52 Chapters
Chapter Eleven--Delaney
Delaney stared out of her balcony window at her brother pulling into the driveway. She’d been waiting to talk to him since she felt like a moocher lately, and that wasn’t her style. She bounded down the stairs, meeting him at the door with a muffin that she’d baked him. He looked at it and slowly took it to take a bite. “What is this for?”She hovered as he closed the door and kicked off his shoes. “Just because I feel like an asshole mooching off of you.”Lucas rolled his eyes. “It’s fine.”“It’s not. I hate not having anything to do and no income coming in. Katie swears she isn’t mad but I feel like a sore thumb here. Maybe I should go back—,”“To your loser boyfriend? No,” Lucas said. “No,” she said, shaking her head. “Look at this,” she said, digging her cell from her jeans pocket. She pulled
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Chapter Twelve--Patch
The beaming sun hit Patch’s skin from the opened bay doors of the garage. He slowly wiped his forehead with the back of his oiled stained hand and watched as the cars passed by on the highway out of town.  It had been a treacherous two days since he’d broken his promise to his best-friend and kissed his kid sister’s mouth. He’d be a liar if he said it hadn’t been worth it though. She’d tasted better than he ever imagined a woman tasting, sweet like candy, greedy with her hands and tongue.  Delaney Summers had been worth the risk like he imagined the moment he saw her asleep on Lucas’ couch.  The only problem was that there were too many to count. Besides betraying his best-friend that he hoped would show him mercy once the truth came out, there was the problem of his loyalty to his brother’s and the crap Daz stirred up with The South Side.   The silence after they stole all of their weapons worried Patch, because there was always s
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Chapter Thirteen--Delaney
Delaney stripped out of her wet panties and tossed them into the laundry bin by her door. She’d never felt so alive like she did with Patch. Was it crazy that she wanted to jump into bed with him this soon? She’d always prided herself on being someone that was rational when it came to giving away her nookie. But this was a completely different universe. It was Disney Channel hot verses Marvel Hot. Delaney walked over to her bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked different, reddened cheeks with a rush of adrenaline in her that she’d never felt before. “Get it together,” she whispered before starting her shower. Even though Patch had said to hell with his promise to Lucas, she felt adrenaline in the fact she snuck around with him. The rush of lust that surged her compared closely to the time her dad took her bungee jumping on Spring Break. Patch was going to rock her in ways that Bradley never could. Just his kiss alone had her on another planet. She though
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Chapter Fourteen--Patch
The next morning after watching Delaney cook and eating a good home cooked meal, he heard someone pounding on the door. When no one answered after a few minutes, Patch got up and walked sluggishly to open the door. The early morning sunshine shown through and Mr. Summer’s smiled big at him, holding a box of donuts. “Hey son,” he said, slapping Patch’s shoulder. “Sorry to wake you up, I know you’ve been working. Can I come in?” He made his way inside before Patch could answer, and began to sit things out on the dining room table, including the donuts. Patch yawned, made some coffee and rubbed his sleepy eyes as Mr. Summers talked to himself. “No offense pops, but why are you here so early?” Mr. Summers chuckled and looked up at the stairs and back at Patch. “I know my kids well enough to know you’d be the only one up at this time, and I’d have a chance to set up my interrogation station for Delaney.” Patch gave him a look over the rim of his coffee mug. “What do you mean?” He
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Chapter Fifteen - Delaney
Patch had her on her back before she could take a breath to steady her racing nerves. His kiss was aggressive, his hands tangled in her hair and the other at her hip, guiding her against his as he kissed her senseless. She’d never had a man bring her to orgasm before, but the determination and a sly smile on Patch's face, told her he definitely had experience in that department. A deep feeling formed in her stomach when he bit her lip and made slow kisses down her neck to the top of her shirt. “I want to make you cum like you never have before,” he whispered into the humid night air. “As badly as I want to sink into you and rock your world, I think we’ll work on that orgasm a different way.”Delaney’s mind began to swirl with ideas about how he would be able to do it when he unzipped her jean shorts and pushed them down her thighs. That is definitely a start.Patch sat back on his legs, looking down at her through a heavy-lidded gaze that made her stomach clench. Slowly, he placed h
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Chapter Sixteen-Patch
