The Surrogate Mother

The Surrogate Mother

By:  Lauretta  Completed
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Chapter 47-49 have some glitch so please skip those chapters Read at your own risk, It's FICTION*Have you ever been in a situation where it feels like the world is against you, that's the life of Aubrey Shawl, struggling to make end's meet and survive through the hardship of life. A 22 year old Aubrey with a dead father and a runaway mother, she takes up the responsibility of her younger sister June Shawl. Working as a waitress at Billie's placeWhat happens when she gets fired from work and getting home to meet an eviction notice and finding out her sister needs a kidney transplant all in the same dayWhat more does Aubrey have to go through to survive?Chris White, A successful doctor who works in the same hospital June is admitted, he is cold but humble when he wants to be. Loosing his wife to cancer three years ago has shaped him to who he is now, earning the famous title 'Doctor Ice', still grieving over the death of his wife. He meets Aubrey and offers her a life changing experience that comes with a huge priceWill Aubrey be able to go through with it?Will Chris be able to get over the death of his wife?Find out in THE SURROGATE MOTHER

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87 Chapters
Chapter 1
I walked as fast as my legs could take me , looking at my worn out watch for the time.Oh goodness Mr Billiemo would be so madI walked into the restaurant i am waitressing at and saw Mr Billiemo pacing around angrily"I'm really sorry sir, my younger sister fell ill and i had to run to the store to get drugs for her" i said while shivering "Save it for someone that care's Aubrey you're fired" he turns and leftI stood there for what seemed like eternity i am fired, my only hope of living and i just got firedI looked over searching for Mr Billiemo and i saw him, i ran over to him "Please sir,I'm really sorry please don't fire me i beg of you" i pleaded with him with tears running down my cheeks He looks at me with disgust " see Aubrey i  was only using you till i got a better waitress and now that i have one you can't work here anymore " I knelt down pleading and begging him
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Chapter 2
The next day i had my bath and changed my clothes, I couldn't hide my puffy eyes or even the eye-bags i woke up with, but all that didn't matter, i wore the best clothes *it shouldn't even be considered as someone's clothing * but it's the only thing i have to wear. I packed my hair into a ponytail and took my phone . I didn't have money for a cab or bus so i just walked down to the hospital*We
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Chapter 3
I walked into my room I dropped my phone on the bed and sat down i was worried about raising money for my sister and i also have to worry about a kidney that matches with her isn't this life unfair I stood up and tried to see if there was anything i could eat but there was none, i sighed and checked my purse but there was nothing there. I had no money to even eat, I went to my tiny kitchen and drank water to fill my stomach, i walked back to the bed. I picked my phone and tried to call that number again but it was unreachable .I dropped my phone and tried to sleep, but sleep wasn't coming through how would sleep come through, i have so many things on my mind and I can't do anything about it, only money can solve itI stayed up all night without sleeping and the next morning i woke up more determined to get a job and at least save my sister's life.I got up and wore an old dress that my mom had bought for me before she left, packed my hair into a po
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Chapter 4
I Looked at him as though he was sick, i started to laugh while he remained i expressionless,"wait you're joking right, you do know what surrogacy is right?" I asked him and he still remained expressionless "I know very well what surrogacy means and i want you to be my surrogate "I want a child and i want you to carry it for me, for whatever amount you want" he says as though we were talking about a toy, i look at him in the eye and saw that he was serious  "Why did you choose me?,you have to be joking right" i say and he pulls out a card from his suit "Here take this, when you are ready for serious business you can call me" he says and handed me the cardI collected it from him and saw as he pulls out wad of cash from his wallet and placed it on my bed "Take this, i could hear your stomach rumbling from miles away so i know you haven't eaten in days, get something to eat" he attempted to le
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Chapter 5
I got back home and looked for the card i was given by Doctor White and i saw it, shakily I dialed the number, i heard his thick voice over the phone "Hello" i took a deep breathe"Hello Doctor White, this is Aubrey" i say and i could feel him smile over the phone "Are you ready" he asks me and i replied him"Yes i am" i tell him "Alright, meet me at Culla's Cafe" he says and hung upI looked at me phone and sighed well it's now or never I walked out of my house and took a cab to the cafe, i got there and tried to locate him but when I didn't see him i took a sit and waited for himA waiter comes to meet me and asked if i wanted something but i said no, Ten minutes had passed and he hasn't gotten here yetMaybe he has changed his mind i sighed and looked down at the table. I heard a tap on the table and i looked up to see who it was and it was the almighty Doctor White, he sits opposite me and looks at me.
