56 Chapters
Chapter 10
Chapter 10  Sophia           "Adé mí*, your food is ready. It's on the table," I called out to Yusuf- my husband. (my crown).  I didn't know what else I could do again. I was tired of making his life hell because he said it made him fall harder. He was such a cheesy cool guy.  Since past months, I'd been trying but didn't stop myself from my wifely duties like cooking, maintaining the house, caring for him-because that was my duty.Well, I was grateful to Allah for granting me him because he was very tolerable, understanding and patient with me even after all my tantrums. He said I was a fire and he was a moth who was always drawn to me.  He liked to tease me with every opportunity he had. He also cherished me with gifts and surprises, especially the bars of vanilla chocolate.  Oh
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Chapter 11 “One thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemy”.  ~***~   I have been feeling amazing since I woke up. I couldn't stop the radiant smile on my face as I entered the bathroom for my daily routine. I performed wudu*(ablution) and face the qiblah*(where Muslims face when praying), pray two rakatain*(standing) Fajr*(dawn) and Subh* (morning prayer). After praying my obligatory prayers, I sat on the musolah* (praying mat) and ask forgiveness. May He, the one who forgives, forgives, pardons all my mistakes that I did intentionally or not.  My beautiful smile never left my face till I entered the kitchen and started to cook my husband's favorite food. When I was through with cooking and arranging the dishes on the table, I went to his room to call him only to meet him halfway, looking unorganized.  "Your food is ready," I smil
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Chapter 12 Sophia POV   I was drenched from head to toe when I entered his house that I called my home. I didn't know how I got my way home or how I entered the bathroom, removed my soaked dress and changed.  I was heartbroken, I was hurt. My heart was bleeding with betrayal and my soul was crumbled with lies. All his promises of love and caring was just a game to him.  I knew I was nothing compared to his handsomeness, wealth but why did he marry me?.  It hurt.  After I was through with my two nafila*(two volunteer prayers), I took the Quran and read it because I know that He who heals the heart would heal mine. The recitation soothing my soul and heart, luring me to a peaceful slumber.  I woke up around 7:00 pm when I heard the horn of Yusuf's car. I got up from the praying mat, making my way t
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Chapter 13  Sophia POV   "My ex." The word resonated round the defending silence of the house. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Was he cheating behind my back? Why did she come back? Was he going to leave me for her?. Millions of unanswered questions swam in my head. When he noticed my unresponsive self he continued,"But it is not what you're thinking, wifey," he rambled quickly. My nose flared up. Lying again, how dare he!. "Then explain to me, what is it?" I said calmly, trying to calm the rate of my beating heart. "After I was through with the client, she came crying; telling me about her dead father and I was just comforting her, that's all. I swear to Allah, there's nothing between us. Everything was over between us since last year," h
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Chapter 14   Sophia POV       I couldn't believe he didn't believe me. It was true no one could love me.  I was nobody.  He could never love someone with a disturbing past. I was nothing, just a pawn. My insecurities were really surfacing. The memories, I wanted to forget. I didn't want to believe it but... He never gave me a choice, except to accept that I was no one.  I sat at the fountain crying when I heard my phone rang, "Assalamualaikum. Who is this?" I hushed out and looked at the screen, seeing it was an unknown number. "How are you, Sophy babe?" I heard Zainab's voice on the other side of the phone.  The nerve of her!  How dare she!.  "What do you want?" I growled. This woman was really gettin
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Chapter 15   "Please, I'm sorry! What have I done so wrong to deserve this?!" The tied little girl said looking nowhere in particular. The room was dark. The cold night breeze was entering through the opened high window. The girl's half naked body reacted to the cold tied to the chair. The girl was slapped on her cheek making her taste the metallic substance in her mouth-blood. "You! You are an error since the moment you were given birth to. You are a mistake. Unfortunate, failure, ill fated. You destroyed my life. I don't know why your stupid, fool of a mother gave birth to you. No one will love you. This is where you will rot," the unknown person said while holding her hair tightly, as if wanting to remove her hair from the scalp. "Please P..." She was interrupted by a hard slap on her cheek.  "If you dare complete your senten
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Chapter 16 Sophia's POV     A man in a blue polo walked inside the dark room and I sighed in relief because he was not the person I was dread to see. My nightmare.  "How was your trip to wonderland," he sang, walking toward me and clapping his hands before taking a wooden chair and sitting in front of me.  "Think, Sofia; if Maryam is in this situation, what would she do? She is extroverted while I am not"I thought bitterly while I shook my head.  "Come on, be yourself," my subconscious responded. Alhamdulillah that it was not giving me snarky comments, I hated it sometimes but I loved it so much. I looked the man in the eyes. This man had a boyish face: I thought he would be in his early twenties. He was taller than me but definitely not tall like my Yusuf.  My Yusuf! Read more
Chapter 17 Yusuf Something did not feel right. He had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen. Since the moment he left home, he was feeling like something was not right, but he shook it off and drove off.  Zainab was in need of assistance; she was his childhood friend but everything changed since the last three years. He dated her for six months before he broke up with her and realised that she was like a younger sister. He wished he had realised that sooner. Even his parents wanted them to marry each other except his granny. Her parents too were wealthy but not like them. Her parents were divorced when she was still little but her father still loved her mother; he could always see it clearly in his eyes when he talked about how amazing she was his wife. Reaching outside her apartment, he knocked on her door. "Zainbee, open the door. I'm outside," he called her
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Chapter 18 Yusuf He was sitting in the library when his phone rang. "Hello, Yusluv," Zainab's voice slurred out. "I'm busy now," he said agitatedly, ready to hang up before she interrupted him.  "Wait, what happened?" She asked worriedly. "I'm alright. How is your husband? My regards to him," he said tiredly. "Yusuf, you know that you can tell me anything. We are always each other's rocks."  "OK. Later, please. I'm coming to your apartment," he hung up, sighed, then pinched his nose bridge in frustration.  He rested his head on his hands. He couldn't even think without her. The CCTV cameras didn't show anything-everything was blurred. The person behind it knew him very well. He sighed and got to his room to freshen up and got some sleep. ***
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Chapter 19 THIS CHAPTER HAS SOME VIOLENCE IN IT, IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE. PLEASE SKIP TO THE NEXT CHAPTER.  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.  NOW TO THE CHAPTER  Sophia  I was praying to Allah because he was all Hearer and Seer. This pain was too much for me, being kidnapped twice! One by a maniac, obsessed Ex and now by this man. "Ya Allah save me, let me be free. He's going to truly break me this time. Ya Allah, you were the one who saved and protected prophet Yunus inside the fish. Please hear my cries. Ya Allah, guide, protect and pardon all my sins." I was visibly shaking with fear of the unknown. "Bring her out," a voice boomed out. Some men came inside and held my hand. I thrashed around "Please save me, don't take me to..." My words were cut off by a slap. "Say one more word there and then I will be
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