Dirty Pleasures

Dirty Pleasures

By:  Kate Granada  Ongoing
Language: English
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They all said, sex sells. Yes, it's true, especially for Val. He's a guy willing to meet any woman to share a bed with him. He's a sex addict and he called it his dirty pleasures. Mature Content!

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12 chapters
DP: My Maid
"Oh, fuck, don't stop, sir!" Ara cries in pleasure as Val digs inside her cunt with his huge hardness. Val POVI came home late from my business trip when I saw Ara, the youngest maid in my mansion sweeping off the dust on the floor. Her huge butt made me feel hard as she wiggles it in front of me. "Gotcha!" she screams as I cupped and squeezed her big butt. "Holy shit! Sir, what are you doing?" She asked me when she almost jumps with my sudden arrival and foolish act. I'm in need now and it's her fault to tease me this early morning. I lean closer placing my hands inside her blouse and slowly massage her huge breast and I bet she loves it too because it's hard at the center."I'll wait for you upstairs in five minutes" I whispered in her ears and lick her face. I heard Ara slows her breathing like she couldn't control her body to
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DP: My Secretary
Val was in his office and he felt exhausted from today's meeting. He closed his eyes for a moment to loosen up. A minute later, his door swung open, and Megan, his secretary appeared. She was gorgeous as always. Val's eyes sparks when he saw the red blouse that matched her curvaceous body paired with a high waist skirt to emphasize her long-legged legs. "Good morning, sir!" She greeted him with her tease smile. Val straighten his back against his chair and loosened his necktie. He knew how Megan treated him like his sex God. " hmmm, do you like a massage?" She leaned down his neck and began licking his earlobes. Val felt quickly& aroused. He holds her arms and pressed them. " Sure. You know how much I miss you every morning!" He said and Megan started to caress his shoulders. He closed his eyes to feel the sensation she wanted to deliver for him. She's very good at pleasing
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DP: Granny inside the Elevator
It's nine in the evening and Val was still inside his office. He chose to stay late because of the papers he needed to comply with for his new project. While he's too focus on his paper works, he felt a stung inside his stomach. Just then he realized that his last meal was during lunchtime. He's starving. He stood up from his chair and decided to come down to their company restaurant. He's in the mood to come down from the 50th floor to the ground floor. It feels creepy to walked alone and went inside the elevator. He presses the opening code and came in. The door is about to close when an old woman steps in too. Val gulped his saliva and calm himself to have an old woman with him. He felt aroused to think about fucking an older woman here inside the elevator. He's not familiar with this old lady but she had still a spice on her body. Maybe her age range between the 50s to 60s when you see the wrinkles on her face. His eyes
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DP: The Virgin Stranger(Part 1)
Val PoV"How much can you take Austin?" I asked her again. A friend of mine took her to my office to make a deal. " I heard your sister is in a coma and she needs medical assistance, right?" I said while studying her every curve. She was standing in front of me and she's not bad to be fuck in bed. "Yes, Eric said you can help me so I am here but I don't know what will I do to make money from you, sir" she talks like a shy girl and it makes me more excited. Her lips are too small and cute. She can't be good at sucking my hard thing but I can teach her later. "I see. Don't worry it's an easy task." I smirk. "How young are you?" I asked her while my eyes were busy staring at her big tits. "I'm sixteen, Sir " my eyes widened in surprise. Eric didn't tell me that she was only sixteen. I thought she's the same age as my maid, Ara. "So young and pure" I mumbled while playing the pen with my lips. I stood up from my desk and walked towards her. I lift her face to see her beautiful
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DP: The Virgin Stranger (Part2)
"Fuck, you're so sweet and pure baby!" Val mumbled after a passionate kiss with Austin. He stops and gazed at her sensitive part. It wasn't visible since she's still wearing her clothes. He bit his lower lip while his eyes wandered all over her body. What if I ask her for a wine? I'm sure she will get wild once she got drunk. A smirk came on my face. I love doing new things with my new girl. She's still waiting for my command."Hmmm, should this pussy of yours can wait?" I said while I slid my hands inside her dress until I found her pussy. It's wet."Ah, I think the answer is no!" I said while rubbing her clit with my fingers.I'm not touching it barely since her undies are still there. I check her face to see what she feels like and I bet she's loving it too. She's blushing and began to cry out with her soft moan. I continued what I'm doing until I slid my fingers inside her undies. We're still in our position when we started. I was sittin
