99 Chapters
Chapter 10
Just like he said, some ladies came into the room later in the evening, with a new dress for me to put on. I had a quick bath and wore the dress, waiting till it was time to go. I did not wait long before they came again, leading out of the room. I walked into what looked like a foyer immediately seeing Damien and just a few guards standing behind him.Nobody came.What the hell was I expecting? To see a crowd ready and excited to witness my initiation? I doubt if they knew I was here or was being initiated. Though they might feel the link probably.I decided to keep my gaze on my feets, when I couldn't stand looking at the cold faces of everyone around. Not even a single person was smiling, they must all hate me now. I didn't even want to think if some of the people I think have families, and probably kids. They must really hate me.He stretched out his palm with a plain look, a small knife in his right hand. I placed my right palm into his, heaving out a deep sigh."Repeat after me."
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Chapter 11
Something felt off this morning, I had no idea why, but I had woken up, my heart racing really fast. I knew something was wrong when Linda came to me this morning, she didn't say any words to me. Just came to check if I had healed fully and taken my medications. I also noticed a sigh of pity in her eyes. She knew something but wouldn't talk to me. I was scared and I was clueless, having no idea of what the hell was happening. A few hours later, some men came, escorting me out of the room into a hall. I walked into the crowded hall, keeping my eyes down as I felt intense gazes on me. I hated this place, I hated the fast it was filled with just men, chattering in a language I don't understand. I was left to sit at a corner in the hall, while most of them sat at large tables, filled with food and wine.I hated the fact something felt wrong, I looked around the hall, trying to ignore the gazes on me. My mate wasn't here, what the hell is going on? My heart skipped a beat when I sighted N
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Chapter 12
I stood there frozen, my heart already thumping heavily and I stopped breathing. Repeated cold shivers ran down my spine and I stared at him in shock. I stared deeper into his eyes hoping to see if he was just bluffing. His cold green eyes held no emotions as he stared back at me. The back of my eyes began burning with tears and I felt the world around me come crashing down. This was the height of it all. My hands shook, perspiration began forming on my head.I looked around the hall slowly, seeing all eyes on me. Staring expectantly, their eyes already filled with lust. I took my eyes back to my mate, staring pleadingly at him, hoping he'd change what he said. "You're not deaf stealer, strip!" Noah spat out harshly, making me flinch, his eyes held so much disdain not the usual smirk on his face. It held so much hate.I couldn't bring myself to pull off my gown, my hands trembled heavily and my eyes burned as tears threatened to pour. A small yelp escaped my lips as Noah came to me
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Chapter 13
I picked up my gown, wearing it very quickly, holding my underthings when they dismissed me, ordering some guards to lead me away. I felt totally numb as I walked between the guards who led me into an unfamiliar hallway. I took my eyes to my feet, not wanting to look up.I felt completely detached from my body just like I wanted. I was totally humiliated and the thought that it wasn't the end made me shiver in fear.Without waiting for their orders, I rushed into the room as soon as he pushed the door open and shut it close, I leaned against the door, allowing a flood of tears to pour from my eyes.Whimpering like a wounded thing, I slide down to the floor, still feeling his hands on my body. Now my own skin irritates me. I folded my knees to my chest, sobbing heavily. I've never felt so hurt my entire life. Having my mate watch as I was sexually humiliated and he did nothing about it. My heart was repeatedly clenching in pain that I wished I could disappear. Disappear from this crue
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Chapter 14
I couldn't take my eyes from him, I stayed frozen staring in shock. My heart was thumping wildly, threatening to break out of the rib cage. "No." I sat back on the bed, my breaths coming out in pant. I wrapped the duvet around my body, also using it to clean the blood off my face. I could still feel the metallic taste of blood, his blood. I knew it would only take a few seconds before they found out.No, he would kill me.My eyes watered and I stared down at my hands and up at the room, the ground painted with blood. I did not let her out. No! She forced her way through!I started sobbing when I heard hurried footsteps in the hallway, just before the door burst open forcefully. I expected to see the guards or maybe somebody else, but Damien stood at the open door, his eyes burning with anger. He looked like he was about to explode in rage.About three guards stepped into the room, their faces mirroring shock, but when their eyes landed on me, rage and despair flashed in them.Damien
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Chapter 15
