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Chapter 11
[In this chapter, I will be using the third person's POV.] Third Person's POV: It was nighttime. An abandoned building stood in one of the deserted areas. The wall inside was painted black which looked like darkness engulfing every part of the building.  The door of the building was opened from outside which produced a ‘creak’ sound. It sounded almost haunting since it was nighttime. A girl walked in and closed the door behind her. There was no light inside the building which made the girl scared and uneasy. She wanted to switch on the torchlight in her cell phone. With this thought, she took out her cell phone but stopped when remembered that she was restricted to do so. But when she switched on her phone just a while ago, her face was visible. She was none other than the girl who was inside Evan’s office just that day. That’s right! She approached Evan with a purpose, just as Evan guessed. She then proceeded to walk inside deepe
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Chapter 12
After returning from Evan's office, Catherine entered the mall through the same window in the washroom. Sarah was still waiting for her there. When Sarah saw Catherine, she immediately asked, "How did it go? Did you find something?" Looking at Sarah's eager expression, Catherine felt guilty about the fact that she could not suppress her anger back then and even returned empty-handed. She shook her at Sarah sadly. Seeing Catherine's expression, Sarah knew that things did not go according to their plan. So, she did not ask her anymore and just patted her shoulders in encouragement. No matter how it went, their plan was actually good. It just didn't go according to their want. Sarah looked at Catherine solemnly, "It's okay. We can start from somewhere else. Don't worry too much about it." Catherine felt even more guilty when she heard her encouraging words. She didn't only disappoint herself, but also her whole team. She then told Sarah everythin
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Chapter 13
It was going to be a sleepless night for all of them. Evan's situation: He finally got a chance to see Catherine for so many years, but he could not even hug her in his arms. Hell, he couldn't even speak to her. Because of that girl, he had to talk rudely to his Cathy. He has had countless sleepless nights thinking about how he would approach Cathering when he sees her again. How he would make her his wife. But it was destiny playing jokes on them. He felt like laughing at himself when he couldn't even do anything when he saw her. He was again having a sleepless night. This time, not because of overthinking, but because of worry. He was worried if Catherine would forgive him for being rude and cold. He recalled how happy and naive they were when they were still children. Catherine always used to follow him and Christian. They used to do naughty things by themselves but always used to blame Catherine later. Because their parent used to dote on
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Chapter 14
The next morning, V Corporation Evan called his personal assistant Daniel into his office. Daniel was his assistant as well as his right-hand man, just like Zen was for Christian. Daniel entered the office and asked, “Boss, were you looking for me?” Evan nodded and said, “Daniel, what is my itinerary for today?” Daniel was confused as to why his boss was asking for that, but he still told him everything on his routine. Evan listened to it and ordered Daniel to cancel all his appointments around lunchtime. Daniel was stunned. Evan never did that till now. Even when he was badly sick, he never took leave from work or canceled the appointments. So, this came as a surprise to Daniel. “Why, boss?” The question slipped out of his mouth before he could stop it. He regretted it as soon as he spoke because he knew that his boss did not like anyone questioning him. He readied himself for another round of scolding. But, Daniel was
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Chapter 15
Their next destination was none other than a beauty parlor. Soon, the stylists there began their touch-up on Catherine. In just around 3 hours, everything was done. Catherine took a look at her wristwatch and realized that it was already 1 pm. She shrieked, “Ahhh! Sarah, what do I do? I am late. It’s past 1 pm.” Sarah shook her head at her, “Why? Didn’t you want to look best? Of course, it would take time. Now, calm down. Girls are always 1-2 hours late on their date.” Catherine relaxed, “That’s right. We should make him wait for more. Consider it as his first step of apology.” Sarah chuckled at her words. “That’s right. Come now, let’s go. I will drive you there.” Catherine nodded and followed after her. ***
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Chapter 16
[HI, DEAR READERS. I HAVE USED THE FIRST PERSON’S POV TOO SINCE IT DESCRIBES EMOTIONS IN THE BEST WAY] Catherine’s POV: Sarah dropped me at the designated location. She said, “Cathy, I will wait for you in the car. You can get off now.” I told her to come and wait inside, but she was just as stubborn as me. I gave up after trying to persuade for a while. I then alighted off the car and saw someone running towards me. I didn’t know him. He finally reached to me, and I heard him say that he was Evan’s personal assistant Daniel. I greeted him with hi and followed him. I was glad that Evan’s assistant was a boy and not some girl’s. My anger reduced by a bit more after that. “Where is your boss?” I asked Assistant Daniel whil
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Chapter 17
Evan’s POV I could see how Catherine was laughing while talking to Daniel. I knew I was jealous, and why wouldn’t I be? She is my childhood friend, not Daniel’s. Then, why was she acting so happy with him? They were just meeting for the first time. Was there a need to act so closely? She hasn’t even behaved with me like that since she returned. But she was now actually smiling at his assistant. I was curious as to what they were talking about. Tsk, only if I had some superpowers, I could have listened to their conversation. [Tsk, only if he knew that they were talking about him, he might have vomited blood.] Fine, Cathy was angry with me, so she might be talking like that with Assistant Daniel on purpose. But what about
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Chapter 18
All the staff left after placing the dishes on the table. Catherine was still trying to control her laughter, but she failed. Evan's lips also twitched, seeing her so happy. He could not wish for anything more.  When Catherine saw Evan smiling, she returned to her sense, and spoke, "Evan, you must know why I came to meet you, right? Can you tell me everything about it now?" Evan feigned ignorance and asked, "Huh? What are you talking about, Cathy? What do I know about? And, what do you want me to tell you? Cathy, we can talk later, right? Let's have lunch for now. You must be hungry. I especially asked chefs to prepare your favorite dishes." Evan knew that Catherine wanted to find out the truth behind her parent's death, but he could not tell her about it. First of all, even he was not sure what exactly conspired back then. And, second was he did not want any danger to befall on her. So, the best option was to let her give up on her own and send her back
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Chapter 19
Sarah saw Catherine and Evan walking out together. She could feel that Catherine was really happy. They looked really good together. Sarah wished that they could always be happy and together like this. While she was lost in her thoughts, she heard someone knock on the car's window. She realized that they had already reached the car, and she was lost in her thoughts. She hurriedly opened the door for Catherine. She heard Catherine saying farewell to Evan. After that, Catherine got into the car. Sarah felt a gaze on herself. When she looked out to see who was looking at her, she met Evan's gaze. He nodded at her in courtesy, and she returned the same to him. After making sure that Catherine was seated properly. Sarah drove away. Catherine’s expression also changed afte
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Chapter 20
Sarah and Catherine soon came downstairs after their planning and orders were done. Their eyes met with butler’s, and butler nodded his head in return. Sarah and Catherine knew that meant everything was going according to their plan. While they were signaling at each other with their eyes, they heard solid footsteps behind them. They turned back only to see Christian walking there. Then, all of them turned quiet when they saw him. Christian eyed them in confusion. Catherine then hurriedly eyed butler, “Butler Uncle, the brother must be hungry and I am hungry too. Quick, serve us food.” She then turned to Christian, “ Brother, come sit. I told the maid to cook late tonight so you can have hot food. It’s also healthy.”Read more Protection Status