30 Chapters
Carmen's pov  Both of us, Travis and I, knocked on the door the maid had led us to. I was biting my lips nervously as I heard a quick 'Come in', like he was expecting me.   I took a glance at Travis and turned the door's knob around. The door opened and my eyes searched for that jerk. As I saw him smirking at me, my blood boiled.   "You are such a jerk! You could've left that damn sac with the waiter, but no you had to take it. Give it to me right now or I swear I will beat the hell out of you"I screamed while pointing at him. He scowled at Tracy and l- Tracy? Ughhh I mean Travis.   "Who is this? Your backup?" He looked him up and down.   "He is the taxi driver who has been waiting with me patiently to take his money. And it's all bec
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Acting Weird
Carmen's pov  I was sitting on my sofa, repeating his nasty words in my head. Recalling what he said in his last text. I wanted to... beat him. Just like what I had done to that girl in Charles' company. Oh Charles! That just makes me more furious. He is too much to handle. I hope I won't have to deal with him too much.   I looked at the clock and smiled. It was a perfect timing. 10 am. Cody is still at school now and I have nothing to do so I can just go and show Riven how to be a pervert with me.   I walked to the bedroom, wore a simple jeans with a half sleeves grey t-shirt and walked out of the house.   I walked to the hospital since it wasn't so far. I had a rush of adrenaline and lots of confidence, it was surprising.   I walked
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A Disappointment
Ronald's pov  I was sitting beside my father and Adrian, waiting for a few of the last women to arrive. It only took a few minutes until they were here.   I wished Carmen was here. I felt so attracted to her, it was like love at first sight. Pfft, I am silly. There's no love at first sight. Also, I would meet her again if there was a chance, which will never happen.   Samantha, one of the ladies, stood up and was a little far away from us. It was her turn to perform.   "Father, how many times have I told you that I already chose the actress"Adrian said with an annoyed tone. He had a scowl on and was glaring at our dad.   "What do you mean you already picked her? They haven't even showed us how they act yet!"I whisper yelled. Read more
   Carmen thought silently as she wondered where were they going to? Her house? The driver didn't know the exact address and the Romans only knew the street she lives on.   She wanted to ask but in the same time, her instincts told her to stay silent. She glanced secretly at the man sitting beside her. He looked like he was fuming with anger, Carmen was waiting for red fumes to get out of his ears and his face to go red as a tomato, but absolutely that was just in her mind.   Her thoughts went back to her little brother, Cody. How was he doing now? Is he being bullied by one of his rich classmates? Or was he talking happily with his best friend, Jake. Carmen hoped for the latter.   After a few minutes of hesitation, she finally asked. "Ronald, where are we going?"  &nb
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Tables Have Turned
   Adrian released a long breath and took Carmen into a warm hug.   He was happy neither her or his father were hurt. He even realized that if it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have gotten out of the room and saved both his father and him. In these situations, people don't think straight.   "Thank you"he whispered in her ear as they broke the hug.   Carmen felt confused as she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. She didn't know it was because of her helping him and he decided to keep it hidden.     "Why are you thanking me?" she giggled nervously while fidgeting with her butterfly necklace.  
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Old Bestfriend
   'There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and breezes from a whole different world whisper.'  'Breath is the power behind all things. I breathe in and know that good things are going to happen.'  'Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.'  'Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.'   These were the quotes Carmen had saved in her old diary. A large notebook, she had from her childhood. The book he, her old bestie had bought for her.   It was a simple gift for her 14th birthday, 10 years ago.
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Under Arrest
   “Carms! You have to see this! Look, our team won”Liam ran into Carmen’s room shouting. “Your mom told me you’re sick but I didn’t think you are that tired sweetie”he walked to her bed and sat down next to where she was lying.   “Hey Lily”She smiled weakly. He was never bothered by that childish nickname, he was used to hearing it from Carmen. “I’ve been wishing you were here so we would watch it together.”  “I wanted to watch it with you but we were at Jack’s so we watched it there”he said as he turned off his phone and placed it in his pocket. “I know the one thing that can make you stop acting like you’re sick, you liar!”he stared at her with his evil eyes.   “Oh my god how do you know I’m not actually sick!”She jumped up and widened my eyes at him
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The Secret Behind Her
   Screams filled the building. Everyone had stopped their work and stared at the woman being dragged inside with shock. It wasn’t her who was screaming, it was the young boy in the officer’s hand.   Carmen was quiet. She didn’t a want to look weak or scared. She wanted to look like she had nothing to be scared of and she definitely nailed it.      Whispers increased. They were about her. Everyone was gossiping about the girlfriend of the important Adrian Romano. What had she done to be taken to the police station? Everyone was wondering and one noisy guy even tweeted about it.   After a few minutes, Adrian rushed in, following them. He ignored the people and walked to the office Carmen was in. <
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Too Late
   The young boy ran to the cafeteria, wanting to get food quickly. He was starving. He didn’t get to finish his breakfast and he felt like the class he attended was too long.   As he arrived, he waited in the long line. There were two girls and three boys. One girl was Angel, he had a slight crush on her. Nobody noticed except Brad, the classes’ bully.   Even if they were young, there was a bully in their class. He was nice to others but mean to Cody. It was because he was poor and prettier than him. He made fun of him so others would never say that Cody is better than him in anything.   Cody was a smart, cute and a kind boy but nevertheless, no one noticed that. He has always been alone with his best friend. Jake was absent today. He was probably
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A Sacrifice
    The ugly man looked down at the child, satisfied. He was obviously glad he was the right one hired for this. The little boy didn’t dare open his eyes, even though the man was only inches away from him.   

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