All Chapters of The Island: Chapter 31 - Chapter 40
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Mark walked back outside wondering about what Connor had asked. Thinking about it, it seemed entirely right that Benjamin Moore would have built a safe room, or a whole series of them somewhere on the Island. If he had, surely it would be a priority that Henry would take them aside and show them where it was and how to access it.He was still frowning as he exited the building to find Jasmine on the phone. She hung up as soon as she spotted him and walked over to join him."That was fast.""Yeah, he just ripped through the list, separating them into two piles," Mark explained. "Good guys and wanks.""Oh for Gods sake," Jasmine muttered."Told me to come back when we know what we're doing, where we're going and what type of protection we'll need," Mark added."Okay, that's not bad, I guess," She said, flicking through the folder. "Five? There was twenty two profiles in there."Mark shrugged.
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"Oh, my," Jasmine muttered, looking at him as if he'd changed into someone else."What?""This is going to be fun working for you," She said, smiling. "I'm not used to apologies and so much reasonable behaviour. It's really sweet."Mark chuckled. "Sweet?""Yeah.You're so conscientious. It's... nice.""Just what every guy wants to be.... sweet and nice," He muttered, rolling his eyes."By the time Jayden and Francesca have got you sorted out, you'll be fucking hot too," She grinned, giving him a playful wink.Mark chuckled. "Yeah, I still don't buy that.""You'll just have to trust me," She said firmly. "As for being a grump, as you put it. When Mister Moore went off on one he wouldn't stop for at least an hour. You were all of two minutes, so don't worry about it.""Just tell me if I'm behaving like a dick, okay?"Jasmine chuckled. "Okay. B
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Mark's eyes flickered over her shoulder as he spotted Maddy, Myra, Heidi and Garius arriving."Oh wow," He murmured, seeing Myra's new hairstyle. Gone was the long, curls. In it's place was something new and very eyecatching. Her hair was straight, without a single curl in sight, and it reminded Mark of Jennifer Annistons hairstyle in the latter years of Friends, although it was more sharply angled at the ends. It shone in the sun, all black, straight and sleek.Jasmine echoed his sentiment a moment later. "That really suits her. I see they haven't done much with Maddy's hair though."Mark looked at her hair as they approached. He could see that it had softer lines to it, a lot more feminine in a subtle way, and that it really suited her softer features. "No, they have. They've made it suit her more than it did before."Mark greeted his sisters, complimenting them both on their hair. Myra just shrugged it off, whil
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"You let the US Special Forces use this place to train?" Maddy asked. "How cool is that?""About seven or eight years ago. It was supposed to be a hostage-rescue thing, and they claimed it a success," Jasmine explained. "They caused around four hundred thousand dollars worth of damage though, so they haven't asked to come back again, and they've been very helpful when we've needed it because we still haven't told the media.""How the hell did they do that?" Mark asked."They blasted through windows and doors with explosives all over the Island. Sunk two of the boats, blew up the pier and quite a bit of stuff went missing, most of it alcohol and steak," Heidi added. "When Mister Moore found out he laughed so hard he nearly choked.""Sorry, but can we get back on the topic here?" Maddy asked, still distressed at the thought of speaking in public."I'll do it, Maddy," Mark told her."Hey, ar
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Dinner was a bit more fun than it was the night before. It didn't take long before the girls were telling Garius and Mister Yousef about Mark's impromptu meeting in the bath earlier, and teasing him about his unorthodox management style. Mark took it all in good stead, promising to hold his next impromptu meeting in the pool so they could all join him.The conversation soon turned to the events of the next day though, specifically the funeral. Benjamin Moore was to be buried in a small grove on the north side of the Island, as per his own wishes, and guests would begin arriving from mid morning until right up to the start of the ceremony at three in the afternoon.It was Maddy who asked who the incoming guests were first, and Heidi pulled out a binder from beside her chair, handing out copies of the guest list to each of them. Mark glanced down at his, and his eyes widened as he recognised many of the names on it.There was to be ac
