Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate

By:  Um_royhan  Completed
Language: English
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«Verily, after every difficulty is ease».«I plan, You plan, We all plan but Allah's plan is the best». ~**~"Yeah, I know. I was your wife before but now I'm my husband's wife. And if you really love me as you said, you will let me go because I've let you go a long time ago. If you really love someone, you will do anything or everything for his or her happiness even if it means you let go" I wrote and mouthed to my husband "let's go". My husband carried me out in bridal styles leaving him who was crouching on the floor crying his bleeding heart out. ~**~No one is perfect, we mistakes, we break, we give up, we failed and we succeed. Follow Sophia through the journey of her life with every pains, twists, cries, betrayals, loves, hardship, revenges, heartbreaks emotional rollercoasters.

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Marie Mar Oloraza
I've been loving this kind of story. This new one enthralls me
2021-03-21 16:20:17
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I really love this book🥰🔥
2021-02-14 05:23:27
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ZamaWushe Fikelepi
just started reading
2021-02-11 23:40:15
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Love this book! But the book cover is fuzzy.
2020-09-04 14:27:54
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Thanks for reading ❤️ Do make sure to give a follow. Wanna join my writing world, then give a follow on Facebook group "Um_royhan books". You won't want to miss out the latest updates... Thank you ❤️
2020-07-22 16:47:33
56 Chapters
"I plan, you plan, we all plan, but Allah's plan is the best"  Sophia book 1  What happened when an eighteen years old girl was forced to marry the man she never met. And when she vowed to makes him regretted his decision of marrying her. Follow her on her story whether she get what she want or.... © Adeyemi mariam (hardeynyhun) ????? Prologue  "Forced marriage is a marriage in which one or more parties is married without his or her consent or against his or her will". - Wikipedia "No, papa! I can't marry him! How could you ever expect me to marry the person I don't even know? That too, when I'm still so young, papa?!" The girl stated to her while her eyes brimmed with tears.  "This is final! You are marrying him," her father said decisively.
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"I plan; you plan; we all plan, but Allah's plan is the best." Sofia's POV.  "Ya Allah! What should I even do? Should I accept this or run away?" I whispered to myself with head down.  "Goodness! I'm just going through my high school and college is still left. Oh my, what am I going to do? But Nikkah is a Sunnah and completion of half deen, SubhanAllah! But I'm not even ready and if I say no then papa is going to disown me. Ya Allah, help me!” I mumbled, nibbling on my trembling lips in worry.  I stood up and went to perform ablution to pray to my lord of the whole universe because He is all seer and all hearer. I raised my both palms to the Qiblah and pray to Allah loudly.  "If this man that my father wants me to marry is good for me in this life and hereafter, Ya Allah let me be able to love him. If not distance us how you distance west from east." I m
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Yusuf's POV.  "Alas! I'm free!" The meeting was so boring. Still standing in his chair he called Rim his driver to pick him up and within thirty minutes he had arrived.  "Good afternoon, sir," he greeted and as usual Yusuf nodded his head to acknowledge his greeting. He didn't give a damn about anyone except his family. His family is  his priority.  "Go," Yusuf commanded Rim. Entering the back seat and rolling up the window. Yusuf was busy typing on his phone and when he raised his head to look outside the window, he saw an angel!-a very beautiful angel playing and laughing hysterically under the pouring rain. His blood was pumping vigorously; his cold heart beating widely and his mouth wide apart. His mind was screaming, ‘she is mine! I will take her, love her, cherish her, protect her…’ "Stop the car now!" he growled out, not wanting his angel to disappear. Ri
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«No matter where or what you do, what is already written for you will always come true».  «Marriage is a sacred bond from Allah, no one can tear it apart except for Him».  «No one knows tomorrow except He who is Alimi gaybi Wash Shahada (The knower of the hidden and opened)». **** I was finally getting married to a stranger; a stranger I knew nothing about, a stranger I never see before, a stranger who I only knew his name.  "Ya Allah, make it easy for me". I whispered silently.  If someone told me or informed me that I would get married at the age of eighteen, I would have exploded like a time bomb. But here I was, well dressed like a true princess, when actually I was a pauper who only knew how to disturb and create troubles.  "Sofia, get ready the car will be moving in 10 min
