60 Chapters
Carl takes action
After that day Mercy tried to get Collin’s attention once more but her efforts were futile, Collin ignores and avoids her. They sleep in the same room on the same bed but Collin doesn’t even make a move to touch or talk to her. Mercy had been very sad and hurt by his actions. The mate bond was strong with her because they share a bed every night and now she wanted nothing more than to be close to him.She longed to  be marked by him like any other mated she-wolf but it seems that Collin has no plans whatsoever to mark her. Carl pleaded with him to spend time with their mate and mark her as their own but Collin ignored his pleas. This day after dinner Collin was tired after a long day of training and attending meetings.Read more
He marked her
Collin felt hot, maybe too hot and wondered if he overslept till noon or what. He tried to move his left arm but there was something heavy on it, he lazily opened his eyes and saw Mercy’s head laying on his arm. That woke him up completely, she was sleeping so close to him that their bodies touched, using his arm as a pillow, he frowned then sniffed her scent but it was not the same. It was tainted and mixed with his. With his other hand he opened the covers and saw that they were both naked.He felt defeated just seeing them like that, he closed the covers then went and moved the hair on Mercy’s neck. There is was, his mark on her delicate neck, it was a pitch-Black Moon, it looked so beautiful on her pale skin and it looked like it was tattooed there. “Fuck!&
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Mate bond
 As cold as he is, Collin was struggling with the mate bond, it was pulling him closer to his mate each day. It annoyed the hell out of him and made him more irritable than usual. Only her touch, her scent and her presence could calm him down. Moon Goddess had a purpose after all for creating a mate bond between mates and it was not only for one to recognise their mate but also to increase that longing for one’s soulmate that is unbearable to cope with.He might be cold with no feelings, but he noticed the changes as well after Carl marked their mate. He found himself communicating with her more, even though it was as cold as talking to a stranger, but communication was there none the less. He didn’t avoid her presence now but longed for it, he would be
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Lucifer's possessive side
During the meeting Collin was grumpy, he did not like what the alpha was doing as a result he ended the meeting before they even concluded the matters that were to be discussed. Mike was teasing him the whole way back to the pack,  with Mercy laughing here and there but the man maintained a his indifferent look. He kept on glaring at the two without saying a word.A day later Lucia called and asked Mercy for permission to come visit her. She communicated with Collin and he agreed. Today is the day for Lucia’s visit, Mercy got up early to prepare for the day, after training she showered and went to the kitchen to help the omegas with the cooking and preparation for her guest.

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 Collin followed shortly after Mercy to the dining room, the rest were already seating with only Mercy and Lucia talking and catching up on their lives since they last saw each other. Damien kept stealing glances at Collin wondering ‘what is it that he has that I don’t?’ in fact Damien had a lot more to offer than Collin. Damien has his feelings while Collin does not, he is a well-established alpha with a good pack and Collin was only starting out as an alpha.Even though Black Moon Pack has several businesses but now they were not well managed and what affected them was the death of alpha John that was unexpected. Also the fact that Collin was not experienced enough to take care of the companies, beta Jackson has been the one taking care of the pa
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I can't love you
When Collin turned to look at Mercy, he looked nothing like the man they know him to be, he half shifted into something that look like a werewolf but also like a demon, he looked like something from out of hell and Mercy couldn’t help the shivers that ran down her spine.The look he gave her was so cold and threatening that she even doubted her own actions of wanting to calm him down. Mates are supposed to be able to calm each other down when one is angry but at this moment, looking into the eyes of Lucifer Mercy doubted that even their mate bond could work.Collin kept his eyes on her watching her every move, Mercy saw that he was not anything but looking coldly
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The Rogue Alpha
Streaks of sunrays entered the room, the light was on her face, she turned to look the other way and automatically stretched her arm and patted the area where her mate was supposed to be sleeping but it was empty and cold. She slowly opened her eyes and looked beside her. The place where her mate was sleeping was now empty and cold. Indicating that he woke up a while ago.Memories of the previous night entered her mind and her lips curved into a beautiful smile. She tried getting out of bed but her legs were stiff and sore. She groaned in pain and laid back on the pillow. While she was thinking of how she will get up from the bed there was a knock on the door and she invited the person in.Read more
The day before
That whole week the rogue alpha kept on sending messages and leaving notes on the tees for the Black Moon Pack warriors to see and send to their alpha. However Collin didn’t care at all about the notes, in fact he was planning an attack on the Silver Moon Pack, it was time, his warriors and mother were now ready to avenge their loved one. In fact his whole pack was!Collin was on the training grounds early this morning as usual, he lead the training himself this day from 4AM until 8AM then ordered everyone to gather around. “Black Moon Pack, time has come to avenge our loved ones, the Silver Moon Pack and their alpha might be under the pression that we will not retaliate after what they have done. But I want us to show them today that we are not to be messed with.&rd
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Her Revenge
Night fell and the cheers died down. The mood turned somber, people’s faces now showed worry and fear. Time had come for them to part with their loved ones and they didn’t know if they would come back or not. Pups too who are always cheerful and oblivious to what is going on around them. Today they resembled the faces of the adults, they were quiet and behaving like they were told to do so.Hugs and kisses were shared by mates, Luna Katherine hugged Mercy who was barely holding it together now that the time for them to leave has come. She held her tightly in her arms and whispered gently in her ear. “Don’t look so sad now my baby, I will come back, and if I don’t...” Mercy stiffened when she heard her say that and shook her head,Read more
'It has always been you.'
After falling Lucas pulled himself up and leaned on his back against the tree, then lifted his head up and looked at the woman walking gracefully towards him. There was resentment in her eyes and it pained him to know that she resents him. She got close to him and bent down looking at him in the eyes. “Was it worth it, killing John, my mate! Was it worth it?” his heart tightened in his chest when he heard her say that.The woman he loves was here, in front of him confronting him about another man, it hurt so much that he wanted nothing but for her to end it. At least if he dies by her hand he will be at peace, he hoped that maybe in another life they will be together. She is the only woman he's ever loved and yet his love was not reciprocated. She was his first love, his everything and he would have given her the world
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