Love is Strange

Love is Strange

By:  nyxx  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ethan is a huge music fan. Because the lyrics express their emotions or experiences. Music was his comfort, his refuge, and his dearest companion. As a result, his desire to be an artist began. He desired to perform on stage as well as on the street. Just to let the world know about his musical talent and passion. Lily left his home because of his stepfather. She has only one dream, and that is to finish her studies. But how can she complete her studies if she doesn't have enough money? She finds it tough to consume three meals a day. Fortunately, she met a friend named Claire and recruited her as a production assistant in a huge corporation. But there's a catch. She must be married to the CEO's son in order to be admitted into their company.

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34 Chapters
I just sighed when I saw the contents of my wallet. That's it for this week. Salary is still far away, I have to save. I got into the jeep that stopped in front of me. I sat at the end so I could get off easily and handed over the payment.After a few minutes, I went down. I opened the gate of the apartment building where I lived after I left the house. I started climbing the stairs because the building doesn't have an elevator. even if it is four stories and has a rooftop. My unit is on the second floor, so it's not a hassle for me to walk up the stairs.I was already in front of my unit and was getting the key from my bag when someone grabbed my shoulder."Blind!"I immediately looked at it and saw Wella. The niece of the landlady, who is Injang, and my friend, is"It's very appley," I said and continued looking for the key."Are you late today mare?" he ignored what I said.Seeing the key, I opened the door and entered. I also turned on the light. Then Wella followed and closed the
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Boss M
I'm in the unit, and I'm already dressed. I sat on my small sofa to think of something to do. And then I remembered that I don't have anything to eat here.So I took my wallet to go grocery shopping for the week. When I got down to the ground floor, I saw that Injang.He was in the reception area. sitting while watching a TV series. When he felt me, he turned to me."Oh Iris, is it your morning?""Brother Mark sent me home early today." "You know, it's only once in a while to be serious and kind," I said, laughing."I really like that man. The next time I scold him, I tell him that he is married so that he doesn't always have a hot head. ""Oh, I don't have any plans to get married. I'm too busy with work. Maybe I'll get married at that ramen house. "which Injang laughed at again. "What a pity for his father if that's what he's planning.""I'm sure." He's fine. I'll go first, "I said goodbye.""Why, where are you going? You should just rest.""Well, my fridge is empty. That's why I t
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"Lily, close after ten minutes," said boss M."Okay man," I answered.I laughed when I saw him wince. It's really stupid. So there is no joy.I continued to work until we closed. I went to the staff room to tidy up and get my things.When I left, I went to boss M's office again to say goodbye. I knocked three more times before opening the door.I didn't go in because I just wanted to say goodbye."I'm leaving," I said."Alright be careful," he answered while focusing on the computer screen. He was still looking down while scrolling the mouse."Hey, I don't love you, don't worry."Because of what I said, he immediately looked at me and glared at me."Go home.""Alright man. Just shoot it. When you wake up tomorrow it won't be there," I said laughing and closed the door.When I came out, I saw Cali waiting for me. We will go home together today because they want to sleep over. Then I also want to tell Cali what happened in my studies.We took a jeep and in a few hours we were at the opp
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It's crazy."Okay sir, thanks for calling," I said and hung up on him.I know that's rude. But he's annoying. Repetitive and pointless talk.Or maybe it's just a joke. We have encountered such customers several times. You order a lot and it turns out to be a scam.Sometimes those 'vloggers' turn to prank fast foods into the content.Honestly, it's not funny at all. Poor people even if they say it's just a prank. Because, aside from pranking them, they are also used for money and fame.I just went back to the counter to take orders again. There are many customers because it's lunch break. They are poor Dayan if there are only two of them taking orders."Good afternoon, Sir. May I take your-"What I was going to say hung in the air because the telephone rang again.I smiled at the customer. "Just a minute, Sir.""Moshi-""Oh, why did you call me? I was still saying something, eh? That's rude. But anyway-"I cut him off as well."Hello again, sir. If you don't intend to order, then pleas
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I saw he was on a voting website. Your StarLand voting site. Who will you vote for final 7.Twelve are your choices to vote for. And of those twelve, only seven can debut in the new HBLE boy group.To be honest, I don't know much about StarLand. Because it's not our prod that handles it. But those others know something, or maybe I'm just not really interested. Char.I still have a little idea of ​​what will happen in StarLand. Each voter has 250 chances everyday to vote in their final seven.Anne quickly pressed the "vote" button. Then I looked at the name of the person he was voting for, Ethan Aczeqiel De Dios.Then he moved and I saw that he was voting for Jay Wakin Legazpi.I left behind him to move in front of him. I was about to pull the chair when he spoke."Sorry, someone will be sitting there later," he said while his cellphone was still ringing."I'm sorry too, but it's bad to use a cell phone in front of food," I said back and he looked up at me.He immediately hid his cellp
