Her Worst Nightmare

Her Worst Nightmare

By:  Almasie  Completed
Language: English
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I pulled my top down and brought his lips to my tight nipples and he sucked on them and gave them a soft bite that made me quiver and moan. He knew I liked it and immediately pulled my bottoms down. "Let's see how wet you are" he softly said. He stuck two fingers inside me and it made my whole body relax as he curled them in and pulled them out again, revealing two very sticky fingers. "You want more ?" I nodded and pushed his hand back inside of me as he pushed them in slowly and deeply inside me. Then he turned his hand over and it made me moan when he came down and began to suck on my clit and get me closer and closer to an orgasm. I pulled his head up and stroked his hair. He began to get harder and I got more and more anxious. "Please put it in me" I pleaded but he told me to be patient. I could do that and he didn't disappoint when he slowly stopped eating me out and jacked himself off in front of my opening. It was so hot as he fingered me deeper and harder I thought he was never going to put it in me when he flipped me over with my legs and fucked me hard and deep. I gasped when he entered me because of how veiny and ribbed his dick felt inside me. He pushed deep and kissed my back and neck as he clenched my nipple and twisted it making me moan. I was confused because I am in love with another shifter who loved me equally. My wolf recognizes him as my mate too. How can this be possible? How am I going to deal with this?

