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It only took a few minutes to walk from the clinic to the salon, so Mark had a cigarette while they followed the path. It was the first time he'd been to the east side of the Island and he loved the flowers and bushes between the palm trees, the mixture of fragrances and fresh air being so much better than the city he was used to.As they walked Jasmine pointed out various paths leading to the helipad, the recording studios, guest and staff accommodation and the main security office. The time passed quickly and all too soon they were entering the salon.There were three stylists who worked in bright open space. The Senior Stylist was a short Japanese man with a bright purple Mohawk. Both his arms were covered in tattoos, and Jasmine introduced him as Taki. Working with him was Betty, a short petite blonde who seemed to have trouble meeting his gaze and Alex, a tall bald man with a razor-thin goatee.The three of them set to work,
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The closer they got to the pier the more nervous Mark got. It didn't matter that he'd met both Maddy and Myra before. If anything, that made it worse. He didn't know if Myra would recognize him at all, or if she did, would she have him chalked up as one of a thousand perverted losers who'd paid to see her naked. Worse, he might be remembered as that creep who jizzed in his pants.As for Maddy, Mark knew that she'd remember him. That night they'd spent together was burned in his memory, and he knew how she felt about it at the time too. They'd made love in the dark, then again when they woke in the morning, not a word exchanged. They'd showered together, then lay holding each other until they couldn't avoid getting up. Even then, he'd accompanied her all the way to the airport, shared a really tender goodbye kiss with her, and then kicked himself for months that he hadn't got her contact details, or just up and moved to New York to find her.Wha
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Mark followed her downstairs and around the side of the pool, turning left to head into one of the business suites where he could see Mister Yousef sitting behind a desk. On the other side of it sat three large leather chesterfield armchairs, Maddy in the one on the left, Myra on the right.He took a deep breath, feeling the tension of what was to come. He knew inside that room he would find out what his future would be like, what his responsibilities were and what Benjamin Moore, the man who had gave him up for adoption would have to say to him and his sisters."Good luck, Mark," Jasmine said quietly. "I'll see you when you get out."He entered the room and closed the door.----------"It's a lot to take in," Jasmine said gently.Mark was sat on his balcony, chain-smoking and watching a spectacular sunset that he just couldn't appreciate. The afternoon had been too draining.
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There was a knock at the door and Mark stood up as Jasmine entered."Sorry to interrupt. Dinner's going to be served in ten minutes. Thought I'd better let you know.""Cheers, Jasmine," Mark nodded."I better make a move," Maddy said, getting up. "Cheers for the chat, Mark.""Anytime."Jasmine waited until Maddy was inside her own suite before she spoke. "How did it go?"Mark shrugged. "Okay, I guess. What's happening with the whole....""Discrete investigation?" Jasmine asked quietly.Mark nodded. "I told Maddy you know.""How did she react?""Angry at first, but she's had a lot to deal with. She told me about one of her friends though. She's got a kid that's got health problems. Can we help her with that?""I already know about it," Jasmine said quietly. "As I said, we move quick and quiet when we need to."