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«I'm a patient man. I will always wait for you, no matter the time, distance, situation, even for thousands of years-I will. I promise you».  Yusuf POV  To say this lady in front of him, was not a beauty, it'd be a lie. "Finally, she was mine-all mine! She took my breath away. Am I even breathing?" He thought. She looked like a princess and he would always treat her like that. He knew that she did not like him, but the way she was looking at him. God!He was fifty per cent sure that she would love him in a matter of time with the way she was looking at him. She was already attracted to his physical appearance. *** Wifey was angry.  Wow! "My feisty lionesses " he grinned cheekily. He liked it. Wifey. She didn't even know he
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Before the wedding Yusuf POV He was checking the papers on his table when his office door was yanked opened abruptly. His best friend- Royhan entered with a scowling face and muttering some harmless curses under his breath yet he heard it perfectly. He was surprised because his friend often curses. Something must have happened. He chuckled lightly.  "What happened bro?" he asked him curiously with his brows knitted together.  Royhan raised his head up and said, "I met a devil in disguise today".  "Devil?" He asked while Royhan nodded comically as he held his red ear.  "I saw a beautiful lady this morning when I was coming. I was awestruck with her beauty, then I wish to meet her and.." he stopped, looking embarrassed with a flustered face, " Then, I followed her to the mall, waiting for her outside
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 Chapter 6  Sofia          Since my encounter with my husband, I'd been hiding in my room except to come out of my hiddens for meals.  The room was so big that it had its own big jacuzzi, mini library and a dinner room. I loved the room, it was full of books that I loved to read.  I woke up with a running stomach, I groaned and got out of the bed,tip-toeing to the kitchen to find something to eat. It was only food that could get me out of bed.  I entered the kitchen and the aroma of brewed coffee made my stomach growl.  Sorry baby, mama gonna feed you now,I patted my stomach dramatically.  I settled myself on the counter, took two slices of bread with noodles, yummy!!.  After the meal, I retracted back to my room, to dwell myself in my wo
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Chapter 7 Sophia      It had been weeks since the incident with my period. I giggled, remembering what happened to my poor husband. He was stuck with me forever.  **** "Is this what I asked you to buy?" I yelled at him and threw it away,it hit him on his forehead. He could never feel the pain because it was soft and fluffy.  "Buu_t you didn't tell me what to buy" he stuttered, looking mortified while I grinned wickedly at the back of my mind.  Pay back to the bitch because I never forced you to marry me and this is what my father used to do whenever I was on my period. I smiled evilly at my thought.  "I can't go back" he shook his head, as if he was trying not to remember what happened. Whatever who cares. I rolled my eyes  "I don't care, I need it" I said s
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Chapter eight
Chapter 8 Sophia         We rushed down to the hospital, I and Yusuf. I was rambling and sniffing because I didn't know what the future held. I was scared. "It's okay,he will be fine," he said,rubbing my back soothingly with one of his  hands and the other to drive. When we arrived at the hospital, I rushed out of the car without waiting for Yusuf to park. I walked straight into the elevator without seeing the security man who wanted to question me. Yusuf stood behind, answered all the questions. I'd pressed the button where papa was before he jogged  inside the elevator before it closed.  I strode out of it and saw ummi ,uncle shuaib who was my maternal uncle and my younger bro. Ummi was on the floor crying while Uncle shuaib was comforting her. I ran to ummi and started to tea
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Yusuf          He had been watching her since the previous week that her father had taste to death. She hadn't cried out, her lips were always quivering and he always noticed a lone tear on her face which she quickly cleaned, murmuring some words under her breath.  He was tired of this brooding even though she disliked him which was 100% opposite, he missed her. He missed her lively presence, the twinkled of her nose, the mischief in her eyes and the knit of her brows when she was concentrating on something. Or the glimpse in her eyes when she opens a new book to the emotional breakdown when her favorite characters were killed. He knew the pain of when someone close to us died but this was too much. She wasn't crying out, she was killing herself inside little by little.  She was miserable.  He'd called her best friend to come so m
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