52 Chapters
11. The Art of Beauty.
"Anna?" I looked up from the position I sat on the bed watching the new movie Hobbs and Shaw that made me cry of laughter to be met with Antonio, Maria and Steffon standing at my door step."Oh hey guys" I smiled at Antonio and Maria ignoring Steff."I bought you some sweets so you could get better soon!" Antonio yelled running into my arms holding a pack of Snickers."Wow, thank you my ant boy" I grinned kissing him on the cheek."Your welcome" he smiled and gave back his brightest toothy grin while holding his hand out as I placed one in his hand."How you doing cous?" "A lot better than before thanks for asking" I told Maria."No problem anyway I'll go and give you guys some time, come on big guy" he spoke taking a hold of Antonio hands who was reluctant to go.I turned back to Tv before me as if it was the most important thing I'd ever seen."Come on are you gonna ignore me, your best friend?""Best friends don't ditch their friends in time of need" I spoke not turning t
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12. Players never change.
"Pleaseee?" Maria begged for the hundredth time today as I sighed. A headache was prominent as she said she'd do if I didn't tell her yes."Fine I'll go!" I yelled aggravated with her constant pleas."Thank you!, thank you!, thank you!" she screamed within my ear as if she'd won a million bucks. Today was Friday and she had constantly been drilling me about to the stupid football game later today."But under one condition" I said bursting her little bubble of joy."What?""Steff has to come with us" I told looking at my finger nails that suddenly became the most attractive thing in the world. I could see from the corner of eyes that she was in deep thought."Fine he can come too" she spoke silently walking away with a groan."Great I'll let him know!" I yelled as I got to my free period that I had.I and Steff sat in my free period as he decided to ditch class to be with me as he told but I knew I just did it to ditch french class which he hated. So we decided to study for our scienc
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13. Sebastian the Handsome.
"How do I look" Maria asked stepping before me in a short tight fitted black shorts, a baby pink crop top showing most of her boobs and a matching Fenty sneakers with her hair caught in a ponytail."Wow" I said flabbergasted and short for words, Maria looked much like one of those woman who worked inside the club trying to get laid tonight, she would've matched in greatly with Regina's possy, but hey who am I to say?."That's exactly the look I was going for thank you!" "But how will you get past Mom and Dad wearing that? you know they won't let you out the house looking the way you look" I asked."Don't worry, I've got that covered" she replied excitedly as she pulled on a cardigan and a Jagger's over her shorts. Right"Are you ready to go?" "Yes I am" I replied putting down my flat iron.I had my hair flattened loosely as it streamed down my lower back, a white fitted dress that went just above my knees, a matching white sneakers and a gold choker around my neck that almost match
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14. Calming the beast within.
I watched in the clear distance as recognition dawned upon Kristrin's face, his demeanor going hard as his gaze shifted between Sebastian and I.The crowd went silent as whispers could be heard about what's happening. Why was he looking so angry and most importantly why the hell was he looking at me?The game continued to halt as Kristrin would not move from his spot. His team mates kept trying to remove him but he was adamant not to move while glaring directly at me.My anxiety going off the roof as I and everyone was anxiously waiting to see his next move."Anna I think now would be a good time to take off that jacket of yours" Maria whispered to me.I was frozen in my seat unable to move, not wanting the crowd to look at me move. Was that the problem? Me wearing another jersey?I then saw him turn to Kyle talking then turn back to look in my direction. The first move he made, everyone gasped, it was like a movie as everyone anticipated the next move.His coach kept calling but he
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15. Unwanted attentions.
"So are you going tell me what happened or are you gonna lie about again?" "Nothing happened" I replied with a neutral face but inside I was dying from excitement that ran through my veins due to Kristrin's words. Luckily inside the car was dark enough to hide my blush."I've always told you everything about me and all you've done is lie to me Anna?!""I've never lied to you before""Oh yah well thank you for pointing out that your a damn liar!""Fine! Kristrin told me he liked me, happy now?" what the heck was her problem?She scowled "Of course not your the one who said you wanted to keep a low profile, isn't that going against your interdictions?""I told you shit would hit the roof if he saw you in that jersey" Steff smirked."Well so much for protecting me" I mocked."Well I did warn you""Unbelievable" Maria hissed from underneath her breath.We were on our way to the after party but sadly we hadn't won the match, after Kristrin walked off the field his coach suspended him for
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16. Regretful Thinking.
