Her Fae Lovers

Her Fae Lovers

By:  Jane Knight  Completed
Language: English
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Lola has always loved unique items that have an interesting backstory, when she finds a curious-looking box at her favorite antique story she doesn’t realize she’s in for more than just a pretty treasure this time, but a grand adventure the likes of which she’s never been on before.  Available in paperback on Amazon

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69 Chapters
“The Seelie and Unseelie Courts sentence you four to confinement for your crimes until the blood has forgotten the atrocities you have committed against them.” The tall blonde woman spoke, her voice ringing loudly through the clearing as her autumn brown eyes passed over the four beings who had wronged a member of her court.“No, it’s not far.” The red-haired man shouted, his copper-colored curls bouncing around him, his words slurring as his cheeks flushed, glassy jade eyes scanning the Queen and King as he fell to his knees ready to plead with them.“Shut up Lu, before she chooses a different punishment, do you want to be trapped within the trees?” The unearthly beautiful sea-green eyed man said through clenched teeth, it fisted his hands at his sides as he shook with barely concealed anger. He looked over at the woman swollen with child, no not woman. She was far too beautiful to be just a mere mortal. He pushed his white-blon
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Chapter One
Lola walked around the antique shop. It was filled with all kinds of hidden treasures that she couldn’t wait to discover. She picked up a broach that was made from human hair, a piece of mourning jewelry.Sitting it down, she couldn’t help but think that the light brown and copper strands must have a sad backstory. She loved little shops like this. Each item seemed to tell her a story as she studied a figurine of two lovers strolling side by side their hands clasped, before moving on. She glanced up at the tinkling sound of bells and looked towards the door, her eyebrows scrunched together.That was strange no one had come in. Shrugging her shoulders, she turned back to all the pretties. Maybe it had been the wind?She loved everything about this particular antique shop, the cozy feeling the shop had come from it being set up inside an older Victorian style home. The soft scent of jasmine tea filled the air from the small kitchen at the rear of the house. She paused, her emerald eyes t
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Chapter Two
“I don’t know how much help I would be,” Lola said as she picked up one of the cookies and took a bite. “I just need someone to run errands for me occasionally, when I can’t get away from the shop. I’ve always felt that I could I trust you.” Erik said with a hopeful smile.Lola thought over his offer as she nibbled on the cookie. It would help her to get to know Erik better and see if she and the handsome shopkeeper had anything other than a love of antiques in common. It would also get her a little extra income, which sadly these days she needed the money. Lola worked at the local plant nursery and the cold months always meant she wasn’t needed at the business and her paychecks were starting to reflect that. “When would I start?” She asked as she sat the cookie on the edge of the saucer, picking up the teacup to take a sip of the lightly sweetened tea. “Tomorrow, if it doesn’t interfere with your other job.” Erik sat his teacup and saucer down with a smile. He pulled out a cream
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Chapter Three
“Is she dead?” The deep, rolling brogue was unfamiliar to her. Lola was afraid that someone had broken into her apartment and after possibly going insane, she was about to be murdered.“No, I think she’s coming to.” A lighter, but still very masculine voice said from somewhere near her right side.“Go halainn,” another voice said from further in the room.“She is, but you shall not lay with her.” A grumbling voice said from somewhere near the couch.“I do as I please, and if she wants to, I wouldn’t be opposed. It’s been a long time, she’s pretty enough even if her hair is a strange color.” The voice that had said the strange words said, his voice coming nearer as he moved closer.Lola opened her eyes slowly. She was lying on the floor with two men standing above her. No, that wasn’t right. They may look like men, but something about them screamed other to her. She closed her eyes, willing them to be gone when she opened them.They were not. She let out a shriek and tried to crab walk
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Chapter Four
“Ask away.” Puca said as he tucked his hands into his trouser pockets.“You said someone trapped you in that box?” Lola asked as she pointed towards the small oak box that was obviously too small to hold four very well-built men inside of it. Men, who were currently standing in her living room, okay so she was using the term men loosely, very loosely. These men were obviously not human like she was. She could feel the other-world difference floating about them, could almost see it swirling around their auras. Lola couldn’t put her finger on it as she looked at them, but she had the feeling like she should know who they were.“We were imprisoned inside of it. Yes.” Puca answered her as he bit his lower lip, looking at her. His golden eyes studying her closely. He could feel the pull of magic faintly coming from her.“Why?” She asked with a frown.“That’s a long story-” Bodach started to say as he looked down sheepishly.“He stole a fairy’s child and switched it with a Changeling.” Me
