21 Chapters
Luther POVI cuddle with my queen. I kiss her and watch her as she falls into a deep sleep. I want her to feel wanted and safe when she is with me. I want to help her lead her tribe, but my pack must also be taken care of by us. I cannot turn my back on my pack. I think we can do this together.First thing, we need to see how bad the fairy tribe lands are damaged, then I am putting Argo and his brother on investigating what the hell happened to the King and Queen. There is no reason why any of this should have happened. Someone will have to pay for all of this.I need to check on my brothers and make sure they are okay. I thought they would come here to hunker down when everything happened. Drake is probably hiding with the little witch. Oh, I bet Silas is afraid I will ask him to do something. Silas has always been the lazy one of the three of us. I lay my head down on my pillow. I fall into a deep sleep, holding Laura Angel. She moves, occasionally waking me.
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Laura Angel POVHearing what the little tink said pushes me over the edge. I take flight and fly ahead of Luther to our home. I want answers from Selene. What was she doing with the wolves last night? What was in the box she went to get from her house last night? Why? More than anything, I want to know why.I thought Selene wanted Luther and me together. Was there another motive for having me with her son? What is it? I fly as fast as I can. Luther is coming up quickly. I can hear him growling and calling out to me. "Laura Angel, wait for me. Do not do this alone; wait for me," Luther call out to me.I cannot stop. I need to get to that bitch! I will have my answers. I land in front of the house. I look back to see Ando and Luther coming fast. I run into the house. The place is quiet. Did she take the coward way out and leave? Stupid bitch, she probably ran when she realized the little tink was going to rat her out. I run from room to room, looking for her. Noth
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Alpha Luther POVLaura was wrong about the faires taking it well. Some were happy, and some were in shock. Several wanted to go home, but they were stuck with a wolf Alpha King with no home to go to at the moment. Sammie and Shelby were, of course, happy.One good thing, Laura no longer felt like she had to hide how she felt about me. She could be open and honest with her tribe. After the initial uproar, the faires did calm down. The calm was good for Laura and helped ease her mind with everything else that is going on in her life. This was one last thing she had to worry about, she could relax."Give them time, they will all come around," I tell Laura as I hold her hand, leaving the doctor. Even the fairy doctor was pleased with me as Laura's choice. "I had to be honest. It was not right to lie to my tribe. I know my parents thought I should hide it, but I felt it was time, to be honest," she says as I take her to the truck."Where will we live?" she asks
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Luther POVI step in front of Laura. She is not happy that I pushed her out of the way to go first, but she will have to get over it. I do not want her going in here at all, but she is stubborn and will not listen to anyone. Maybe if I go through here and find nothing, she will be satisfied and move on. I have to admit I am curious myself, but not enough for either of us to get hurt.Ando follows behind Luara and me. The wall is solid stone. Maybe it will not fall. I guess I should be more worried about anything crashing down from above. The tunnel goes deeper and deeper. There is plenty of light as we walk down the passage, but it is getting smaller as we go. This is made for a fairy, not two big wolves. I am not sure where all of the illuminations are coming from; I am sure it is some sort of fairy magic. At least, that is what I am going to tell myself."Do you see anything? Yet?" Laura asks me.I turn to look back at her. "No, it is just a passageway. It does
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Laura POVAndo, Luther, and I walk slowly out of the passageway. The picture of my mother with Selene has been perplexed. My mother loves a wolf and Selene a fairy? This cannot be true. Why was this all such a secret? Why are their divorce papers with breeding forbidden listed as grounds for a divorce. No one gets divorced here. None of this makes any sense. We step out of the passageway and step into what is left of the castle. "Do you think someone wanted to get rid of all of these records?" I ask Luther. "If someone knew they were hidden, why wouldn't they just go down there and get the records?" Luther answer me. I think about this for a moment. " What if they did not know they were there? What if they wanted something and my parents would not give it to them?" I ask. Ando walks in front of us as we exit the castle. My mind is buzzing with a thousand questions. I need answers. I walk with Luther to the truck. "I can see the mind of your working?" Lut
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Luther POVI hold my precious Laura. I do not want to let her go. What if the tribe asked her to choose between me and her crown? The thought of it breaks me. I know I was reluctant to answer her when she asked me if I would choose her over the pack, but the truth is I would always pick her. I love my fairy queen. I cannot live without her. I know this more now than ever.Laura pulls back from me. "What is it, Luther?" Laura asks me."I was thinking that you are everything to me," I answer her. She smiles at me."You are everything to me, too, Alpha," she says.Ando knocks on the door. "Your brothers are here, and the council is on the move," Ando says."Make sure the council is followed and send my brothers in here," I say to Ando."Yes, Alpha," Ando says.I kiss Laura softly on the lip just as the door swings open with my two idiot brothers coming into the house."Damn, get a room," Silas growls." Where the hell have you two been?
