birthday and she was going to sleep to her satisfaction and probably wake up at noon.Unfortunately, someone decided to spoil that plan by showering kisses all over her face, disturbing her sleep."Lily, I told you not to come over until 5 in the evening. Why are you here this early?" Jayda mumbled tiredly, not opening her eyes.Lily did not reply and neither did the person showering kisses on her face stop. Jayda groaned, burying her face deeper into the pillow.She heard a familiar chuckle, followed by a very familiar voice whispering in her ear. "Happy Birthday, my love."Jayda's eyes flung open. She smiled as she came face to face with Sebastian.Seb reached for her hands and kissed it. "I wish you long life and prosperity, g
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