The Mafia King And Queen

The Mafia King And Queen

By:  fangfei  Ongoing
Language: English
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Two childhood sweethearts, both born and raised in Mafia families. But will they be able to protect their relationship at all costs when faced with danger? Read to find out!!

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Please update.
2021-11-01 11:04:35
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OMG! This book is very interesting! I love the Siblings relationship, it's so pure and True, Keep Writing Author! I am Waiting for your next update!
2021-08-15 20:01:05
62 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Brother, I am home.” Catherine Ricci's cheerful voice sounded all across the pin-drop silent mansion. As soon as she finished speaking, Catherine heard the sound of a door on the upper floor open, quickly followed by the sound of solid quick footsteps. It sounded as if someone was running through the corridor.Then, a cold voice sounded throughout the hall “Cathy? Why are you here? Weren't you in Country U? Why did you return? That too without telling me? You know it is dangerous for you to come travel alone. Why are you so careless and where is the personal guard I assigned you?”“Oh my god, my dearest brother. I just arrived here and you are already bombarding me with so many questions. And don't you dare say anything to my bodyguard. She is the sweetest one and my only friend. And as for why I came here, it's because I wanted to surprise you. It is your birthday soon and I wanted to arrange a party for you. I also came here urgently be
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Chapter 2
Sarah Li was astonished when she opened the door of the room she was assigned. She knew that the room next to Catherine’s must be a good one. But, she didn’t expect it would be this good. The room looked even bigger than those in the fancy hotels. The room mainly contained white color which gave her a peaceful feeling that she hasn’t felt for so long. The floor was all covered by thick and soft carpet. It even had a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. It was the first time for her to reside in this type of room.After a while, she slapped her cheeks, shook her head, and murmured, “Wake up, Sarah! Now get these shits out of your head and return to your duty of protecting Cathy.” With that, she went to have a bath and prepared to have some sleep too.***Outside:The driver was waiting for Christian outside the car holding its door open. Christian sat inside the car and closed his eyes as he was tired. The car was driving
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Chapter 3
Meeting hall:Shareholders and the board of directors were already waiting for Christian's arrival. The murmur of sounds could be heard inside as they began talking to each other. Different people inside had different thoughts. Some were in Christian's favor whereas some were against him.As soon as the door to the room opened and Christian entered, everyone in the room stood up and chanted, “President.” They only sat down after Christian did. The room fell into a complete silence, which they called ‘pin-drop silence. Christian eyed everyone in the room, then raised his hand forward indicating the start of the meeting.Directors from different departments stood one by one and began to present their plannings and the works they had done during the month. They provided Christian with a detailed report of everything. After they finished speaking, Christian began to read each report carefully. They were already used to their president’s habit
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Chapter 4
In the CEO's office:“Boss, what should we do about Mr. Wilson?” Zen asked Christian.“The same thing we do to everyone who tricks us”, Christian replied.Zen smirked, “Okay. Let’s do that. And, you never change, huh?”“Why? Do you want me to?” Christian asked him.Zen chuckled, “No. You are the best like this. One should not forgive those who wrong them.”Christian chuckled too when he heard Zen.Christian then remembered the time when Zen actually used to be very afraid of him. But as they spent more time together, he gradually opened up to him and later they became best of friends for each other.Even though they act as employers and sub-ordinate in front of outsiders, they talk to each other informally when they are alone.Christian did tell Zen that they did not need to talk formally in front of outsiders, but Zen never agreed to it because he wanted
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Chapter 5
The two girls set off for the grocery store cheerfully. And, the news of them leaving the house also reached Christian’s ear in no time. But he did not say anything after hearing it. “As long as they are fine”, he thought. But, he still ordered hidden guards to follow them closely and keep eyes on them. That’s right! HIDDEN BODYGUARDS. Christian had assigned some of his best bodyguards to follow his sister without her knowledge for any emergency. They were not to show themselves as long as showing themselves in front of others was not a must. Catherine and Sarah were seated in the backseat of the car. It has been many years since Catherine was back, so she was thoroughly enjoying the sceneries that were passing by. She realized that with her growth, the country has grown too. Many things have been changed and she nearly could not recognize some of the places. After nearly 30 minutes of drive, they reached the grocery mart. The driver p
