All Chapters of Her Fae Lovers: Chapter 51 - Chapter 60
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Chapter Fifty
Standing beside Lola’s jeep, Puca looked over at Merrow with a raised eyebrow. This had to be a trick.  “Aye, you’ve got to get in.” Merrow said with a chuckle as he opened the door and slipped inside.  “If you say so.”  “I do,” Merrow said as he climbed into the back seat. Leaning forward, he smiled at his lover, “Just get in.”  “I will wait.” Puca said, pressing his lips together as he rested his hand on the door.  “Lola’s coming down.” Lu said as he slipped past Puca and sat beside Merrow. His cheeks glowing with pinpricks of warmth as the other man rested his hand on his thigh.  “Really?” Puca asked, his lips twitching into a smile as he looked at Merrow a
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Chapter Fifty-One
Merrow let out a chuckle as he leaped over a fallen tree branch. His eyes locked on Lola as she looked over her shoulder at him. He was close to catching her.  His lips twisted into a smile as he saw Lu dash forward from the corner of his eye and he pushed himself faster, knowing it was useless.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at the leprechaun, but he was just as fast. If not faster than the others. Lola let out a peel of breathless laughter as Lu wrapped his arms around her middle. Spinning her around as he caught her.  Merrow slowed his pace, watching his two lovers. He could hear Puca and Bodach as the two men walked towards him.  Lu sat Lola’s feet back onto the soft earth as he held her close. Merrow couldn’t hear the softly spoken words, but he could see the tenderness in the way that Lola and Lu look
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Chapter Fifty-Two
“Not enough time...” The voice whispered, Lola’s eyes darted about the trees as she turned around trying to find the source.  ***  “Lola, Lola.” Merrow said from outside the ring. “Come on, acushla.” Bodach whispered as he stood outside of the fairy circle. His heart clenching in his chest as Lola looked wildly around her. Eyes unseeing them as she called out his name.  “Of course, she calls for you.” Merrow said with a frown as he walked around the circle.  “I was the closest to catching her.” Bodach said before he called her name once more. His heart twisting in his chest as she called his name again.  “What has happened?” Puca asked as he walked up to the others.  
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Chapter Fifty-Three
Lola sat under the quilt that Bodach had wrapped around her shoulders. She couldn’t seem to get warm. No matter how much Lu and Bodach pushed themselves against her.  Merrow and Puca sat in front of her, matching worried looks on their handsome faces.  “You think it was her?” Bodach asked. Lola could feel the rumble of his body through the blanket. She wasn’t sure who they were talking about. The voice had sounded neither male nor female. She could still feel the magic moving over her skin.  “I don’t know who else it could have been.” Puca said, “It felt like her, ask Lu. I know he could feel it.”  “It did.” Lu agreed, nodding his head slowly. He tightened his arm around Lola, not liking that he and the others hadn’t been able to prote
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Chapter Fifty-Four
Puca watched Merrow and Lola kiss. He couldn’t help but think that the two of them fit together to make such a pretty sight. The clash of Merrow’s white blonde hair and Lola’s brightly colored locks.  He watched as Merrow pulled back to feed her another berry. Pulling the wax paper wrapped sandwich from her hands. Sitting it off to the side. Grinning as she nipped at Merrow’s fingers, making the merman growl low in the back of his throat.  Puca liked the way that she challenged them. He ran his hand up Merrow’s thigh as the other man brought his hand to the back of Lola’s neck. Pulling her to him for another kiss. Her fingers grazed Puca’s as she rested a hand on Merrow’s thigh, trying to balance herself.  His lips twitched into a smile as she moved her fingers to weave them with her own as Merrow pulled her into
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Chapter Fifty-Five
Merrow sat back on his heels, watching as Lola withered on the ground. Puca teased her nipples into taunt peaks and he smirked. Loving the sounds she was making, loving the way that his lover was enjoying her.  “Merrow.” Bodach said, pulling the man from his study of Lola and Puca.  “Aye.” Merrow said as he moved to rest at Lola’s other side. Pulling his shirt off as he watched Lu take his place between Lola’s legs.  “Why don’t you paint our girl’s lips, Merrow.” Bodach’s words moved over his skin and he bit his lower lip. Hating that he enjoyed him taking over almost as much as he enjoyed it when Puca did.  He leaned over Lola, kissing her skin as Puca handed him an overly ripe strawberry. Tracing it along her lips, he chuckled as she let out a soft sob as Lu s
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Chapter Fifty-Six
Lu ran his hands up Lola’s back, softly caressing her skin as he tried to catch his breath. His heart raced in his chest and he felt dizzy, the clouds swirling above him.  “Lu?” Lola asked, her voice barely above a whisper as she moved her hands to his sides, listening to his struggle to breathe.  “Yes,” Lu gasped out, his chest felt heavy, like he was drowning. “Just give me a minute, my love. I’ll be ready to go again. Or you can start and I’ll just lay here.” He said with a strangled laugh, bucking his hips.  Lola pushed herself back so she could look at Lu’s pale face. She couldn’t help but wonder if she’d hurt him, even if he was joking around.  “Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked, watching as his eyes fluttered closed. His cock st
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Chapter Fifty-Seven
Lola stepped out of her room, bare feet barely making a sound as she crept down the hallway.  She didn’t want to risk waking them. Grabbing her shoes and her purse, she turned the lock and twisted the doorknob, pulling the door open. Slipping into the empty hallway. Shutting the door softly. She prayed that it didn’t wake the others. Her heart thudding in her chest as she let out a breath that she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.  Resting her forehead against the cool wood of the front door, she took a moment to breathe before slipping on her shoes. Lola walked past the elevator with a longing glance. The entire time she’d lived in the building it had never worked, and she wondered if the handsome, blond landlord would ever get it fixed.  She opened up the door to the stairwell, quickly rushing down the steps. Once she was outs
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Chapter Fifty-Eight
“I want to know how to send them home.” Lola said as she clenched her hands by her sides. She wasn’t going to cry. This would help keep them safe. It was what she had to do, she knew this. It didn’t make the pain in her heart any easier to deal with.  “Are you sure about that?” Erik asked, a slow smile spreading across his face. She could see the excitement in his sparkling eyes.  “I am,” Lola said nodding her head. She knew that if she backed out now, there would be no way that she could do this again.  “How did you figure it out?”  “Figure out what?” Lola asked as she unclenched her hands, watching as Erik moved back towards the kitchen.  “Who, or I should say what I am.”  Lo
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Chapter Fifty-Nine
“What do you mean?” Lola asked as she picked up the teacup. Inhaling the warm, nutty, fragrant steam of the tea. Trying to let it soothe her frayed nerves.  “I loved your mother. I know you probably don’t remember, but she used to bring you to visit me. It broke my heart that she couldn’t love me back. Then I fell for you, as you got older.” Erik said as he looked out into the sun-dappled yard before turning to look back at Lola.  Lola shook her head. She couldn’t remember exactly when she had met Erik. Just that she had known him for as long as she could remember. Trying to think of a time where he looked different than he did now. In her memories. He was just a blur. His presence was faceless. Just the vague notion that she had always found him handsome, or that she used to. Now, when she closed her eyes, Lola couldn’t help
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