It Started With A Kiss

It Started With A Kiss

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In a daring game she never expected, Larissa Justice finds herself compelled to kiss the twentieth male she sees at school. Little did she know that this challenge would lead her straight into the arms of the one person she'd secretly admired for years. But as thrilling as it may sound, locking lips with the most enigmatic and callous guy in school comes with its own set of consequences. Terrified of the consequences of her actions, Larissa tried to hide her identity from him, hoping to avoid his wrath. It seemed like a foolproof plan until fate intervened when they were paired together for a crucial assignment. And just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, her math teacher appointed him as her personal tutor. Zayne Verlice, the youngest son of a wealthy family, thought he had closed off his heart forever. But when a mysterious girl unexpectedly kisses him and vanishes, his curiosity is ignited. Little does he know, this enigmatic beauty is none other than his first love, the one who shattered his world years ago. Determined to win her back, Zayne embarks on a quest to make her his own and once for all. Can he win her heart, or will their past consume them both?

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Shonda Shonda
Before I start to read how often do the author update?
2024-02-24 08:26:12
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I love Zayne's brutal honesty the most.
2024-01-10 19:55:42
default avatar
i can't wait for more updates
2023-12-11 03:28:50
103 Chapters
My heart thrummed violently, my fast breath reaching my ears as I walked through the hallway, my hands sweaty and trembling along with my body. My eyes searched for people, one after another, hoping, counting, and internally crying. My heart raced faster with every number closer I got to my demise. I should never have agreed to join, but it wasn't something I could back down from.Since we were kids, we have always played a game. Whenever a new semester began, we took turns establishing rules. Like in the previous semester, everyone came to school dressed like a flamingo—courtesy of my request—and the semester before that, we resumed school with a pogo stick and dressed in flamboyant and absolutely crazy boho clothes. Every new semester came with something either more or less exciting, but this was the most outrageous ever asked. The twentieth male you see in the hallway should be kissed, regardless of whether it's a teacher or a janitor.The rules weren't adjustable. We made it so no
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Chapter 1. Operation avoid
I peeped into the hallway, searching around for a sign of him. I had been doing that for a week since school began, successfully avoiding him the previous week. I was determined to avoid him for the rest of the semester until I graduated. I was certain he didn't see my face, but I couldn't be too careful. Everyone already knew me as a weirdo so seeing me going "ninja" wasn't surprising. If anything, they would stare at me amusedly and shake their heads. Aside from sneaking about, I became very jumpy and easily scared, like he would pop out of nowhere. It started the following day when I saw his older twin brother looking at me strangely. I knew it was because of how I was walking sideways, but still. Okay, his older quint brother since the remaining three don't school here. I heard the two eldest were in college, they were that smart. Zayne had always been intelligent as well, almost like the eldest male, but he always preferred to stay back with his brother and not fast forward his t
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Chapter 2. Stuck with him
Keep your hood over your head, eyes down, never speak a word and you can get out of this alive.My breathing was not even, my trembling hands were on my laps. He was sitting right next to me. How did it happen? I don't know. I was on my own, preparing to sleep through the class when he walked in, straight towards me. He was just a seat away, but we were close enough to hear each other. I hoped he wasn't a shifter or a vampire, or he would hear my heart fighting to die on me.Five more minutes…"Okay, class, that's it for today," yes! Early finish! "We'll be starting off with an assignment. Two of you would pair up and work on a given topic together, and submit by the end of next week. You will be given topics from the last two semesters. The report would be reread in class and retaught, to refresh each and every one of your memories…""Oh, come on, Mr. Ayton, do we have to!""Yes, because I say so," I rolled my eyes. "Justice," he called harshly, making me furrow my brows in confusion
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Chapter 3. Not a piece of cake
I groaned as I pressed my face into Neo's pillow, letting out very small whimpers. After the shocking news, I went back to sneak more and avoided him like a plague, but how long would I hide? How long would I stay away from him? I couldn't get out of it no matter how much I begged Mr. Stone to have mercy.«««Flashback»»»I followed Mr. Stone to his car, clinging to his arm like my life depended on it, which is true because it did. If I didn't find a way to get out of the tutoring lesson, I was doomed. An assignment was enough, no more. It was no longer a fight for him never to recognize me as the crazy kisser, but this was a matter of my heart. I knew myself a lot… No, it was common knowledge. He starts teaching me, we become friends, I fall in love with him and he never reciprocates, leaving me heartbroken for the rest of my life, maybe. I didn't want to take that chance, I didn't want to be part of those whose first love never worked out. I didn't want to have to suffer emotionally,
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Chapter 4. He knows!
