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Chapter 21: Dreams and nightmares
Gavin slowly held her hand as he kissed it. Rebecca followed him with her gaze and she smiled. "I'm afraid. I guess it won't be easy." 
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Chapter 22: Aunt Georgie's day
Rebecca's POV I woke up to the noise of a car. I slowly opened my eyes when Sheira gently shook my arm. 
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Chapter 23: What love can do
Rebecca's POV "Girl, do you know her?" Sheira whispered as soon as she pulled me near her. I shook my head but I couldn't take my eyes off her. 
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Chapter 24: Statue of sarcasm
Rebecca's POV "Becca, please, let's talk." He rushed towards me as soon as he saw me walking down the hallway. He even held my arm. I looked at him with a blank expression. 
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Chapter 25: Bedroom negotiations
Rebecca's POV "Becca…" I bring my car into a full stop beside the road. There were trees everywhere and the wind had a calming effect as I opened the window of my car. I wiped my tears with my hands as I faced my best friend. She looked worried as she gazed into my eyes. 
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Chapter 26: A building crowd
He went inside without knocking. He was still disoriented from last night but he knew that he's the one to blame for the return of Klaire."I knew I would meet you here." Gavin sat comfortably in one of the chairs placed in front of his office table."I didn't remember you arranging a meeting today.""Why would I? Do I need to do it?""You clearly knew my rules.""There were exemptions, though." He said sternly that made the man in front of him sigh. His eyebrows met as he faced him."What do you want?" He asked him without looking at his face. He was busy scanning the documents in front of him this time."Why did Klaire return here? I thought she would be off to New York for good?""Am I your girlfriend's keeper?""I knew you're one of the reasons why she's here.""Gavin, if you will keep on telling me useless things, you're definitely wasting my time. Get out." He answered in an authoritative tone."Stop deciding for me. I am not a kid anymore, dad." He stood there, unafraid of what
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Chapter 27: Bitter bother
Rebecca's POV "Look at how she stares at you. It's like she wanted to hold you accountable for anything. She can't be serious." She said as she shook her head. 
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Chapter 28: She calls me baby
----Rebecca's POV I met Miss Lena's gaze. She looked serious as she asked me about my fat
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Chapter 29: I can't stop me
Gavin went outside his Aunt Georgie's house after that steamy encounter with her ex-girlfriend, Klaire. He preferred being in his pub. This place has been his comfort zone ever since he broke up with Klaire. Now, he's kind of trapped from a similar situation that he wanted a different kind of escape. As he opened the entrance door, he's a bit amazed that a lot of people
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Chapter 30: Half-thoughts
"Girl, get over it, will you?" Rebecca chuckled as she opened the door and those were the exact words that greeted her. Sheira walked past her as if she owned the house to herself. She even rolled her eyes. She placed the box of pizza on the glass table between the living room facing the TV. She searched for the remote control as she rested her bum on the sofa. She recl
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