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Chapter 6
Christian gritted his teeth in frustration but still asked again, "Are you not coming to eat? Or, are you waiting for me to serve you?" Sarah could not believe that he was actually inviting her to eat together. She realized that she was the one who was overthinking when they did not even mind her eating with them. She smiled at him without feeling afraid for the first time. Then, she ran to the dining table hurriedly. Christian was left alone in the hall. He was stunned at Sarah smiling at him. She looked so pretty and carefree in that smile. He was once again shocked when he realized that he was actually thinking about her. He shook these thoughts out of his mind and walked towards the dining area.  Catherine brought the dishes out one by one with Sarah's help. Maids just stood aside as Catherine did not let them help her. According to her, she wanted to do everything for her brother by herself that day. She was not even allowing Sarah t
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Chapter 7
****THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS SOME VIOLENT SCENES, SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK**** No one could have guessed the underground basement to be this large. It was really large and contained various chambers on each side with a pathway in between. Christian and Zen walked straight to a specific chamber without glancing anywhere else. A scream could be heard as they neared that chamber, which only got louder and louder the closer they went. Two guards could be seen standing outside the door. They looked in their direction when they heard footsteps. Their expression changed when they saw Christian and Zen heading towards them. The guards quickly opened the door to the chamber and stepped aside while greeting them. Inside the chamber, a figure could be seen coiling on the floor, howling in pain while two bulky men stood aside watching him. One of the bulky men was holding a whip in his hand whereas the other had a dagger in his hand. The man on the f
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Chapter 8
After Christian left, the two girls washed the dishes. After that, both of them went to Catherine’s room instead of going back to their own separate rooms. Sarah closed and locked the door from inside after making sure no one was around there. Catherine walked to her closet and opened it. She rummaged through the clothes piled on it and finally took out a pager from the bottom of the piled clothes. She switched it on and saw that there was one incoming message. She opened it, the message read, “DONE” She smiled reading the message and said to Sarah, “Done!” Sarah relieved a breath, which she did not know she was holding till then, after hearing the news. Sarah asked excitedly, “So, how is that Mr. Wilson now?” Catherine replied without any care, “How else? He got what he deserved. He must be in my brother’s dungeon now, being tortured.” Sarah nodded but her eyes dimmed after a while and asked, “Cathy, are you sure about it? Wha
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Chapter 9
The washroom was the place from where their plan was starting. They had already made the investigation in the mall. And, they were well aware of the fact that the washroom on the first floor had a window. Their plan was simple. Catherine was going to jump out from the window. The other benefit of that window was- it was connected to the barren land on the outside. From their inspection, they found that the land was also the mall's property. Some of the higher-ups wanted to build a playground for children whereas, some were planning on converting it into a garden. They still haven't reached any conclusion, so the land was completely bare for now. And, to their advantage, they got to know that the land was also void of any surveillance.  Just as their plan, Catherine jumped out of the window and ran towards V Corporation. The V Corporation was just across the mall, so it took only 2-3 minutes for Catherine to reach there. She had a foolproo
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Chapter 10
Catherine's POV: Evan and my eyes met in the air. I was shocked to see a girl with him, and I bet I saw a shocked look on his face too. I had approached him with a thought in mind- and that was to get answers to my uncountable questions. But the scene I saw shut my mouth up. I could not believe what I was seeing. I tried to open her mouth to speak, but no words came out of my mouth. I didn't even realize when my eyes were blurred with unshed tears. Evan Vitale, that bastard! Where was the innocent boy who had promised to marry me when we were children? Hmph! He probably forgot all about it after getting the taste of other girls.  I wanted to shout at him, but I really could not utter a word. I did not expect myself to be that hurt. I just glared at him with resentment and walked away from there, banging the door behind me. I heard him calling my name, but I did not care to turn around. I just walked away quickly. I heard some shuffle behi
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