Patch sat his empty coffee mug in the sink and took a bite of the croissant Delaney made for them in the early morning. He heard her moving around all night after the trespasser situation, so he figured she started cooking as soon as the sunlight rose over the woods.  There had been no one within a few hundred yards of the place, but if Delaney scared them away, they wouldn’t have been closer.  Patch finished his breakfast and put on his vest. Dillon’s snores came from the living room couch, his shoes scattered alone the dining room like he lived there, which was starting to look like the case.  Patch grunted, grabbed his keys and headed out of the door. It was his shift at the garage and Daz mentioned Patch filling in for Lonney on a run later that day.  He’d made a pact with the club, and doing runs was not part of his job description. Patch hopped on his bike and started the engine, noticing the blind in the kitchen move quickly
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Chapter Seventeen-Delaney
"You want to sneak into his house, Patch?" Delaney asked, bewilderment on her face. "Seriously? I was just joking earlier when I said that," she whispered, looking over her shoulder to make sure neither her brother or Dillon were near. Patch leaned against the kitchen table across from her, his palms face down, and his eyes serious. "Yes, he is hiding something. What would he want in my room, Delaney?"She shrugged, while grabbing more baked beans from the stove, and a bottle of steak sauce for the boys. "I don't know. Are you sure you didn't leave your door opened."Patch stood up, and wiped his palm down his face. "I'm sure, Delaney. The bastard is up to something."She glanced out of the back glass doors, noticing her brother talking to Dillon, while Dillon nursed a beer. "I mean ... he is kind of creepy, but I don't know if I want to risk breaking and entering."Patch gave her a bored look. "You broke into the clubhouse full of bikers, an
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Chapter Eighteen-Patch
Patch turned off the shower the next morning, and wrapped a towel around his waist. He swiped his palm over the fog against his bathroom mirror and slid his fingers into his hair. He'd been on edge most of the night after their encounter at Dillon's apartment.  He'd expected Dillon to be into something, but not anything that would require him to carry around a duffle bag of money, which only brought the question of what was Dillon doing to have that amount of money.  The South Side came to mind, because Patch didn't put it past Dillon to stoop so low as to get kids addicted to drugs. But he didn't have any proof. Though he planned to get some with Gabriel's help.  Patch got dressed in the bathroom, and found his door ajar when he walked back across the hallway. Dillon wouldn't be so stupid to sneak into his room again, would he? And Patch didn't think he'd come back over so early in the morning.  At first, he didn't see anything ou
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Chapter Nineteen-Delaney
Delaney slammed the paint bucket down, ignoring the splatter of pink paint that landed on her shoe, and mumbled to herself. She couldn't believe Patch made such a big deal about her showing him job positions in the area? She knew deep down that Patch didn't want to stay with The Fallen Kings, and he was tuck, but she didn't want him to feel that way. Maybe just, breaking it off while Daz was dealing with The South Side, would work? Delaney didn't know much about any of them, but she knew Patch, and didn't deserve to be stuck there because of his mother. "Everything okay over there?" Katy asked from the opposite side of the shop, paint smeared to her face, and splattered along her clothes. Delaney gave her a heavy groan in reply. Katy chuckled, and climbed down the ladder, wiping her hands on her overalls. "Okay, friend," she said, pulling over an empty paint bucket, flipped them upside down and patted the empty one. "C
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Chapter Twenty- Patch
Gabriel pulled down the bay garage doors, and took one last drag of his cigarette, before putting it out on the bottom of his boot. They'd been busier than Patch imagined they would be, but was thankful since it kept his mind busy. He didn't need too much time to think about Delaney, or Dillon, because it made him tense without anyway of releasing it. "So," Gab said, grabbing his keys. "I need to stop by the bakery and see Joey for a minute, but I'm down for scoping out your little weasel friend."Patch chuckled, grabbing the rim of his hat, he turned it around backward, and dug his motorcycle keys from his jeans. "You're still seeing Joey? I would have thought she would have realized what an ass you were by now."Gab laughed, pushing opened the front door to the lobby, and holding it opened. "Ah, she knows it, but she likes it."Patch walked over to his bike, stopping when Gab stopped him. "You've been distant with the club lately," he
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