11 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Possession
“I hope everything would work out…” Lynn nervously pocketed the geode ring box he prepared for his marriage proposal later on.He worked overtime for the past few months for this single night! He can’t mess this up!A table in a luxury restaurant has been reserved, the diamond ring was already in his pocket, he rented an expensive suit, and finally, he readied his lines as he would ask for her hand…He couldn’t wait any longer…Ring! Ring!As he was about to go to his old car, he received a message from his girlfriend, Shannon Myers… She’s working as a nurse at an old hospital in the city.‘Her shift should be over by now. She must be tired from her work.’ Lynn thought as he read the message.He was right, she would be a bit late as she looks so haggard right now. Though she knows that Lynn doesn’t care how she looks, she would of course want to be beautiful i
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Chapter 2 - Realization
Lynn almost felt passing out again after seeing his face in the mirror… He’s extremely familiar with the face of this person! His name is Arial Lachman! One of the sons of a mighty business tycoon in the country! He’s extremely rich that almost everything he sought after would be handed over to him with just his words! However, there was a single time where he didn’t manage to get what he wants, and that was Lynn’s girlfriend, Shannon Myers! In truth, even Lynn was intimidated by this guy. Although Shannon already accepted him as her boyfriend, this Arial wouldn’t stop courting her whenever he has time. Lynn couldn’t help but feel some danger as he knows how impressive this guy was. Though he knows that Shannon isn’t a materialistic person, he’s afraid of the things that Arial could do out of desperation. Luckily, Arial has many women willing to serve him day and night so his interest in courting Shannon gets lessened and lessened as t
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Chapter 3 - Find
‘Montemayor’s Subdivision? Then I’m not that far…’ Lynn heaved a sigh of relief. This subdivision is still within Vermont City but almost at its edges. Just three miles or about 3-minute drive and he’ll reach Wynter City in the north. On the other hand, Xavier’s Paramount Restaurant is somewhere in the central part of the city… Lynn prayed silently as he doesn’t really know what to do aside from meeting his girlfriend first. His real body’s current situation is unknown and he’s even possessing the body of his girlfriend’s perverted suitor. “Boss, is everything alright? I already refilled the compartment.” Max suddenly said as soon as he finished praying. Lynn was obviously confused but he noticed that in front of him, or behind the driver’s seat, was an opened compartment. He took a glance inside as felt his blood going up! He saw several packets of white powder and instinctively, Lynn closed the compartment as quickly as possi
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Chapter 4 - Acceptance
Lynn nervously watched the disappearing taxi…“Can you be a bit faster?”“Don’t worry, boss… I’m good at this. They would never shake me off.”Max replied with confidence. Though the road is congested, he knows this city like the back of his hand.He didn’t have to monitor the taxi all the time to know where it is going.After several minutes, he finally realized where the taxi is going.“Boss, it seems to be going to the Saint Jaden Hospital…” Max suddenly said while Lynn was still thinking of how he should explain himself to Shannon.“Saint Jaden? Ahh! That makes sense!”Most likely, Shannon already discovered that his body was caught in an accident!‘I hope that I just fell into a coma.’ Lynn prayed silently. He’s still not giving up after all of this. Who knows, his prayers might be answered he might be able to re
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Chapter 5 - Danger
“I’m out! Max, where are you?”Lynn asked as he dialed Max’s number.[ Just wait, boss… I’ll distract them for a bit! Just hide there for now! Harvey should be there any second now… ] Max answered as he ended the call.Lynn frowned as he heard a few clicks before the call ended.He could guarantee that Max definitely reloaded his gun or something.‘Just how serious this is? Why do you have so many enemies!’He was getting frustrated as he knows too little about his current situation. He wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible. He can’t let Shannon be in danger!Bang! Bang! Bang!Lynn heard three gunshots which made him duck instinctively! It was followed by several screams and cries from the crowd.‘What the heck?!’This is Lynn’s first time to hear gunshots in such close proximity! He had seen people use guns on TV but the r
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Chapter 6 - Traces
