Lucifer's Angel

Lucifer's Angel

By:  Snowmonn  Completed
Language: English
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Angela Santos, an innocent but independent woman has been waiting for her childhood bestfriend and first love Carlo ever since he moved away to study abroad. Angela believes that someday, her first love will come back. Until Lucifer Moden came, the first love of her best friend. Being extremely arrogant and hurting the feelings of Angela's bestfriend, Lucifer received a powerful punch from Angela that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

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319 chapters
It was a peaceful night. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. A silver beam of moonlight walked toward the windows of the mansion, revealing a huge number of servants busy clamoring with each other. It was an old country mansion that had been extended over centuries. It now had six sides around a central quadrangle and over seven hundred rooms. The walls were white stones that glistened in the moon and the roof was dark grey slate. It was as big as twenty of the ordinary houses of the town. The mansion was high upon the hill over-looking the town, its many pointed towers gave it the look of an eccentric crown. ‘Young master Lucifer will arrive at exactly 8:00 pm’ the voice coming from the intercom echoed through the whole mansion. “What?” asked the maid who’s busy chitchatting about her boyfriend with another maid. “Young master Lucifer is coming home tonight!” said the other one. “The Evil Prince is coming back?!” “Could you just stop blabbering
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Lucy's POVI just stayed inside my room from the time we arrived in our house.I don’t know why I got upset with Angela. Maybe because she hurt my Lucifer, but at the back of my mind I know that it’s not just that. Maybe I got a little jelly because of the attention that Lucifer gave her. When Angela called his name, he turned around and even stared at her. He never stared so endearingly at anyone before!Is it because he finds Angela beautiful?No way! Hubby doesn’t like girls wearing cheap clothes! Well, I’m not saying that best friend is cheap but…***“Mr. Pablo, can we drop by Lucifer’s house before going to school?” I told the driver.“Sure, Miss Lucy.”I thin
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Angela’s POV“Best friend, I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday..” Lucy said to me in a very apologizing tone while we are heading towards the school garden.The three of us decided to have our lunch at the school’s garden.“You don’t have to apologize Lucy. It’s not your fault.” I replied.“I’m the one who asked you to apologize to Lucifer that’s why you almost got hurt.. Rafael got hurt because of me too.. I’m really sorry…”Rafael walked towards her and patted her head. “You’re such a crybaby Lucy Chasung. It’s not your fault so don’t blame yourself. It’s none of us’ fault. That evil Lucifer is just an asshole”As we arrive at the school g
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Lucy’s POV“Can we take a photo together?” a student asked me when I brought the food that he ordered.It’s the first day of our punishment and unluckily, Raffy and I were assigned to be in the kitchen.I was in-charged of serving the foods that the students will order since I can’t afford to be in the kitchen. I might end up burning the whole school if I ever tried to cook.I thought serving the foods would be a lot easier but It’s so tiring to always put a smile on my face especially whenever the students ask me to take a photo with them.“So, how’s the first day of being a school waitress?” Rafael teasingly asked me when I put the tray back on the counter.I just rolled my eyes at him and the bastard just laughed.Read more
Angela’s POV“Hey Angel! Look! There’s a shooting star!!” said a young boy to his best friend who is sitting next to him on a bench while gazing up the night sky.The girl looked up, astounded by the beauty of the starry night sky. “Come, make a wish angel!” said the boy then closed his eyes.But the girl didn’t get what he meant. She’s just staring at her best friend with perplexed look on her face.When the young boy finally opened his eyes, he noticed the girl who’s just gazing at him. “What are you doing? Why didn’t you make a wish?”The girl tilted her head sidewards. “Make a wish?”“Yes, my dad said that if you wish upon a shooting star, it will come true.” Said the boy while fixi
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Angela’s POVAs soon as I entered the library, I saw Lucifer sitting promptly on the chair next to the one where I usually sit. He’s reading another book and the whole library room is in a mess. Some books were scattered on the floor, crumpled papers, and even plastic bottles are all around the room.I glanced at Lucifer again. He’s still reading his book.Is he the one who made this mess?“Good morning Lucifer. You seem to get here too early hehehe…. Go ahead and just read there while I’m cleaning the little mess in this library..”I think I’ll be in a tough battle right now. You can do it, Angela! I put my bag down on my chair and start picking up the books from the floor. I just noticed that all of the scattered books were all about crimes and merciless kil
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Angela’s POV“Can we eat together at the school garden again later during lunch break?” asked Lucy as we enter the school gate.“Sure” I replied.“That’s alright with me too. I’ll cook some Italian pasta at the cafeteria for us to eat.” said Rafael.“That’s good! Shall we part ways now?” Lucy initiated while looking at me.“Yes, I’ll go up now.” I said then waved goodbye to the both of them.“See you later Best Friend!”As soon as the elevator dinged, I took a step inside it when Rafael suddenly called me. “Don’t let yourself be near that coward.”I just smiled at him and nod. “See you later, Rafael.&r
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Angela’s POI prepared a wide smile on my face as I enter the library. I came here late so I’m expecting that Lucifer would be here ahead of me but I didn’t see any trace of him inside except the usual messy-look of the library.He’s not here yet? Hmm..Is it possible that he doesn’t want to see me anymore because of what happened the other day?I roamed around the library and saw a black cellular phone on the floor under one of the tables. If I’m not mistaken, it’s Lucifer’s phone. But, why did he leave it here? Did he forget to take it with him?“Hey, little demon.”I suddenly heard a hoarse voice of a man behind me so I quickly turned around to face him but as soon as I did, he placed a handkerchief on my nose. I smell
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Angela's POV"Goodmorning Lucifer!  Are you feeling better now? I've been looking for you yesterday but they told me that you already left." I said as soon as Lucifer entered the library. I made sure to come here early so that I could clean the mess immediately. Lucifer sank down on the couch and stared at his phone.  It feels so good seeing him like this again. I'm so glad that he's fine now. "Angelaaaaaaaaaaa!!!­!"  I suddenly saw Miss Courtney entered the library. She hurriedly ran towards me and started scanning my whole body. "Uh... Good Morning, Miss Courtney?" "Oh my fucking gosh, Angela! I'm so glad you're still alive, sw
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Angela's POVAfter the elevator incident happened, I think Lucifer became more kind to me. He doesn’t shout at me anymore and he gives me responses whenever I talk to him. I think he became more friendly to me …It made a loud sound as Lucifer threw a dense book at me which hit my forehead. “Ouch…”

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