11 Chapters
Chapter 11 - Learning
Lynn looked around the room that he just entered with Clarice.The room was filled with various weapons or tools that he thought that this place is a Torture Room or something similar. However, after taking a closer look, it seems that this is just a room with a collection of various weapons from ancient times from different parts of the world.‘Why did she bother bringing me here? Why are these things even here in the first place? Shouldn’t these be placed in a museum?’Lynn mused as he continued looking around. On the other hand, Clarice started checking the shelves filled with various ancient weapons.“Found it!”Clarice said as she pulled an old book from the shelf. It is beside various weapons made of bones and stones.The old book doesn’t seem too normal as well since each page is made of thick metal or maybe stone, he wasn’t sure.As far as he can see, there are only five thick pages in
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