Lynn realized that all he knew about Arial was superficial. He barely knows anything about what kind of life he was living and what kind of troubles he’s facing.‘Tsk… If you have this many problems, why are you even chasing my girlfriend for a long time?’Lynn couldn’t help but scold Arial in his mind. Nevertheless, he finally relaxed for a bit since he knows Shannon was safe and he’s also about to be in his safe house.He’s still frustrated about the fact that he didn’t manage to spend some more time with her but it couldn’t be helped with the current situation.He’s technically dead and just living inside another person’s body. He still doesn’t even understand what the heck is going on.‘Wait… Now that I think about it, what happened to Arial’s soul? Is it still sleeping inside this body after I took over? Or did we actually swapped and he died instead of
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Chapter 7 - Photo
On the next day. Lynn opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling of his unfamiliar room… He lifted his arms and observed his hands. It is quite a rough hand. It seems that Arial wasn’t just a rich second generation, he kept his body really fit and strong. ‘I’m still inside Arial’s body… Haa~’ Lynn sighed after realizing that his hope of returning to his body and realizing that it is all just a dream is not possible. ‘I guess I’m really stuck on this, huh.’ It’s still early in the morning but he’s already sighing. He’s truly unable to explain his situation now. He can only accept whatever his situation is and move on. He also needs to create his goals so he wouldn’t be lost. A lost soul doesn’t mean a lost purpose after all. He unconsciously pulled up his phone to check the time but instead, he found tons of messages on his phone. They all came from the woman whom he was supposed to meet last night. “Clarice Grant
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Chapter 8 - Honesty
“What?! Just what kind of relationship did those two have when they were young? I didn’t hear anything about this from Shannon?” Lynn, while in Arial’s body, was shocked upon the discovery of the photograph. He thought that the guy was just fancying his girlfriend because of her incredible beauty inside out that even many actresses and models would pale in comparison. However, it doesn’t seem to be that simple at all. “Childhood best friends? No, I asked her, but she didn’t mention anything about him at all. There’s no way she would lie about it. Perhaps, she has forgotten about this… Ugh, it’s also possible that this was just a one-time thing. They probably met only once through their parents or something…” Lynn started speculating to calm his mind. If he didn’t do it, perhaps he would go crazy. He wanted to ask Shannon about it, but right now, he also didn’t have the courage to do so. “S-should I just—” Lynn muttered as he grasps his zippo l
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Chapter 9 - Clarice
“Boss, what’s going on?” Harvey asked after Lynn decided to suddenly have a serious conversation. They just finished having breakfast and Lynn suddenly asked Harvey to close the door and have the others go outside. “Hmm… We need to discuss something about Clarice Grant. Tell me everything you know about her and my relationship with her.” Lynn asked with a serious tone. This may have confused the man but he had no other choice considering that he has to meet this woman later on. Luckily, this man seems to be truly loyal as he only looks a bit surprised for a moment before nodding his head. Lynn liked the man quite a bit although this person probably killed someone already. Anyway, he waited calmly and made sure not to appear nervous at all. “I understand, boss. First, I heard from you that Clarice Grant is an important person so you could reach a certain group. You didn’t mention it to me but I know that they are quite a dangerous group
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Chapter 10 - Secrets
  ‘Crap! What’s going on now?’ Lynn was stunned as soon as he heard his girlfriend’s name being mentioned by this rich and untouchable woman. Shannon is just a normal nurse who lives in a cheap 400 dollar apartment. Aside from that, she should be an orphan and grew up with her grandparents before they passed away after she turned 15. This is what he knows about the past of his girlfriend. Then, he discovered that Shannon met Arial when they were young according to the photograph he had seen in the safe. Now, even this woman knows Shannon? She’s even talking like Shannon would actually die if something went wrong to this Key? “W-what do you mean by that?” Lynn unconsciously asked Clarice. However, he immediately regretted that as the latter looked at him with doubtful eyes. Unlike Max and Harvey with full loyalty to him, this woman is certainly different. It means that she wouldn’t mind nitpicking at him if he made some wei
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