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Luther POV"Laura!" I scream as I look around the room frantically. The window is open, and there is blood on the window. Emily runs into the room. She goes straight to the window she touches the blood on the window."This is Laura's blood; this is not good for her," Emily says.I hit the wall in anger and growl loudly. Ando and my brothers finally make it into the room with Emily and me."Where is she?" Silas asks.I look at him for asking such a stupid question."They took her, you idiot!" I SCREAM AT HIM!I run out of the room, with Ando on my heels."We will get her back," Ando says as he follows me out of the house. The fairies are outside, mourning the loss of the council members. Those lying pieces of shit probably got what they deserved in reality.The fairies run up to me as I come out. "We need to see our Queen," the fairies start demanding. I look over at Silas."You handle this while we go get her," I
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Laura POVI am in a dark room in one of the fairy cottages. Selene has me and her son George. They killed Luther's father right in front of me. It was horrific to watch. I keep seeing the flashes of them murdering him over and over in my mind. She will kill me if Luther does not get to me soon. I hear George coming toward the door, and he stomps loudly as he walks. He pushes the door open. "Laura, would you like something to eat or drink?" he asks politely. "No, thank you," I answer him. I do not want to anger him. He smiles at me. It is an odd, peculiar smile. Selene peeks into the door from behind George. She is not as kind. "You have to eat bitch. I cannot have the queen dying on me, not before you can give me what I want," she says. I try to stand, but the shackles holding my legs are heavy. "What is it you want from me, Selene?" I ask her. Selene smiles and moves past George. Her face changes before me. She looks like a demonically possessed p
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Laura POVThere is someone at my door. They are trying to open it. I hold my fairy light and wait. "Luther!" I scream, hoping it is him.I hear fighting begin again. "Luther," I scream out again. I hear a crash, and then something hits my door. "LUTHER!" I cry out.The door opens, and it is not Luther. It is Selene. There is fighting behind her, and I hear Luther. Selene is coming toward me. "Please do not hurt me!" I scream at her."I am going to kill you, bitch!" Selene screams at me as she runs toward me."Please no! I am pregnant!" I scream. Selene stops for a moment. She smiles at me with a wicked smile.Luther and Geroge are fighting just outside the door of my room. I am screaming for my life. I push a fairy light from my palm and strike her in the face. "Get away from me!" I scream.George sees Selene trying to hurt me. He runs to help me. He pushes Selene away from me. "You will not hurt her," George says. "She was nice to me; leave her al
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Luther POVDrake drives the four of us back to the cabins. I am dying to know what Laura's idea is about George and why she needs to talk to me. She seems preoccupied and worried. I pull her close to me and hold her as we ride. She occasionally looks up to me and smiles. She is so beautiful. Drake and Emily look happy. I think those two will definitely make it as a couple. My father would have loved her. Mother probably would have found something wrong with her. I wonder where shit went wrong with mother and why she couldn't have just left to be with George. Our father practically raised us anyway. She could have left and went to be with her fairy. If she loved him so much and loathed us, she should have just gone. I will never be that kind of father. I will never interfere with any member of my pack's love life. Laura leans up and looks at me. "Luther, I do not feel so...., " she starts to say and then passes out in my arms. "Laura, Laura, Laura," I say her n
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