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The table seemed to break up without another word as Mark, Maddy, Myra, Garius, Heidi and Jasmine all dispersed around the pool or inside the buildings to make calls.Mark called Sam first and told him what was going on. His reaction at first was disbelief, but then as Mark talked some more it made sense to him, and the imminent announcement to the press gave it all credibility.Mark glanced around to make sure everyone was out of earshot and then told him about Maddy and Myra. There was a startled silence on the other end of the line, and then eventually Sam began to laugh."That's a brutal hand to get dealt, bro," Sam told him."You know I couldn't have known, right?""I know, man. Listen, your secret's safe with me, okay?""Thanks, Sam. I knew I could rely on you, buddy," Mark said, relief evident in his tone. "But here's the thing. I need a favour.""Whatever
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He walked through to his bedroom, stripped off and slid into bed, and just as he was reaching for the light, he heard Jasmine say, "Wait."Mark got a fright. He didn't even know she was in the room, sat in the chair she'd been in earlier when he got changed, the notepad still in her lap."Fuck. I didn't even know you were there," He said, when he'd settled back down under the sheet."I've just about got a first draft cobbled together for tomorrow," She said, standing up and walking over to the bed."Let's see it."She handed him the notepad, and as he lay there reading, she hopped up on the other side of the bed, stretching out beside him.It was seriously messing with Mark's concentration, her being on the bed beside him, him being naked under the single sheet, but he kept dragging his mind back on the task at hand."This is pretty good," He said finally."Only pretty good?" She said,
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Henry wriggled in the leather chair, facing the bank of screens."Go to bed, you jumped up whore," He muttered, frowning. His fingers punched a few buttons, and the third large screen pulled up the feed from Jasmine's room, showing her fast asleep on her side, a sheet covering her to her shoulders.His gaze flicked to the other two large screens, the interior of Mark's bedroom and the exterior of his balcony. He could see Myra sitting on Mark's balcony, as she had been for the last half hour, probably unable to sleep and she was irritating him."Shit," He said quickly, leaning forward as Sarah appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in a black silk kimono and stockings, just as he'd ordered her to. Couldn't she smell the cigarette smoke, or even see Myra sitting on the balcony?"She's right there, you silly bitch," He snarled.He saw Myra say something as Sarah began to open the door to Mark's suite. The b
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Henry laughed as Myra darted out the room, pausing only to scoop up her robe before darting out the door. She closed it quietly, taking advantage of the freshly oiled locks and hinges he had ordered completed earlier that day just so he could enter and leave without making any noise.He looked down at the semen covering his stomach and groin, feeling it cooling on his skin after he'd jerked off to some real live incest, an unanticipated pleasure that had turned him on immensely."Who would have thought that you'd be such a fucking slut, Myra," He murmured, smiling. "Fucking your own brother in the dark, thinking no-one would know? But I do, and I've got it on video."As he fastened up his trousers he watched Mark wandering around his suite, searching for his mystery visitor until eventually he stopped in Jasmine's doorway."Go on, dick. Wake her up and ask her, then see how she reacts," He said quickly, leaning forward in an
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Mark stood there, naked and frustrated, looking at her. "No. I thought it was you, but you're telling me it wasn't and I believe you. So now I've fucked some woman and I've no idea who it was. And you're pissed at me for it.""How could you think it was me?""Because we came so close last night. Because I wanted it to be you. Who else would I have thought it was?" He shook his head in frustration and pulled on the track pants.She shrugged. "Maddy? Or Myra maybe?"Mark frowned, remembering the feel of her taught stomach, and then he stood upright as he remembered that moment where he tried to kiss her and she held back just out of reach, teasing him. It was similar to how Myra had teased him during the dance at the strip club."You think it might have been Myra?" Jasmine asked, her face showing her surprise.Mark frowned, then shook his head, although inside he was now wondering. "I don't
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