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First I put Sir Ethan's things inside. Then I thanked my brother again."Sir-" I couldn't finish what I was going to say because of what I saw.Ethan unbuttons his polo shirt.I turned away from him and closed my eyes. Shame!"Here are the g-used ones," I stammered! Obviously affected by what was seen."Already used?""Use what my brother took. It's your stuff," I said and then slightly pushed the suitcase forward while still turning my back to him.I felt him step closer to me. I stuck my body to the door."Ah, thank you," he said behind me.I held my breath because I felt that he was very close to me. Even though I pushed the suitcase away from me. So that he won't get too close to me.But it sucks.Why do I feel like there are only 5 baby steps between us?!"S-alright, get ready. So we can leave for HBLE. You only have seven minutes to get ready.""I've been with you for a while but I don't know why I'm with you," he said behind me."Ah," I still laugh to reduce the nervousness I f
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Then we laughed again. The other customers were already looking at our table because of our noise.Our departure arrived at six o'clock in the afternoon. I stood up and said goodbye and that I was just going to pee for a while. I also brought my bag to fix it.When I got to the restroom, I immediately did what I had to do. Then I washed my hands. I also retouched slightly. Because I will be home later.When I came out of the restroom, I was stunned by what I saw next to our table.Ethan with his back to me and Riki!Why are they here? Are they going to do something live? Why did they get out?I looked at the counter to see who was with them who might be HBLE staff. But I didn't see anything.They are both holding their phones. It looks like they are waiting for an order.How do I get there? They can't see me! But why can't they see me?I also do not know!"Lily!" Cali called me and sent me to our table.Even the one at the other table looked at me. I immediately entered the restroom a
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"Let's start right now, guys. By 4 pm, the obtained measurements will be delivered."My colleagues took action. As for me, I looked around to find Ethan.I approached a staff member to ask."Uh, is it Ethan?"The staff looked at me."It hasn't come yet," he answered."Miss Iris is in the recording studio. Room 4 in the individual room," said Uno who was drinking water near us."Thank you."I went to Sir Markus to say goodbye that I was going to see Ethan. They agreed.This floor is big. Because their practice room is here. There were four and now there are seven individual rooms. Then the recording studio is also here. Three recordings for everyone. There are five individual rooms.The editing prod is also on this floor. So it's really big.When I saw the room Uno was talking about, I entered immediately."And it's fine if we're only pretendingThree months is all we gotTry not to fall in love..."That's what opened my eyes when I entered. He was inside the recording area itself. He
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I was backstage with the other staff. I'm fixing Ethan's hair. And they will perform next.Then they made a circle of seven and prayed. We watched them like that."NO! NO! DIONYSUS!""Good luck boys!""Good luck!""Fighting!"Then they were called for. I followed their backs as they moved away.Until Ethan caught my eye, before he finally got on stage.Backstage there is a big TV so we can see what is happening outside.It got dark outside. And when the light came on, the center of the camera was on Ethan.* * *Their performance is over. Next up is Ethan's solo.It was just the two of us in the dressing room. I was waiting for her to finish dressing.I'm just sitting on the couch and looking at tweets. Performance feedbacks earlier.I smiled when I read that Ethan's outfit was beautiful. Of course! I stayed up for that award show.I refreshed to read more feedbacks.But instead of tweets from fans, it was Sekyel's tweet that opened my eyes. That tweet was 45 seconds ago and has five
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Since the award show is still tomorrow, I thought of doing a half day at work today. I'm going to a ramen house.I miss Wella and Cali again. As well as the cute, cute Phoebe. I have fixed what needs to be fixed for tomorrow.So now, I'm going to say goodbye to Miss Stacey that I'll only be there for half a day.As usual, I knocked first before entering. Miss Stacey immediately greeted me with a smile.She was wearing her eyeglasses and her hair was in a high ponytail.I walked closer to his table."Good afternoon," I greeted."Oh Iris, why?""Uh, I'm just going to say goodbye for half a day today.""Okay sure. I already checked your outputs. And you need, we all need beauty rest! Because we will be busy tomorrow morning! So yeah, you can all go home," then he smiled at her."Alright, thank you and take a beauty rest."In the taxi to the ramen house, I texted Wella.Me:well bc kb?He immediately replied.Wella:Nde poMe:ramen house tauWella:Are you free?Me:free by CaliWella:G
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