The enemies around me.

The enemies around me.

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Laila belongs to the Crescent pack, the second largest pack in the world. As she dreads the thought of finding a mate from her town, she soon becomes horrified as Goddess has paired her with none other than sexy Alpha Grayson, the most feared wolf known and the Alpha of rival pack, Dark Moon. As Laila battles inner turmoil, enemies lurk closer than she thinks. Can she accept her Goddess given mate and reunite the packs, ultimately saving them all?

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38 chapters
"Back the fuck up", I said as strongly as I could possibly make my voice sound. My mind was conflicted and swirling with lust, desire, and guilt. The thought of betraying my pack weighed heavily on my conscience, but there was no denying the elecrtic pull I felt between us,or the warmth spreading between my legs as I stared into his scorching eyes."Is that any way to address your Alpha?", Grayson said as he stalked closer towards me. His eyes a whirpool of Emerald and black. "You're not my Aplha!" I cried. As I went to turn away a huge hand grabbed me by my wrist. "DON'T TOUCH ME" I shrieked.Grayson cupped his hand between my legs, a hot pang of desire hit my core. "Your words tell me one thing, but your body betrays you. Your pussy wouldn't be this wet ifyou truly wanted me to leave, now look at me". I struggled to avoid his searing gaze, but obediently my eyes tur
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Chapter 1
I woke up to the smell of fresh pancakes.On any normal day the delicious scent of my mother's cooking would have me leaping out of bed, today is not one of those normal days. As I heard my mothers humming coming closer to my room I rolled back over and pretended to be asleep. "Laila, honey. It's time to get up! I brought you pancakes to eat in bed but since you're still asleep I think I'll eat them myself".I groaned as I turned to look at my sweet mothers beaming face, her honey coloured hair was brushed back into a perfect bun and she had a smear of flour accross her pink cheek. As I raised an eyebrow at her, she gave me no time to respond before she pulled me from the bed and marched me towards the kitchen."What happened to breakfast in bed?" I whined as she continued to march me down the stairs."That was just a ploy to get you up, now hurry up and eat your breakfast. Your Father and brothers have already left for training". <
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Chapter 2
Marnie lived a few streets away from me. Her home was modest and clean but full of warmth. Marnie was an only child and her parents were both hard workers, but somehow always had time for their girl. They had always made me feel welcome over the years, going so far as to call me their second child. The house was empty which wasn't unusual so we strolled down the hall to Marnies bedroom, I confessed that I was aware of the BBQ my mum had planned. While she looked slightly disappointed in losing the element of surprise, she also noticeably relaxed as she explained how we would save getting all dolled up for later on tonight. I think the real source of her relaxation is seeing that I am ok with celebrating tonight, I can tell she would be crushed if I was ungrateful or not interested in going. After a quick shower Marnie pulled out an overnight bag and in it was a black and white striped t-shirt dress and my favorite pair of converse for me to wear. I was reli
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Chapter 3
"Holy jalapenos", I gasped as I took in the reflection that was staring back at me. My hair had been curled loosely, creating waves that went past my waist. The gold sequined dress I was wearing stopped mid-thigh and it caressed each curve perfectly, it's neckline came down low enough to give a taste of what I had hidden below and was paired with sky-high heels that showed off my toned legs. I could hardly recognize myself as my face had been made to perfection, my bright caramel eyes held a seductive look as they were adorned with gold and nude shades, my plump lips looked rich and inviting."Ok seriously, I know you are a werewolf but now I'm thinking you're also part witch!" I laughed as I appreciated all of Marnie's hard work."Well, I'm glad you like it, besides I only enhanced your features. The beauty is all you baby", she winked as she wiggled to the bathroom to finish readying herself. Marnie wore a short black dress that had beautifully detailed lace for slee
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Chapter 4
As I watched the bodies that had been crowded around me part to create a walkway, I stood breathless as the most beautiful man I had ever seen walked straight towards me. He had to be the most enormous man I had ever seen, at a guess I would say he's 6'5. His muscular frame had a warm, sun-kissed glow, and peeping out from his black t-shirt was some form of tribal tattoo that went up to his right bicep and disappeared underneath. I wanted to tear off his shirt and follow where the tattoo lead, tracing every line delicately as I investigated his body further. As my eyes wandered upwards I let out a quiet gasp as I was staring into a pair of the most brilliant emerald green eyes I had ever seen. They shined so brightly, I felt like I could never be lost in the dark so long as I had those eyes next to me. His gaze set me alight, though I was in a crowded nightclub and had just been dancing, I knew the heat radiating from my body was purely from him. I had never felt such a sudden desir