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Chapter Five
Lola winced at the pain stabbing through her shoulder as she picked up the wooden tray. She sat it back down quickly. Rolling her shoulders before lifting it again.“You’re still hurt?” Bodach asked as he caught the grimace marring her pretty features. He glared over at Merrow before stepping closer to her.“It’s fine, I’ll ice it later.” She said turning to take the tray into the living room and to get away from the tension she felt between the two men.“Let me,” Bodach said, stepping forward to take the tray from her hands. Lola released it as he pulled the tray closer to his broad chest.“Thank you,” Lola said, looking up at him. She had never seen a person with crimson eyes before and she bit her lip, studying him. His eyes were larger than a normal person’s, his features almost delicate with a slightly squared jawline. “It’s my pleasure,” he said, his lips tilting in a smirk as he caught her admiring glance. Something tightened low in her stomach, a blush rising in her cheeks at
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Chapter Six
“So let me get this straight, you’re a merman,” Lola said, looking at Merrow as he turned his head to the side, brushing his hair away from his high cheekbones. Letting her scattering of scales across the top of his cheeks, framing his eyes. She sat her teacup onto the coffee table and leaned forward to study them intently.“Aye,” he answered. “And you’re a leprechaun? I thought you guys were a lot smaller.” Lola asked, turning to face Lu as he finished his wine.“I can shrink if ye’d like,” he said with a slight slur as he sent a wink Lola’s way. She blushed, looking down before glancing over towards Bodach.“And you’re, well, a child thief?” Lola frowned, she didn’t really like that.“I like to think of it as a child rescuer. I rescue children from homes where they are not loved and take them to homes where they will be cherished.” Bodach said as he watched her with his red eyes, studying her in a way she’d never been looked at before. She looked at her hands before glancing back up
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Chapter Seven
Lola looked up at Puca. Her cheeks flaming red, her wild purple hair a mess. He was right. She was tired even through the embarrassment she felt at falling on Lu and the way he had held her. She bit her lip as she turned away from the men and trudged down the hallway to her bedroom.“Let me know if you need anything,” she said over her shoulder.Lu’s body had been surprisingly muscular underneath her. She shook away the thought and opened the door to her bedroom. Reaching into the darkness, feeling the smooth white wall for the switch. Finally finding it, she flipped the switch on. Letting out a sigh of relief.Lola knew it was a silly fear for an adult to have. Being afraid of the dark, but that didn’t make it any less real for her. She closed the door behind her as she stepped into the softly lit room and fell face first onto her bed. Burying her face into the handmade quilt, her body sinking into the soft surface as she thought about the quilt beneath her. The one she and her gra
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Chapter Eight
Lola rolled over onto her back as she scrubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She’d been having the strangest dream.In it, she had been trapped in a dark room. No way to get out, just endless darkness. The only sound was her ragged breathing and the frantic pounding of her heart as she desperately dragged her hands across the smooth walls. Trying to find any way out.She bit her lip as she looked around the bright sun-filled room and let out a deep breath. It was quiet and still. She wondered for a moment if she had imagined everything that had happened yesterday.A loud bang came from the kitchen and she sat up, eyes wide. Either someone was breaking in or there really were fae creatures in her apartment. She untangled herself from the warm bedding and her feet hit the floor. She grabbed the baseball bat from under her bed before opening the door.The polished wood and leather laces feeling comfortable in her hands as she brought the bat up. Ready to swing hard and fast at any intruder.
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Chapter Nine
Lola placed a pan over the open flame with a bit of butter stepping over to the toaster she added bread to it. Moving back to the pan to give it a swirl. The steady thwack, thwack of Lu chopping the chives at the counter was soothing as she moved about the kitchen.The toast popped up and Lola grabbed it from the toaster, moving it between her hands as she grabbed a plate.“What magic is that?”“The toaster?” Lola asked.“Toaster.” Lu repeated, watching as Lola added more slices to the slim silver device and pressing the little lever.He did the next round, picking up the toasted bread and studying it closely. He grabbed two slices and add them to it, moving closer to watch as it went down and the coils inside of the device turning orange.Lola smiled to herself as she added the eggs to the pan before dumping the chives in. She stirred the eggs until they were fluffy. The smell making her mouth water, she glanced over at Lu, “Would you mind grabbing the plates with the toast for me?”W
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