"Shit!" Noah cussed, moving away from the table. "We need to do something.""I know that Noah." This is so much trouble, fuck that stealer. "Gather enough men, this ain't gonna be easy." I dismissed the guard and continued pacing around the room."We can't fight them.""I know that Noah, but I'm confused here." Fighting them was stupid, we killed their alpha. They have the full right to take revenge."Hey." I looked up at Noah when he walked closer to me. "I have an idea.""And what is that?""Hand the stealer over to them, it's a win-win on both sides. You get rid of her, the pack is safe and they take revenge on the person who killed their alpha." "What?" That definitely doesn't sound good to me, I still have a lot to do with her. They aren't the only ones who lost somebody because of her, she killed a lot of people. I can't just let her go. "There's no way I'm doing that." I deadpanned, letting him sense the seriousness in my voice."Huh?" He scoffed. "What the hell has gone wrong
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Chapter 16
"You can't get her." I deadpanned, ready to turn around to leave the place."Then it results in war." The alpha son replied, an angry look on his face."Do you really want to go into war with the Bloodbath pack?" Noah asked, hissing menacingly. Just like I did, he knew they wouldn't be able to defeat us. They were no match for us and going into war means digging their own grave.The beta and son stared at each other, obviously mind linking. I could tell they were considering their actions. "What's your response, compensation or war?" Noah asked impatiently. I felt a little bit relieved that he agreed to not releasing the stealer to them."We have a very large plot of land at Santiago de Querétaro in Mexico, at the north side of the city. You could probably turn it into a farmland if you want." That was all we could give to them, besides their alpha also killed a lot of alpha's and abducted the entire pack members in an effort to make his pack larger."What else?" The beta asked, lookin
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Chapter 17
"What?" Linda was taken aback and moved swiftly away from me. "What do you mean?" The look of shock and disbelief was evident on her face."Yes I mean it Linda. Kill me. Just end it please." I knew perfectly well what I was saying. I'm just a problem to a lot of people, my curse has done a bad number on innocent people. What's the point staying alive? Besides, nobody likes me, not even my mate."Are you-" She stopped and scoffed, looking at me disbelievingly. "No way, I can't do that." She shook repeatedly, rolling her eyes."Come on, please. That's the only way I can end this chaos." I clasped my palm together, trying to convince her."Bella, this is insane!" A frown morphed on her face and she moved away from me, standing up from the floor."Insane?! You know what's more insane? Being tortured by my own mate, who pretends he doesn't fill the mating pull and would watch while I'm sexually humiliated! He's the one who's insane, your alpha's insane!" Anger fueled in me, if she wasn't he
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Chapter 18
"Hey stealer, get up!" My body jolted awake when a foot landed painfully on my arm. I winced at the pain that coursed through my arm before getting up from the ground. An older woman stood above me, her face morphed into an annoyed frown. There were two guards beside her, their faces clouded with hate."Who are you?" My eyes narrowed as I looked at her."Such disrespectful bitch." She hissed loudly and glared at me. "Keep all questions to yourself and get up like I said."Her voice was loud but not enough to make me succumb to her orders. "Like I asked also, who are you?" I was going to make sure everyone here gets the note that I'm not weak.She hissed and turned to guards. "Drag her along, I don't have time for this." She ordered and stormed out of the basement.The guards came to me like she ordered and grabbed my hands roughly, pulling me from the ground. "Hey, let me go." I snarled but they did not even budge. They dragged me up the stairs, not caring as my feet hit against the st
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Chapter 19
I closed my eyes and let out repeated short breaths, trying to make the pain go away. My hands trembled as I stood up from the ground, planting my gaze on the floor. Why would he do that?"Out!" The maids scurried out of the kitchen at his single command.Fear coursed through me when it was just the both of us in the kitchen. "What the hell were you trying to do?" He barked with so much venom in his voice.I couldn't answer, there was absolutely nothing to see. How could I tell him I was blinded by rage so I attacked. That's a big no, he wouldn't even believe me. "Bella." He scoffed and moved closer to me, leaning down his placed his lips close to my ears. "If you ever try to hurt any member of my pack Bella, I would kill you in the worst ways ever." His voice came out as a whisper, then he moved away from me."You can just kill me now." Anger coursed through me, I was tired of being treated like nothing but a piece of trash, he should just kill me since my existence is nothing but th
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