The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)

The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)

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Language: English
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Mykayla believed she was a normal human even if she lived in a world with supernatural beings. After moving to a new state and city for a fresh start with her younger sister she is into the supernatural world even more than before. After her new boss turns out to be her mate she finds she is the target of a revenge plot. However, what she doesn't know is that a much higher power is going to help her pack protect their luna. Soon family secrets are revealed and she finds out that she and her sister are the daughters of a god. Soon the pack has goddesses assisting to protect and the beta of the pack happens to be the mate of one of the goddesses. New allies join the pack and even more secrets and powers are revealed. While this alpha thought that he found his mate in an ordinary human woman, never did he in his wildest dreams know what surprises his mate had for him.

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183 Chapters
One: New Town & New Job
One: New Town & New JobMykaylaThe girls were excited about moving to a new town. Honestly, I am excited too. Our lives are finally beginning to return to normal. Well, not normal, but a new normal for the three of us. The last two years have been a rollercoaster of emotions and obstacles. Now it is just the three of us in this town in Washington State. We moved here one month ago from Nevada after my parent's death, leaving my younger sister, who is eight years old, and me. I have also brought along my younger cousin, who is also eight years old, and my sister's best friend. She also lost her parents, kind of. I am sitting at an outside table in a cafe when I feel as if I am being studied by someone. I can feel the heavy weight of someone staring at me. I casually look around as if I am people-watching when I see him. He is standing on the corner across the street, waiting to cross. I look back at my phone to see a notification. It is an email regarding my new job. I st
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Two: Revelations
Two: RevelationsMykaylaOH, FUCKING HELL!! That is what is going through my head right now. The freaking gorgeous guy I saw yesterday is my fucking boss. I am beginning to think the world hates me. How in the hell am I supposed to get any work done around him? Being that close to him for the last four hours was amazing but torturous at the same time. Dustin, at least now I had a name to go with that fucking sexy face and body. Shit, what am I thinking? I shouldn’t be thinking like this about my boss. Being this close and smelling his amazing scent made my body tingle in ways that it hasn't before. I hadn’t thought about dating other men since before my parents died. Damn, he smells amazing, I thought. He smells like a fresh ocean breeze with a hint of an evergreen tree. Ok, I have to pull myself together if this is going to work. He is my boss and besides he’s too gorgeous for me anyway. I am sure I am too young for him, being that I just turned 20 two months ago. I put
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Three: Feelings
Three: FeelingsMykaylaWell, I somehow made it through my first week of work. It did get better after the first day, but it was still hard to focus at times with Dustin so close. I swear, sometimes I felt he was flirting with me, but I was determined to keep it as professional as possible between the two of us. Besides, why would he flirt with me? I know I am too young for him. When he walked in, I was organizing some papers on his desk for tomorrow's video conference call with some overseas investors. I hadn’t even realized he had come to stand behind me. I was so focused on my task. “Hey it’s time for lunch,” Dustin says huskily in my ear.I jump between the voice in my ear and his large hand on my right hip. I was not expecting either. I turn around, look at him over my left shoulder, and try to give him my best glare. He just gives me one of his sexy smiles, and I have to turn away before I do something stupid like kissing him. “Sorry I didn’t hear you come back. I wa
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Four: Feelings Part 2
Four: Feeling Part 2MykaylaI can feel his hand slide up my bare thigh and just under the hem of my dress. I can’t believe this is happening to him. HE’S MY FUCKING BOSS. I feel his other hand come up behind my neck and stop when it is on the back of my head. I feel his lips on my neck again, and I can’t stop a moan from escaping. OH GOD, THAT WAS LOUD, is all I can think. I know I need to stop this, but his touch drives me insane. I am sure that when I get up to leave this car, I will leave a puddle in the seat from all my wetness. “Dustin please….” I moan. I am not sure what I am asking of him. All I hear is a deep husky growl when I say his name. The next thing I became aware of was his lips on mine; I couldn’t help but slide my hands up his chest and wrap them around his neck. He kisses me fiercely and is in total control. I feel him pick me up, and then he has me straddling his lap. His hand is moving steadily up my thigh, and I moan into the kiss. He takes this
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Five: Fire