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Chapter 5
- Authors note: This chapter will be from Grayson's point of view. I'm not sure if I will make different points of view a regular occurrence but I felt this chapter would add to the story as you will read his reaction to finding Laila.   Something was coming, I could feel it. My wolf, Kai, had been restless all day and as the sun began to set I could feel his anticipation growing. "What is it?" I asked, my inner voice demanding answers, "Is it the Crescent pack? I will not lose any more of my men". Since the death of my father, we have been on the brink of war with our ancient rival pack. I have reason to believe they are behind my father's death and the deaths of multiple members of the Dark Moon pack. My blood boiled at the memory of finding my fathers cold, lifeless corpse. A single silver bullet shot directly into his heart. Though I had never been close to my father, a cold, distant man, I had great respect for hi
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Chapter 6
- Authors note: Sorry it's me again. I just wanted to say thank you for choosing to read my novel, as you can already tell I am just an amateur writer, but I am passionate about reading and love the idea of bringing my own stories to life, so thank you so much for supporting me and I apologize for any grammar mistakes, I know they can be annoying! xx -Laila's POV  As we walked out of the bathroom I could feel the guard eyeing me with curiosity, though his eyes didn't linger. My palms were sweaty and I was starting to form a migraine as I sat back down in the couch area. My nerves were slightly calmed as I could feel no sense of animosity coming from the huge man. If they were planning some sort of attack on me surely I would have felt something in the air? Though, I knew nearly nothing about these people and wasn't sure how to read them. Shortly after returning from the bathroom, Alpha Grayson appeared once again, h
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Chapter 7
Stunned. That was the only word I could use to describe my current state. I had just revealed to Alpha Grayson that I was the daughter of his greatest enemy, and yet he refused to let me go. I got out of the car in silence and waited for Marnie to pull up beside me. As I hopped into her car, she could tell I wanted to be left alone. I felt bad as I knew she would have a thousand questions and concerns, but I couldn't handle that right now. I was about to say goodbye to everyone I loved, say goodbye to the only town I've ever known and leave all that is familiar behind. As we pulled into the packhouse driveway I only now realized what time it was, it was 1:30 am. A surge of guilt flooded my already uneasy stomach, not only would I have to say goodbye to my family, but I also had to wake them up and keep them from any other sleep they may have gotten tonight as I knew they would lie awake, fear and anxiety keeping any peaceful thoughts of
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Chapter 8
Marnie drove in silence as she took me back to where Alpha Grayson was waiting for me. I had never seen her so quiet, it was as if a ghost was sitting beside me and not my best friend. As we came closer to the border Marnie pulled over, I could see the Alpha's car ahead, his headlights on as if to lead me through the dark. Marnie turned to look at me, her face was stained with mascara from her tears. She looked completely defeated as she pulled me into a tight embrace."Laila, I am so sorry", she whispered into my neck."I know". I held on to my friend, I sent her waves of pure love. I hoped she would understand that this wasn't her fault, she couldn't be blamed for what my destiny had in store for me.As I pulled away from our embrace I could feel a tingle in my chest, it was as if I was being beckoned toward the Alpha, our mate bond growing as it could sense we're close to one another. I stepped out of the car and into the headlights glow, taking
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Chapter 9
I woke up to find something warm draped across me, was it a cat? Wait, I didn't have a cat... As I slowly began to pull my senses from their comfortable slumber everything hit me at once, his scent, the unfamiliar room and everything that had happened in the past 48 hours came back to me. I slowly pulled myself away from the Alpha's sleeping body, I turned to look at him once I was safely out of the bed. He looked beautiful, the gentle sunlight that was creeping its way around the blinds gave his face a slight glow, he looked so at peace as I watched his chest rise and fall softly. His chocolate brown hair was tousled and a light stubble was starting to form on his chin. My eyes were drawn to the tattoo that went across his arm to his chest, it was half-hidden underneath his tank top and I yearned to trace my fingers along the patterns, to commit each detail to memory. I yanked myself from my own thoughts, careful not to wake up Amara, she would only encourage me to pursue my desire
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