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Chapter 6
A few moments passed and my sister was wheeled out from the room into the hallway, They stopped at my front and i kissed her forehead "i love you Ju" I whispered and watched as they left, tears clouded my vision as i watched my sister being wheeled into the surgery theatre. I sat at the hallway praying and hoping everything turns out perfectlyI don't know how long i sat there for, being anxious and hopeful. My palms began to sweat so much, i had no control over it *This couple of days i have come to realize that whenever i was anxious or nervous my palms tend to sweat a lot. I sighed and walked towards the restroom, i washed my hands and went back to sit at the hallway, i wiped the sweat that was beginning to form on my forehead and i brough
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Chapter 7
"Good evening Doctor " i greeted him and sat down"Good evening Aubrey" he says and smiles at me "your sister is still under observation, but there is absolutely no need to worry, we would continue to observe her reactions throughout the night alright " he tells me"Thank you very much Doctor, I'll be on my way now" i say and stand up to leave, i walked out of the hospital. I went back to my favorite park and sat down, the last time i came here i had no means of paying my sister's surgery and now that i am here, i signed a contract to be someone's surrogate and my sister's surgery has been paid, the surgery was successful. I wiped the tears that had began to fall down my cheeks This was actually tears of joy, these past few days has been horrible, I didn't even know how to get out of the loads of problems i was facing but here i am. I sighed and watched as the parents began to take their kids home as it was getting dark, I don't know how long i sat down th
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Chapter 8
I walked into June's room and saw exactly why it was a private room, it was so much bigger than the other rooms, very very nice. I walked over to June's bed side and held my hand still smiling *funny right* it's not as though she's awake, so why am i smiling? I don't know myself. I gently stroked her hair "JuJu it's Bre, I'm sorry I haven't been able to come here to see you till now, the doctor said I couldn't see you till today but just so you know. I kept my promise and i was waiting outside all through your surgery, the doctor says the surgery was successful and all that's needed is for you to wake up, so Ju please wake up. I want to hear your voice and also see you smile and i know that you want to see me too so i will be here patiently waiting for you"I kissed her forehead and took a sit on the chair beside her bed*would Mr obnoxious allow June to stay in his home as well, well he would he knows she is your sister and would obvi
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Chapter 9
I smiled internally and got into the car, he gets in beside me and starts driving "do i have to remind you to use your seatbelt?" He asked,still looking ahead and drivingI rolled my eyes at his annoying attitude and used my seatbelt "I saw that, and maybe you shouldn't do that again you won't like what would happen if you do" he says in a deep threatening voice and i shrunk in my sit*i told you this man had eyes behind his ear*He parked at the same block and looked at me, i rolled my eyes internally and unbuckled the seat belt, groaning internally i got out of the car and watched as he sped off*stupid Mr Obnoxious * I started to walk towards the hospital, i got to the hospital and walked straight to June's room, I opened the door and saw her awake and watching a television show"Hey Sweetie " i say and she turns to look at me"Bre Bre, i missed you" she says and i smile at her"I missed you to sweetie" i
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Chapter 10
I walked into the mansion, standing awkwardly at the entrance, the lady looks at me "come in miss" She says, still smiling at me and i walked in fully to the house*I was busy admiring the outdoor, inside the house was magnificent and so much more beautiful, definitely more beautiful than the outside *Okay this man has really good taste, everything in here was exquisite "Sorry, please where is my room?!" I asked her and she gestures for me to follow her, we walk upstairs to the hallway *Rich people really do live rich*She opens a door "This is your room ma'am, please call me if you need anything " she says and i nod"Thank you" I entered the room and closed the door *didn't i tell you this is a castle, my room looked like it was meant for a princess, never in my 22years of living have i ever though i would be somewhere like this*I dropped my bag on the bed and checked Around the room, I couldn't sit on the bed for fear
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