65 chapters
Chapter 1 - Umiko
Every night at 3 am, I wake up crying from a nightmare, the same nightmare I’ve had since I turned 18. I don’t remember much about it; the only things which remain with me are the fact that my hands are stained red with blood and a terrible sadness burrows in my heart.That, and a hint of freshly cut teakwood and burnt sage./You’re dreaming about him again,”/ Ahmya opens her eyes and speaks from within me. I ignore her once more and try to focus on getting my breathing under control. She says this every time I awake from this nightmare, and I refuse to let her elaborate on who she means.She is the fox spirit I was born with, but one I refuse to acknowledge. Silver fur with a green aura, dull green eyes, but her tail count and markings she has yet to confide in me. I know ignoring the spirit will upset it more, but I would much rather ignore her than admit what awakened within me four years ago.Where each of my six older siblings received an elemental Kitsune on their 18th birthday,
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Chapter 2 - Fenriz
Another woman will suffer at my hand because of my father; another bride will be dead before she can birth a child for the beast inside of me.I can feel him stir as I approach my estate; he knows she’s waiting inside, and it angers me. After the senseless death of my third bride, I vowed never to take another woman, and if that meant the end of the Vega bloodline, then so be it.Another woman cannot die because of this beast; I won’t allow it.My father says this union will do the Vega pack good since we can extend our reach, but I know he’s only interested in the power it will bring. The decrepit mansion he was in is just for show; my father is greedy and wants to make money at all costs.“Fenrisúlfr,” Andreas calls me by the birthname I hate. My father named me after a monstrous wolf-god of Norse mythology aided in my self-hate.This beast only knows how to kill, maim and murder young women, and the self-deprecation grows each day.“They’re waiting inside, but know this; she might
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Chapter 3 - Fenriz
This isn't fucking good.With the way my beast has been threatening to come to the surface lately is forcing me to go to the underground pit. Ever since I met my mate last week, he has wanted nothing more than to claim her, but I refuse because I know that once I do, that would be the end of her.It also doesn’t help that she’s under my fucking roof as we speak. The scent of wisteria and cherry blossoms fills my home, and it takes everything in me not to go to her bedroom each night.Why the fuck did she have to pop into my life right now? Did my father know she would be my mate once I met her, or was this just pure coincidence? I suppose that I’ll never get a fucking straight answer out of him - this is all for his sake anyway. I’m just the Alpha for show since I am more powerful than he is, while he still rules the Vega Pack from the inside.Walking the steps down to the pits, I feel Baron stirring once more and let out a growl.“I will release you momentarily, fucking WAIT!” I excl
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Chapter 4 - Umiko
My hands will not stop their trembling, and I can feel the cold sweat trickling down the back of my ao dai. This is how I have been since I met Alpha Fenriz, since I met the man who I will be married to… the man from my nightmares. As soon as our eyes met for the first time, the scent of cut teakwood and burnt sage enveloped my senses, and I was nearly pulled under. My heartbeat raced in my chest, and I almost lost all reason - the pull towards him was unmistakable, and I still do not know why.“Calm down, Umiko-sama; this is supposed to be an auspicious day!” Yui’s excited voice cuts through my thoughts, and when I look up at her, I notice that her smile does not reach her eyes. “I told you to stop with the honorifics, Yui. We are no longer in Japan, and you know that I see you as more of a friend than a servant.” I say again and sigh, but she simply tuts and continues fussing over me.Yui is the same age as me, but she insists on using honorifics when she addresses me. I had to en
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Chapter 5 - Umiko
“This way,” he says in a cold tone, then pulls me closer to him and walks me out of the living room. I can sense my father’s eyes on my back as I am led in front of him - for the first time in my life, he has to stare at my back while I walk ahead. The feeling alone makes me smile and feel like I am a bit more powerful than him while he is here - in what would be my home from today forward.“I had a few Vietnamese dishes prepared with the help of the lovely Hang,” Alpha Fenriz says when we walk into the dining room, and my heart stops. I look up at him with horror and see the same look on my mother’s face when my eyes fall on her. The confidence I had earlier melts away, knowing what my new husband has just done by saying that name.“Her name is Saeko,” my father growls and wraps an arm around my mother. I can feel the fury emanating from him and immediately cringe away, but then Alpha Fenriz chuckles and shakes his head.“In this house, I will use their given names, Kaen, not the na
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Chapter 6 - Fenriz