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67 chapters
Breathe. Breathe.No. Don't breathe. Don't breathe because they'll hear you. Not a sound now.Let your muscles curl, tense, wind around bone, pull you in to the tightest of balls. Be like marble. Like stone. An impenetrable castle. A fortress.Don't breathe. Don't make a sound. Be still as the dead.They're coming.Oh God! they're coming.There was a momentary break in the maddening beat.A brief, but beautiful few seconds of silence filled me with a buzzing elation, as the warmth crept into my stomach, almost like butterflies, their wings tickling as they fluttered, spinning and eddying. I relished the sensation as it spread outwards, igniting my body and quickly filling every part of me, each vein, each muscle, from my toes right to the very tips of my fingers. As I held my arms aloft, I was sure I could see it, this energy, this blissful heat, crackling like lightning under my skin.Wait for it, wait for it...And the
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'For fucks sake, Casey, I told you to go easy. Didn't I tell you to go easy?'Davey had been pacing the floor for twenty minutes already, punctuating his rant by throwing things, kicking stuff and generally shouting so loud that my already-pounding head felt like it might split into two.Not that I could blame him. He had warned me before we'd left the house, albeit in that very casual, nonchalant way of his.Go easy, leave some for the rest of us, yeah babe?In other words, go easy because he was worried there'd be none left for him, not necessarily because he was worried something might happen to me. But that was Davey's attitude towards everything. He worecasual like a coat. Practically had awards in it and everything.Not that he was acting casually now. I'd ruined his night. His big night. That one night he could never get back because his stupid junkie of a girlfriend had taken too much, flipped out like a complete nutter on the dance floor
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'Please don't worry,' I said, shooting him my most reassuring smile and doing my best to look completely genuine. 'I know I went too far the other night. I did too much. I knew it before I even went out I think. But you know what it was like. We were all so hyped up, all ready for a top night and when the gear's there on tap, sometimes you just lose your head and go a bit crazy with it. I shouldn't even have gone, but I didn't want to let Davey down. Turns out I did that anyway, like the fucking idiot I am, but honestly, I'm fine now. I'm alright, Ads.'God, if I ever needed a hit of something, I needed it then. I felt naked under his scrutiny, not literally, but the kind I hated. The kind that made feel like it had all been stripped away, all the bravado, all the fuck-everyone-and-everything show that kept it all at bay. A little something now would help. Just one line or one pill that I could wear like a fucking Wonder Woman cape, and then I'd do the twirl and look him in th
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'Mr. Turnbull will see you now.'Oscar's silverback of a security guy gestured at me to go in, like I was waiting to go into a job interview. I tugged at the hem of my dress as I stood up, feeling stupid dressed like this in the middle of the afternoon and definitelynot like I was dressed for an interview, unless of course the job involved swinging upside down from a pole in Oscar's club, wearing nothing but my knickers and a fake smile.It had been cold outside, my thin jacket barely doing anything to ward off the winter chill or the chill of my three-day comedown, but in Oscar's club, it was as if the heating had been cranked up to make-them-fucking-sweat level. I could already feel my dress sticking to my back.The staccato-beat of the crappy dance music was muffled in the small velvet-draped foyer where I'd been sitting. Through the other door, the girls were already parading the stage in a whirlwind of tassels, bare flesh and hairspray, while half a doz
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'You and I have known each other, for what? Over two years now? You come in here, looking knock-out, say the right things, give an old bastard like me a reason to smile. Davey asks you to do this, do that and you do as you're told, all because you know how hard he works, don't you? Because he does. That boy's a fucking grafter, best I've ever had on my patch, I can tell you. What's more, he knows how to run a fucking business. He's discreet and he knows how to make sure all his boys stay discreet. That's why he's successful. He gets up there and does his thing - not that I know fuck all about music, mind you - and he makes sure his boys sell my shit without causing so much as a ripple in the water.'He wet his lips with one sweep of his tongue.'So of course, you can understand why I would be very surprised to hear that Davey's girl would put all that at risk?'I couldn't breathe. I stared at Oscar, wide-eyed, and he just stared right back at me, unflinching, and I
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Oscar. Davey. The drugs .Oh, fuck, the drugs.Even then, with that creature behind us, I felt the pull. The stomach-churning, cataclysmic realisation that I was going to have to explain to Davey - and to Oscar - that I'd lost twenty grands worth of gear. My pace slowed, almost like it had back in the alley and I'd been stuck fast in the moving, shifting tide of air, only this time I was the one forcing the world into slow motion.The man tugged on my hand, glancing towards me with irritation.'Come on,' he urged.'Wait... my bag.' It was pathetic. Reckless. I knew it was even as the words left my mouth. Back there, thundering down the alley behind us was something terrible, something that clearly wanted to hurt me and yet I was still thinking about the bloody bag. About Davey banging Star. Seeing Oscar's hand on my thigh.'I have it,' the man replied. 'Now just keep fucking running.'He did have it. I saw it then, the black designer
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'O-Oscar?' I managed to stutter. 'You told Oscar?''Of course I did, babe. If someone's after the gear, he needs to know about it, eh?'Right. Of course. The drugs. Twenty grand in pills and thrills. Never mind the fact that someone had chased me through the streets and tried to kill me. Never mind the fact that my feet were screaming and there was blood all over the place. The drugs were what really mattered. They always mattered and I knew that more than anyone.'Great. Okay.' I sniffed, pulling out of his bear-hug and sidling past him out of the bathroom.In the bedroom, I threw off the towel and grabbed a longline t-shirt off the bed, slipping it on over my head. My hair was still wet from the shower and I used the same towel to dry the ends off, trying not to think about my stash of pills in the drawer of the dresser.The coke wasn't going to be enough. Not this time. I could feel it, even as it sent little sparks of heat firing up my veins. A shor
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The sunlight reflected off towers of glass and steel, the dazzling shards of light making me blink in the afternoon glare. It was a rare mild day in January, one of those beautiful ones where the skies were a clear blue over London and the sun held the worst of the winter chill at bay.I raised my hand to shield my eyes as I looked up at the great sparkling monolith where Claire worked, wondering, as I always did whenever I came here, what it must look like inside. I'd always imagined some high-tech state-of-the-art office, regurgitated from a high-budget sci-fi film, where the receptionist was a robot, coffee was beamed directly into your coffee cup and everything had a white, clinical feel like a laboratory.But I'd never been inside Claire's office. She'd never invited me, always choosing to meet outside in one of the trendy coffee shops or snooty wine bars she liked so much. I had a feeling she thought that my presence would taint her perfect workspace, that if I so much a
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It was hot on the Tube. Stifling. Suffocating.I grasped onto the support rail, my sticky hands preventing me from getting a firm grip as the carriage rocked back and forth through the tunnel. Removing one hand, I wiped my palm down my thigh, before gripping the pole again and doing the same with the other one, not that it seemed to make much difference. A body brushed against mine from behind and I tried to shift into what little gap there was to avoid contact, but it was futile. Passengers were packed into the carriage, bodies crammed so tightly together that personal space would have been nothing short of a miracle.My t-shirt was sticking to my back and I wished there was enough room to take off my jacket, but I had no chance unless a few people decided to get off at the next station. Inhaling deeply, I leant my forehead against the rail and clung to it the best I could, closing my eyes for a few seconds. The heat was starting to make me feel a little dizzy and nause
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'You are aware your sister's episode was most likely due to substance abuse?'There was a brief silence, punctuated by the steady beeping from close by. It was the beeping sound that I'd heard first, the insistent noise reaching out to me in the darkness and I'd followed the beeps up to the surface, like I was following a trail of breadcrumbs out of the deepest part of the forest.I knew what it was. I'd heard it before, after I'd OD'd the first time and Addi had panicked and brought me to the hospital. He'd taken me to A&E and left. Davey's orders . I'd woken up surrounded by strange faces with cold, unsympathetic eyes and that irritating beeping sound which haunted my sleep for days afterwards.'Yes. She's on a drug counselling program, she's dealing with it. At least trying to anyway. This is just a blip.'Not Claire. Not my sister. A man's voice.A man's voice that I recognised.I froze just under the surface, scared to open my eyes.'Well, Mr.
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