All Chapters of The Wolf’s Fate : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
59 Chapters
New Journey
ZAIRE My alarm went off at six in the morning, waking me up from a deep sleep. I cursed in my mind as I turned it off before laying in bed, looking at the ceiling. Today would be the day we moved to a new home, the day we would start a new life. I was not too keen about it, but my father seemed to be pretty excited, and I couldn’t ruin it for him.  
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She's My Girlfriend
CONNOR“Yo, Connor! You’re late dude!” Leonard called as I walked into the auditorium for our music rehearsal. I headed towards the stage, with my hands in the pockets of my leather jacket and a smirk on my face. He looked at me with an eyebrow raised, probably wondering what my smirk was all about. 
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ZAIRE   A baby’s cry was heard as she was carried through the woods by a mysterious man in a hooded cloak. The moonlight shining his path, leading him away from the pack and everything that baby might know. The man reached the edge of the woods, outside of pack lands and a black car waited for him on the side of the road.
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Losing Control
CONNOR  I saw her walk out to one of the balconies and I wanted to follow her. Her family was enjoying the party and they mingled with the guests as if they knew them for a while. I wasn’t sure what it was, but as soon as I saw her eyes, something was telling me I should get to know her. But, should I? I was confused, not knowing what to do. 
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The Book
ZAIRE  I walked inside to join my family. Meeting Connor and Ximena was just a bit awkward for me, not to mention how annoying that growli
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Witch's Attitude
CONNOR We arrived at Ximena’s house and I parked the car on her driveway, turning the ignition off. There was an uncomfortable silence between us, and I didn’t know where to start. “Ximena…”
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Red Rose Pack
ZAIRE I woke up early this morning, not even realizing at what time I had fallen asleep. With everything that happened yesterday, I was really exhausted. I looked to the side and the books were still scattered all over the floor. Why didn’t I just pick it up last night? 
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CONNOR   It was already night and I was in the woods near Ximena’s house, waiting for her. She agreed to meet with me, but made it clear she was not happy about what I did. I leaned against a ma
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Meeting Louve
ZAIREMy whole body was aching, and all I wanted was to sleep. But I also wanted to go to school and meet new people. Mom was preparing pancakes today, Daniel’s favorite thing. 
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The Spell
CONNOR  The hallways at school looked a lot more crowded than they did yesterday. I was by my locker, putting my backpack inside since I wasn’t planning on doing anything in class today. Not bei
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