Her voice lured me in like a Siren; five little words, and I nearly lost whatever remained of my self-control. Baron kept his promise and behaved throughout the evening, even when I caught her sweet, innocent scent or felt her skin on mine. But the second she spoke, the second I heard her voice, something in me snapped./“You said you would control yourself!”/ I chastise Baron while walking her towards what would be our shared bedroom. She has remained quiet this entire time, with her handmaiden following her, but even in the silence, her presence is overwhelming./“Can you blame me, Fenriz?! You felt it too, and you know what she does to us!”/ He says, and I pinch the bridge of my nose in annoyance. /“I will keep my promise and not harm her, but you know as well as I do that we cannot reign this in while she remains unclaimed.”/I sigh, knowing that what he says is true. However, I have no intention of claiming Umiko tonight, not with the risk hanging over my head./“Give me time to
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Chapter 7 - Umiko
I felt his eyes on me the entire time I was in my closet last night, but I didn’t dare breathe a word. Legally I am his, and he can do whatever he wants to me, even watch me as I undress. I don’t know what I expected when I walked out to bid him goodnight, but it wasn’t his indifference. Now, as I awake the following morning, I realize that he is nowhere to be seen. Sitting up in bed, I rub the sleep from my eyes and stretch out before walking to the bathroom. After such a stressful day, I actually slept well for a change and had a good night’s rest. I look at myself in the mirror as I brush my teeth, and a smile spreads across my face - a genuine smile for a change. I will not have to worry about my father and his insults; I am actually free of him! Doing a happy little dance, I finish in the bathroom and walk over to my closet to get ready for the day. Ahmya has been quiet and content all morning, and I can spot her lazing about somewhere in my subconscious. It seems she also lo
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Chapter 8 - Fenriz
Very smooth, Fenriz. “Remember who you belong to.” Seriously?! What the fuck made me say something so absolutely immature?“Fuck,” I grumble, grabbing my gloves and jacket from my desk and heading out. I must admit that Umiko asking to see me came as a surprise; I thought she was still terrified of me. Whenever she made eye contact with me, she would blush and look down or avoid my gaze altogether. But today, she asked to see me; I’m sure Andreas will have something to say about that.I walk towards the front door and am immediately hit with her scent, but I brush it off as best I can and head to the garage. These meetings I’m about to attend are some of the most important, so I can’t afford to be distracted today.“You sure you want to go with that?” Andreas says when he sees me next to my Yamaha VMAX, and I shrug.“The city is mine; if I want to show up to a fucking business meeting dressed in leather and stinking of fumes, then I will,” I say, slipping on my leather jacket and ge
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Chapter 9 - Umiko
What an odd household. The servants here are pleasant, the guards acknowledge me, and I am allowed everywhere, even in the same area as Fenriz’s office. To say that I am not used to this is putting it lightly - I am not a prisoner in my own home.“Is something wrong?” Yui asks me as we walk through the back garden. Marcus, the guard, is walking two paces behind us while his team is spread out in front. I shake my head. “Not really, no. Things are just so different here, wouldn’t you say?”She nods. “People actually look at me when they speak to me,” she murmurs, then gestures towards Marcus. “Even the guards treat me like they’re a lower stature than I am.” “It’s a different world over here, entirely different,” I say, then link my arm with hers and give her a playful smile. “Perhaps we can learn not to be so wary of them?”“I know what you’re doing, and I will not answer you until this suspicious feeling goes away,” she says, rolling her eyes even as she tries to hide her smile. “B
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Chapter 10 - Fenriz
I have spent the last three hours introducing my pack members to Umiko. Most of them welcomed her, while the rest of them looked at her with pity. I know they have no hope for her to live longer than a year; none of my other wives reached their one-year anniversaries with me.After last night’s discovery, I barely slept; even Baron was up all night pacing. What we saw didn’t only surprise the both of us, but it made us realize that we might be in for more than we expected. I find out if this thing inside of her is good or evil, not only that, but what exactly it is. “Everyone is so kind,” she suddenly says, snapping me out of my thoughts, and I turn to look at her. It’s just after 4 pm, and we’re currently walking on our way back to the mansion after meeting the last of the pack. I’ve introduced her to every pack member but one - my father.She’s wearing a light blue autumn dress that clings to her lithe body and has her hair pinned up in a ponytail today. Her eyes are shining with e
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