All Chapters of The Island: Chapter 11 - Chapter 20
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No matter how tired Mark felt, he couldn't seem to shut his brain down and his usual trick of reading it into unconsciousness didn't work. He was quite surprised when Captain Grey re-appeared to wake Jasmine and let them know they'd be landing in thirty minutes."Did you get any sleep?" She asked as she sat up and rolled her neck, easing out the kinks."Nope," Mark said, tapping the side of his head. "Too much going on up here.""Make sure you let me know when you feel tired and I'll see if I can get you an hour or two," Jasmine replied. She yawned. "Mind if I dive in the shower first?""Sure." Mark turned back to his book but then changed his mind and went to the galley to brew some coffee. By the time he'd got it figured out Jasmine re-appeared, dressed now in a pair of beige linen trousers and a white vest top with a white linen shirt over the top."Is that coffee I can smell?" She asked, ru
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Jasmine looked out the window and turned back to Mark with a smile on her face. "Welcome to Guadeloupe, Mark."He looked out the window, seeing the jet about to touch down on a runway. To the right he could see a small housing estate and beyond that the blue waters of the Caribbean sea. The sun was just starting to come up and it cast everything on the ground in amazing shadows."Wow.""Exactly," She replied.With a gentle bump the jet touched down and after a couple of minutes it pulled up at a small building where a black four by four waited with a couple of serious men in suits outside it. A local official waited to one side, probably to check their passports."That's our ride," Jasmine told him. "They'll take us to the boat.""Boat?""Yeah, it'll take us to the Island," She explained. "It's very cool."Mark shook hands with Captain Grey and thanked him for the flight, then followed Jasmine acro
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"So I need to talk to you about Security, Mark.""Okay," Mark nodded. He figured that there was bound to be some security on the island, so he was about to get a briefing on it."From this point forward, and in many different ways, you're going to be a target," She said flatly, taking him by surprise.He blinked. "A target?""Yes. In many different ways. Because you're worth a lot of money, you'll be a high-level target for kidnappers, people will try and con you, the media will pursue you, women will try and seduce you, politicians will try and court you, basically you'll be sought after in many different ways."Mark laughed, drawing a frown from Jasmine. It wasn't the reaction she'd been expecting, but it was one particular line in there that made him laugh."Women will try and seduce me? I think you can chalk that one off as a non-existant threat," He told her.For all Mark's life he'd been the pursuer, and not particular
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The Island came into view and Mark stood up at the windows for a better look. It was gorgeous, a tropical paradise of palm trees and beautiful white sandy beaches. The cliffs that rose up out of the water to the east and west were natural and rugged and the structures he could see seemed to enhance the natural beauty rather than detract from it."It's better than I imagined," Mark admitted."I know," Jasmine said, standing beside him. "I love it here."Mark could feel the nerves building in his stomach again as the boat approached the pier and all too soon it was alongside it, the crew tying the Betsy against it. He could see several people waiting at the end of the pier and he took a deep breath, then let it out slowly."What's the Island Manager guy's name again?" He asked."Henry," Jasmine replied. "It's the guy there with the white hair and the black shirt. He always wears black shirts.""Why?" Mark asked, m
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As Henry led them inside Mark could see wooden staircases on the far corners of the room leading to the floor above and wide doorways under them leading to the flanking towers."This place is amazing," Mark said, his eyes continually roving around the room. Photographs of the Island were dotted around the walls, along with vases of flowers and plants in pots. Baskets of fruit sat on the coffee tables and as they walked out the other side of the house Mark saw the pool area.The two flanking towers had buildings behind them, he saw, two story rectangular structures that enclosed the main house right to the edge of the cliffs, sheltering the pool area on three sides, the other side opening to the ocean. Deckchairs and sun-loungers lay to the right and left of the large pool and a canopied area with tables and chairs sat to his immediate right."Welcome to the main house, Master Mark," Henry said, turning to face him. "I'll just