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DP: The Virgin Stranger(Part3)
Austin felt awesome with the food I ordered. She almost ate half of the orders and I'm glad that she's enjoying it. I felt proud of myself for how I manage to tame this young girl with my billion-dollar money today. For me, I wanted this not to end but to think that I haven't got what I want. She made me felt hard again."Here drink this," I said and offer her the red wine.  I wanted this moment to be perfect. I want her drunk as I took her virginity above this metal table. I want to hear her screams in ecstasy and begs for my hardness inside her. That's what I desire with her. "I don't drink alcohol, sir. I'm too young for that." She disobeys me. My eyes glared at her. I slammed the wine glass on the table and she gasps in fear for what I did. "Remember, you're paid! You better obey my orders or you will stay here 'til morning! Got it!" My growling voice echoed inside the room. She quickly
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DP: My Hot New Neighbor (part1)
I'm not in the mood to deal with this new neighbor of mine until that one Sunday morning. "Fuck Laura, I'm almost there!" I said grasping her hair while pounding her deep hole with all my force.I just fuck a young girl a while ago when Laura teased me with her graceful hips and dirty little lips. She's facing her naked body on my mattress digging her nails on it as I thrust my hardness inside her over and over again. I'm only wearing my upper dress. "It's your fault, you tease me!" I told her while my cock is busy filling her sweet wet pussy."I'm sorry sir. I thought you're tired and you will finish after your one orgasm! We hit four rounds and you're still fucking me!" Her voice seems to beg me to stop. I flip her over to face me. I spread her legs as far as she can endure and forcibly smash my hardness inside her again. Her juice almost fills her thighs dripping on her legs. I could feel the tension of our skin and body
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DP: My New hot Neighbor(part2)
"Okay, I'll wait outside. See you in a minute!" It's her husband's voice answering her. Finally, we heard footsteps going downstairs. Ruth thought I'll let her go after my first orgasms but when I released it inside her little pussy, I quickly pushed her head down to taste my hard thing. Her eyes widen when I clasp her hair and shove her face on the tip of my penis. A little drop of my cum was still there so she licks it and played first with her tongue. I had no idea that this woman can do a perfect blowjob. "Fuck, so good!" I moan when she glid my shaft into her mouth. She pushed her length deeper nearly balls where she almost chokes up. She let out a small cough but manage to slid it again on her mouth. I can feel the heavy sensation shaping inside as her mouth went up and down in my hardness. I close my eyes and bit my lower lip while enjoying this kind of fantasy. As the drops of water keep streaming on my body, the he
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DP: My first threesome
My head throbs from yesterday. My body wanted to stay for a rest but my hard thing down there froze inside my boxer. He's wanting more and I can't control it. I squeeze my eyes and open them. Two of my servants greeted me and it was Ara and Eden. The two young sexy girls came closer while biting their lips with a tease on their faces. "Good morning, ladies. What can I do for you?" I asked them while resting my head under my hands. I am naked all over and as Ara reaches my sheets, she pulled them and drops them on the floor. "It's been weeks since we did this again, right Eden?" Ara shifted her eyes at her while climbing on top of me. My thing quickly did a standing ovation when her hands slowly massage it from its tip to bottom. "Wow, he's always energetic, master!" Ara was startled to its erection. I groan when she caresses it as salacious as the way I want to be touch. "Hmmm..." I slow
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DP: Lust at First Sight
The weekend is coming but Val had a hectic appointment with his company meetings and gatherings. He decided to get away from loaded CEO's tasks by leaving it all behind to his sexy secretary Megan. She pouted her lips when Val put the volume of folders on her desk. "Really? Are you going somewhere without me?" She looks irritated. He walked around her back and slightly put his hands on her shoulders. He pressed it and massage it slowly until Megan bent her neck upward while biting her lower lip at him. Val knows what she wanted but he just kisses her on the forehead. " Let's do it sometime okay?" Val told her and pinch her nose.  Megan giggled after hearing it. Val fixed his necktie while walking out of his office and ready to met Sally, a girl who will escort him to the airport. Sally Cooper, a professor at Adam University who begs for him to come just for a minute. She paid him for one fucking
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