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Dinner wasn't as fantastic as Mark expected when it came to the food. Due to Jayden's interference Mark had his own menu with his options dramatically reduced. He'd been looking forward to some more of the lobster or those delicious prawns from lunch, but ended up with a grilled tuna steak and poached egg on a bed of quinoa, a substance a lot like couscous, but delicately spiced. It was delicious, but when he saw everyone else tucking into steak, lobster, mussels, spicy noodles, and a dazzling array of vegetables he definitely felt restricted.Eight of them sat around a table in the dining area next to the bar. Mark was joined by his sisters, Jasmine, Heidi and Garius, and Henry and Mister Yousef completed the party. What started off as a fairly subdued group quickly opened up as each of them told funny stories about themselves, knowing that Mark, Myra and Maddy didn't really know any of them.Mark told them of how he'd been so h
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"That was pretty impressive, you know," He heard from behind him, recognising Jasmine's voice.Mark shrugged as he lit another cigarette. "I deal with a lot of information at work, so I'm pretty good at taking stuff in. Plus, we spent hours on this today.""You missed one," She said gently, taking a seat beside him. To his surprise she leaned over and picked up his cigarettes and lit one for herself, then grinned. "I've had a couple of drinks.""What did I miss?" Mark asked, not really caring if she smoked or not. Who was he to say anything, given he was chain-smoking like an addict on death row."The Business Consultants you work for?" She said, making it a question."Of course. With offices in the US, UK, Canada and Australia," He finished."Seriously, that's really impressive, remembering all that."Mark exhaled a long, smooth breath. "I spoke to Myra. Told her I was at the club in Myrtle
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Sleep eluded him though.He fidgetted, rolled over, couldn't get comfortable and couldn't quite drift off, so he got up again, grabbed a pair of shorts and a hooded jersey from the dressing room and went outside again."Psst. Mark."It took him a moment to trace the source of the loud whisper, but he saw Maddy walking round the balcony from her suite to his. "How you doing?""Can't sleep," He told her, taking a seat."Me neither. I think that's been forty hours now or something," She replied."Jesus, Maddy. You should be in your bed.""It's not happening though. I just can't drift off.""Yeah, I know what you mean. I just got back up myself."She looked at him for a minute, her head tilted to one side. "Come with me, Mark." She turned and began to walk around the balcony, her white trackpants and vest top making her easily visible in the dark. "Come on."Mark got up and followed her round the balcony and
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"Morning, Mark."He felt the gentle hand rubbing his shoulder, and recognised Jasmine's voice. He opened his eyes, seeing a hint of brightness in the room from the bedside lamp.Jasmine was sat on the side of the bed, wearing an oversized football shirt, her hair hanging loose, grinning at him."It's six o'clock already?" He mumbled."Quarter to," She replied. "Time to get out of bed, Mark. Rise and shine, although I think you've got the rise part taken care of." Her eyes flicked down the bed at the same instant that Mark realized he had an erection, and was lying on his back, tenting the sheet just as she had predicted twenty four hours ago."Oh, shit. Sorry," He muttered, sitting upright and making sure the sheet covered him.Jasmine chuckled, a wicked noise that made him grin a little sheepishly. "Told you.""Yeah, you did," He replied and his eyes narrowed. "Is that my football shirt
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Despite his aching arms and shoulders, the hot water invigorated him and the thought of Jasmine being in here, naked and soapy only a few minutes before had him hard, so Mark rubbed one out, his eyes closed as he remembered that glimpse of her body.Despite having extensive practice when it came to jerking off, and lots of inspiration, it wasn't the most spectacular orgasm Mark had in his life, but it served to ease the tension in him so he finished washing himself, stepped out the shower, grabbed a towel and roughly dried himself off."I'm out here," Jasmine called from the bedroom, so Mark made sure his towel was secure around his waist then walked out to join her. She was already dressed but had a towel still wrapped around her hair."Here's your clothes for the morning," She said, waving to a pair of jeans, a v-necked top and a jacket, "And here's your workout clothes for lunchtime," She added, indicating a pair of shorts
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When they returned, Jasmine was waiting for them, and as Garius had covered the computer manufacturing operation, their software development companies and the mobile telecomms part of their organisation, Jasmine started on the 'Hollywood' side of things.She began laying out information for them on the Production company, the Talent agency and the music and magazine companies, a slightly more glamorous side of their business. She spoke about some of the stars they represented, household names in some cases, and briefly went into what shows and productions they had shares in that were run or managed by other companies, drawing both Maddy and a reluctant Myra into the conversation by asking them if they'd seen this movie or show, or heard music by a particular artist.Mark was a little amused at how skillfully she'd drawn them into the briefing, making it more of a conversation than a straight delivery of information, and before he knew it she wa
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