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"Do you know what's in it? The will, I mean."Jasmine paused, then nodded. "Yes, but I can't tell you what it says, Mark. I'm not allowed, and anyway, it's only a few hours away."Mark frowned but nodded. "So what else?""Well, there's lunch and dinner too, and some time for you to chat with Myra and Maddy. I can tell you that Mister Moore was keen for the three of you to get to know each other, so over the next few days you'll be doing a lot together.""A lot of what?""Briefings, meetings, activities, meals." Jasmine shrugged. "Nothings firmed up yet for times and dates, but I'll be managing your schedule carefully to make sure you're not snowed under, okay?""And don't accept any meetings myself," Mark stated, remembering her advice."Correct."As Mark stubbed out his cigarette he caught sight of Henry on the balcony, beckoning him up."Looks like your suite's ready," Jasmine&nb
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"So you arrange stuff like that?""Sure," Jasmine nodded. "Sometimes it's only for walking the carpet, get a few pictures. Sometimes it's a real date. Occasionally it's a hookup.""Holy shit. Talk about a different world.""That's one of the million reasons why I'm here, Mark," She reminded him. "It'd primarily business but I'm here to help you personally too. There's lots to learn and I'm here to help. Now, back to the topic at hand. Getting you some sleep.""Yeah.""I'm gonna be blunt here, Mark. Sometimes it's the best way," She said, looking him in the eye. "Most people masturbate before they go to sleep. I take it you do too?"Mark laughed, unable to hide the slight blush that hit his cheeks. "And I thought all this was insane before.""You'll get used to it. Incidentally, if I know this now then it means I won't be walking in on you midway through.""Okay, fair enough. Yeah, I usu
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"I suppose," Mark shrugged. "Hey, what did you mean earlier when you said someone more my status?""Oh, that." Jasmine said, taking a seat. "I mean that you can't just turn up at a black-tie event with some girl who works in the local Walmart and lives with her parents.""Why not? Lots of good people work in Walmart," Mark said, frowning."Because it's not what's expected of you. Because it's not someone you'll have much in common with, and because there would be this enormous gulf between you. You wouldn't be equals, or even in the same social circles.""Different can be good though.""Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking down on people or being elitist when I say this, Mark," Jasmine explained. "Imagine a year from now what you'd have to talk about. She's just had a shit day at work because a customers kid peed in one of the aisles and she had to clean it up. You just flew into town from Hong Kong on a priva
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Mark cracked the door open on the shower cubicle, blinking again as the white glass suddenly turned clear, but he could see Jasmine wasn't in the room anymore, so he grabbed a towel and dried off.Wrapping it around his waist he stepped into the bedroom, spotting a baggy pair of dark blue shorts and a dark green sleeveless t-shirt on the bed. He got dressed quickly and walked around the suite, looking for Jasmine.He found her sitting on the balcony, a low table in front of her with half a dozen different plates of food on it."The chef wasn't sure what you'd like for lunch, so he made you up a few platters with different stuff," She explained.Mark sat down and looked at the dishes. "Wow."Jasmine smiled. "Yeah, Chef's fantastic."Mark could see four or five different types of fish, lobster and prawns. There was chicken, steak, a pate of some sort on crumbly biscuits, different breads, vegeta
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Then they were off to meet the Islands resident physician, Doctor Kerr. The doctor was in her late thirties, with short and tidy red hair, but her cheeks were flushed, as if she was having trouble with the heat.While she gave Mark a physical examination, he asked her about the injections that Jayden had recommended. To his surprise she seemed perfectly fine with it, as long as he agreed that they lasted no more than two weeks. She also informed him that he needed a Tetanus booster, and he should probably have a contraceptive injection."A what?" Mark asked."It's a hormonal contraceptive injection for men," She had shrugged. "Short term, only lasts for a month or so and then things are back to normal a few weeks later, but it stops the production of sperm. Given the injections you're already getting, the enhanced endorphins from the exercise and a sudden boost in confidence that you're likely to receive, it's almost certain that
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