"Ow," I cried, "what was that for?!""What was that for? I'm trying to flick some sense into you. As much as I hate this, I will not be a selfish brother and tell you to turn your back on this golden opportunity. Larissa, this is your chance to get him to fall for you, for real. Aren't you tired of this?" He pointed his fingers at my wall of Zayne's photographs. "Do you want to keep loving the pictures when you can love him in person? Yes, you will fall for him if you get close, but he might too. You can never know until you try—""That's risky—""No, your obsession over him is. Once you get this over and done with, you can either get him to love you, or get your heart broken and get him out of your system for good. I know you, if you don't do this, you will regret this for the rest of your life. Risa, just try and see. And I know your other worry would be what if he falls and later gets tired of you like Dad's wife did to him? What if he cheats on you? What if he blah blah," he said,
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Chapter 5: unpredictable
Zayne's viewpointIt's always the same routine and pattern. Wake up, hygiene, eat, help Mom, kiss sisters, talk to siblings, school, back, eat, work, study, and sleep. Every other regular nonsense came within. It was always the same. Nothing exciting, nothing ever new. Exciting things only happened when my older quint sisters were around or in a blue-moon situation. For example, when Zyaire got his girlfriend pregnant and welcomed a baby. That was a blue moon excitement, then back to my regular boring life.Nothing was ever exciting to me. Every day came and went, everybody did their own thing. I was loved and cared for, but alone. Serenity, my best friend, was always away on this tour or the other, in this drama or a shoot. Zyaire was focusing on his acting, baby, and writing career. He was the only one who stuck around because of his girlfriend and baby and average grade.Maybe I should have gone to college with Savvy and Zach, but I never felt like being with them. Zachary is alway
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Chapter 6: Trouble
Zayne's viewpoint The frightened skip of my heart, the first in three months. I caught her before she landed on the hard ground. Although death was impossible from such a distance, injury was not. "Whoo! You did it, brother!" She shrieked, throwing her hands wildly, and smacking my face with no care. "That was like a crazy trust suicide… Aaaah!" She screamed as her body went down to the ground. Her actions were unnecessary and chaotic to my years of practice-hardened heart. I do not need anyone to evoke any slight reaction than the given. "Walk," With that order, I spun on my heels, heading back to my car as calmly as possible. I was not. "Well, that was rude," I heard one of her friends say, not sure who, but the guy found comfort in laughing. Zyaire still stood by my car, waiting while the others went to his. He raised a questioning brow at me. "I'm not leaving her behind," I said, glancing back at her. She wasn't there. Zyaire shrugged, pushed himself off the door of my car, an
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Chapter 7: harsh coldness
Larissa's viewpointThis life is just so unfair. Some people are just blessed, too blessed. While some lived comfortably, some did not. While some struggled for two square meals, some could go a day without food because they didn't have one. And some, they were just wealthy and could buy whatever they wished for. An example of a rich person is Zayne's family. He was born with a diamond spoon and he was already making money while I didn't even have a job. His family house was huge, so freaking huge!I couldn't hide my awestruck expression. I walked with my mouth wide open, my eyes almost popping out of their sockets. Everything in the house fascinated me, everything was worth wowing over. I loved the house and would do anything to marry the floor. But, the floor was probably more expensive than any item in my house.Zayne, on the other hand, was playing it cool. He had to, it was the house he grew up in anyway. The first thing he did when he stepped into the house was carry whining Rih
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Chapter 8: you're not going anywhere
Larissa's viewpoint "Risa, wait up!" Wow, that was fast. I didn't stop walking though, I kept walking towards the gate. My anger was long gone. One thing about me is that no matter how angry I am, the moment I spill it all out via words, it disappears. He caught up to me, snatching my wrist a little bit, not gently. I yanked my hand away, or at least tried to. "Can you calm down for a moment? What about the assignment?" "Since you're so smart and intelligent, do it yourself, oh mighty god of knowledge," I mocked, still twisting my wrist in his grasp to break free. "I didn't mean to offend you," I was not expecting him to concede that quickly. I expected him to reflect on my words all night and then apologize the following day or two, or never. It proved he was the nice person I knew him for, the kind boy who helped the total stranger back then and still doesn't remember her by the way. To think of it, all the times I'd been with him so far, he wasn't that harsh. Maybe something el
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Chapter 9: Dye Princess
Zayne's viewpoint"Urgh, Zyaire, get your disgusting body off me! You smell!" Savvy's shouting distracted me from my thoughts. I removed my pen from my lips, turning and frowning at my sister. Zyaire lay on top of Savia who was flattened to the ground, with no way to escape. Jewels sat between Zach's legs, playing a game with his phone while he braided her hair. She was wearing his shirt tied to fit her body and Serenity's blue skirt from years ago. I still don't know why they are here… Oh, if at least two of them don't come with me, Mom would never let me out on my own.Mothers."You guys, you are supposed to be helping me with ideas, or at least allow me to think," I whined, focusing my pleading eyes on Zachary. He raised his eyes from Jewels' head, finding mine instantly. I batted my lashes cutely and pleadingly. He rolled his eyes and sighed."Zyaire, you have five seconds to get off Savvy if you still want to keep your balls. If you inconvenience her further, you
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