"Why does my head feel it's been through hell and back" I groaned holding it delicately. "Young lady you have a lot of explaining to do" mom said holding a cup of water and two pills that I took from her."What happened?" "Well you got drunk and thankfully Mr Slovac's son had brought you home""He did!" I cringed in pain looking discreetly at mom as she did the same as well."Yes and fortunately for you, your grounded for a week""What? That's absurd I'm almost eighteen""Exactly your not eighteen and your lucky I was able to talk your father out of giving you a month instead"I groaned slipping back into bed "This is the second time you've gotten into trouble and I know that your almost an adult but I hope that's not the life your planning on living" she said."No mom never I don't even remember consuming alcohol at that party" I recalled from what happened last night."Hun your drink could've been spiked at any given moment and as for Steff I'm very disappointed in him" she took m
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17. Spanked beyond mention.
Cold sweat ran down my face as my nerves throbbed within my head almost as if sending me a quick death.Kristrin's going to skin me alive! What the hell was I thinking?!"What the fuck did you do?!" Steff yelled picking up the call after the third try "Why the hell would you decide to go out on a date with Sebastian are you completely diabolical?!"Ohh big words...."How do you know?" "Everyone knows! We all saw the video of you guys kissing and exchanging expensive gifts!""First of all we never kissed and second of all we never exchanged any gift he did that and could you please stop yelling!""Ok tinker bell just know one thing, your gonna meet up on very pissed off Kristrin and am not sure if your gonna make it out alive because I can guarantee you Sebastian won't" then added "All those years of protecting you gone to waste" he sighed."You know what? It's my life and I can do whatever I want with it so fuck Kristrin he can't just tell me what to do with my life!" I yelled angril
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18. Lunch with the bad boy's.
"Stop that" I groaned slowly walking to lunch period, hissing in tenderizing pain as Steff felt the need to hurry to the cafeteria."I'm starting to believe you didn't actually fell off that bed of yours" Steff replied eyeing me suspiciously "Surely falling off a bed doesn't give you two days of scrutinizing pain""Well it did, now can we change the topic I'm hungry" I grumbled unhappily strolling towards what seems to be a long cafeteria line.After going through a very violated yet pleasurable punishment Kristrin made sure to take the gift Sebastian had gave me. I'd have been surely out of my damn mind if I fought him over it. Sadly lying had to be in place as I had to refrain from spewing utter madness about getting spanked by none other than the school's bad boy. My morning was more disappointing as Kristrin hadn't showed up for maths class leaving my state of mind in a bloody mess of turmoil. Greedily I wanted to get a glimpse of him but would never admit it.I sighed, at least
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19. A face to face talk.
Unknown POV"I have something you may want" told the onlooker looking up the lean and slender body of there soon to be partner in crime."Oh really and how do you know what I want?" the person frowned inquiring back."Well for one, I know that your a sadistic pig who wants the same thing that I want which is revenge and I can give you that and so much more" the advancer smirked licking there dry lustful lips."And why would I want revenge?" the individual glared."Because you've been shitted over just like I have, no one understands us. They took both our love for granted, we can both make make them pay" gritted the devious person evilly."And what could've they, that I know nothing of, could've possibly done to you?" the person inquired curiously."I hate losing" the vicious iniquitous person answered."I know nothing of what your talking and even if I did, why would I help an amateur like you get revenge?" the lean body crook replied smirking."Because of this" the person showed a v
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20. New Arrangements.
"How did the show go?" Steff asked as we headed for our next period."It was perfect!" I praised remembering the sweet moments that Kristen and I shared at the exhibition and also how four of our painting had been sold. Kristrin and I had decided to donate our fund to the poor and needy."You naughty little girl you! Don't tell me you finally lost your virginity" he said whispering the last part."Of course not, we just made out....a few times" I replied blushing dreamily."You two seem to be doing a lot of that lately" he said looking skeptical at me."Do you think I'm stupid?" I questioned desperately needing my insecurities answered, "I mean Kristen isn't the most trust worthy, honest, then there is loyal and..........""Look Anna, that nut job may act tough on the outside but he's a mushy guy on the inside, the guy goes nuts for you" he replied with both of his hands on my shoulders and reassuring smile."You think so?"" I know so" he said reassuringly"Good" I replied smiling ev
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