Five: FireMykaylaAfter I got out of the car, I walked around the corner and leaned against the wall. I stay there for a few minutes to compose myself before I keep walking to the apartment. I unlock the door to find all three of them sitting on the floor, deep into playing monopoly. I wonder how they talked Shelly into that. I refuse to play that game. It always causes a fight among families. “Who’s winning?” I ask as all three of them jump.“Oh hey Mykayla, honestly I am not sure,” Shelly admits. I laugh and walk into my room to change. I pull on a pair of pyjama pants and a tank top. I look at myself in the mirror. I have thankfully been able to cover my tattoos. I have my belly button pierced. Thank god I wear a lightly padded bra, or my nipple rings would have been on full display in the car today. OH GOD, THE CAR RIDES!!! My mind was still screaming with everything that had happened. I composed myself again and went to the kitchen to fix the girl's dinner. I aske
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Six: Aftermath
Six: AftermathMykaylaI slowly wake up and turn over in bed. All I can think is that the bed smells like Dustin. I start to drift back to sleep, but the bolt is awake. I realize I am not in my room, and this is not my bed. I have no idea where I am. Then it all comes back: THE FIRE! All the visions from the night before come flooding back. I pull my knees to my chest, and I can feel the fear and anxiety returning. A small sob escapes, and that’s when I hear a voice. Suddenly, I feel the sparks shooting up my arm, and I turn to see Dustin standing in just a pair of pyjama pants. His fingers are laced through mine. I am very confused and can’t decide whether to cry or laugh. That’s when I remember.“Oh my god, Bree and Araya, where are they? I have to find them now.” I say as the panic starts to rise. I start to jump from the office bed to run to find them, but Dustin grabs me and wraps me in his arms. I instantly start to calm down, and then I realize that I feel comfo
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Seven: Mate
Seven: MateMykaylaI somehow managed to keep my distance from Dustin all day. I was telling the truth when I told his mom I was already looking for a new place for the three of us. I didn’t expect his cousin to tell us that we could stay there within the pack’s borders. I knew it would be the best place for the girls, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to control my feelings. I have to keep this professional between us and push my feelings aside. The girls are my main focus. My happiness and personal life are not important now. I already knew where I stood with him after this morning when he walked out of the room without saying anything to me. Lani and Natalya took the girls and me shopping for clothes and necessities. Thank god for my inheritance, or we would be so screwed right now. I also went and got a new phone. I had left my computer at work, so thankfully, that was not lost in the fire. I was sitting on a lounge chair on the balcony outside of Dustin’s room when a glass
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Eight: Morning
Eight: MorningMykaylaAs I wake up, I realize I am very comfortable and feel safe for the first time in years. I try to stretch but realize I have a heavy arm draped over my waist and a hand resting just under my breast. I freeze, and then the memories start flooding in from last night. I HAVE FUCKED UP BAD! I SLEPT WITH MY BOSS AND TOLD HIM I WAS IN LOVE WITH HIM! My brain was screaming. Now not only was I going to have to look for a new place to live but also a new job. It’s my own fault. I feel a hard wall of muscle begin to move behind me, and the hand moves up, encasing my breast in his large hand. My breast is given a gentle squeeze while I feel him kissing my neck. I involuntarily let out a soft moan. I can’t help it; his touch feels so good. “Good morning, beautiful.” He tells me his voice is still raw from sleeping.“Good morning,” I said shakily.He rolls me onto my back and leans upon his shoulder to look at me. I can’t look at him. I feel very embarrassed t
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Nine: Spy
Nine: SpyUnknown I have been watching the pack now for two years. I thought about taking back what should be mine earlier, but I also know the Silver Moon Pack is the largest and strongest pack in the pacific northwest. I know that they have absorbed two other smaller packs into them over the last five years since Alpha Dustin took over. They have no idea that I have been watching them and planning to take the pack back. It was stolen from my family when it was still under Alpha Dustin’s father’s leadership. I have been slowly building up my followers to help me, and I have established a small loyal pack-like following. I have my own beta and gamma. I am still trying to locate previous members of what were my pack, but most of them have stayed loyal to their new alphas. I was sitting outside at a restaurant when I saw Alpha Dustin, Beta Kaleb, and his Gamma Nate. I watched them carefully when I noticed the alpha staring intently at something. I swung my gaze to where he was
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Ten: Settled In
Ten: Settled InDustinIt has been two months since the three of them moved here, and things have been great. Bree and Araya are starting school tomorrow. I know Mykayla was worried at first since the school is technically on the pack’s land. She worried because they might be the only humans there, but I assured her that was not the case. While on the pack’s land, the school is a mix of humans and werewolves. The faculty is both humans that know about werewolves and werewolves. I know it put her mind at ease to know this. She was sitting at her computer when I snuck my up under her shirt and started massaging her soft breasts. She tried to squirm out of my hold, but all I could do was laugh. “This is a first; usually, you push them into my hands more,” I say, laughing.“I am trying to finish some work, mister grabby hands.” She retorts irritatedly. I continue laughing and retract my hands from under her shirt. She finished what she was typing and stood up to face me. I sta
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