Between Hell and Heaven

Between Hell and Heaven

By:  dayyyyydreamerrr  Completed
Language: English
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What would a girl do when she will be stuck in a situation where she could either save her dignity or her family? Would she get trapped in the hell of her blackmailer or would she choose the heaven of her lover?

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    72 chapters
    Warning: The story contains little violence, abusive content, and self-harm scenes. Move ahead only if you are comfortable with that. And as nothing is perfect so this story also has its flaws. Follow my IG page (dayyyyydreamerrr) to stay updated about the story. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡A girl is sitting in front of a mirror adorned with the most beautiful dress and heavy jewelry, after all, it is the biggest day of her life.  From decoration to attire everything is exactly the way she dreamt of. Everyone is in awe looking at her beauty. There is not even a single thing that she isn't wearing that a typical bride should wear except one thing, SMILE. Her cheeks are shining due to makeup but they do not possess that natural glow. The world's best makeup is done on her eyes, to enchant the beauty of her big orbs but there is no shine in them. Her lips are coated in dark red
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    Chapter 1
    "Just beautiful" one of my attendees murmured taking a step back and taking in my appearance from head to toe. I stood up to look at my reflection in the mirror. Indeed I am looking beautiful, the most I ever had. And which girl wouldn't want to look the most beautiful on her wedding day? I spun around, making my gown go twirl and swirl accordingly. It felt like I am spreading sparkle everywhere I am moving, the same sparkles are shining in my eyes too. Smile is not ready to leave my lips and why it should? After all I am going to get hooked with the man of my dreams. "Ma'am, it is time" one of the attendees interrupted. "Ok" I am excited about my wedding and I want to marry him as soon as possible. They all walked behind me taking the tail of my gown in their hands. As I reached down my brother took my hand to escort me to the stage. I moved my eyelashes to have a prope
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    Chapter 2
    Elena's POV    I got tired of continuously dancing and swaying my hips on the music. My feet are paining due to the high heels and I am feeling a little dizzy due to the drink. I decided to take a break before I fall to the ground and kiss the floor once more.  Sliding through the crowd and pushing few people to make space I came out and sat on a chair to make my breathings even and bring my heart to its normal pace.  We managed to enter this place only because of my friend, Inaya's connection. She managed two tickets with the help of her boyfriend who works here. I can never afford a place like this in my life, at least till I am not getting a secured job that promises me to pay a good amount. I was scanning my surroundings when the hairs of my body stood up and I felt like someone is staring at me. I searched for the owner more intently this time, making my eyes busy in going through the people. Fe
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    Chapter 3
    Elena's POV It is been two weeks since that dreadful incident which stole my peaceful and carefree sleep for nights. His last words kept ringing in my ears and roaming in my mind. His hazel orbs went on haunting me for nights. I have never been traumatized by anyone in this way. I was always the one who picks up a fight and never lose it. Then why am I scared of him? He cannot do anything to me. It was just an empty threat as I haven't seen or heard anything from him after that day. And I pray that I never get to face him ever again. I have decided to take my life a little seriously and these days I was working on upgrading my CV. I have applied for many jobs and I am waiting for my CV to get shortlisted and a company to reach out to me. Yawning, I stretched my hands and legs. My body is aching as I am sitting in the same position for a long time with my laptop on top
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    Chapter 4
    Out of the world what he is doing at my house? He is the same man who asked me for a night and I slapped him when he crossed his limit. How did he reach here? So he is the one who has helped my brother? I don't think that he is so generous. There is 100 percent something fishy. His motive is something else!! There was a sinister smirk plastered on his devilish face while he was talking to my mother. He was not moving his eyes from me daring me to do the same. I moved my eyes away because I did not want my mother and brother to catch him gawking at me. He doesn't have shame but I have. I can't steep so low. Angelica pulled my top asking me to look up. I found him standing there with his hand extended towards me for a handshake. "Hello, Miss......" Why is he asking my name again? Doesn't he already know it? Raine signaled me to respond
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    Chapter 5
    Elena's POV I woke up with the chirping of birds. As I turned to my right the sun rays hit my face. I guess I forgot to shut the window last night. Sun rays were making it difficult for me to open my eyes at once. Groaning, I blinked twice and adjusted my eyes to the light. My stomach growled as I sat on the bed reminding me of last night's incident. It is because of that devil that I didn't eat enough last night. Most of the time his eyes were on me and I had a constant fear that he will pull a stunt anytime in front of my family. Strangely, I woke up so early. It is just 9:00 AM. Lazily I stood up and forced myself to the bathroom. After getting ready for the day, I stepped outside just to give Raine a shock. She was not expecting me in the kitchen so early. It is not her fault though! "Oh! My Ella is awake!" Mom chirped.  "I guess today it is going to rain" Raine passe
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    Chapter 6
    Xaphan's POV I stretched my hand to carefully pick up my mobile, unlocked it, and clicked on her picture. My eyes got busy taking in her every feature, her big shiny chocolaty brown eyes blessed with thick eyelashes, her plump lips with a tint of natural baby pink color, her chubby cheeks blessed with dimples whenever she smiles, the tip of her nose that is carrying all the innocence, and her elbow-length brown locks tied up into a ponytail. She isn't the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen nor she is of my type but this girl has a charm that pulled me towards her like a magnet. This is what happened to me that night in the club when my eyes first landed on her. She was swinging her hips and moving her head, catching every beat of the song, her eyes were closed and she was lost in her world, unaware of how many eyes were traveling and lusting over her. And among those two were mine. Her tiny figure is perfect to f
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    Chapter 7
    Neel's POV After I listened to my sister's story, I was boiling in anger, but Ella and Raine stopped me from taking any action in anger. They have asked me to talk to him with patience because they are worried about me as I am going unarmed and he could do anything to me. There is no doubt that he is a dangerous man. So, I have decided to talk to him with calmness as any wrong move could be proved harmful to my family. And I don't want him to hurt my family in any way. I have already committed the biggest mistake of my life by trusting that man and taking help from him. Now I can't afford any other mistake from my side which could take me and my family in another problem.     His office is situated in a deserted place which alone can make someone suspicious. The environment surrounding his office is giving nothing but creepy vibes. It is guarded by men that are wearing black suits and armed with guns. It felt like I am going to enter a
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    Chapter 8
    Elena's POV That day when Bhai returned he told us everything and we were a little taken aback by the term and conditions of the loan. How could that man steep so low? We all were stressed about how we would collect such a big amount within a week because bhai has already invested all the savings and borrowed money in his business and no one from us wanted to send Bhai behind the bars. We knew very well that when he has said to take strict steps against us, he would do that without thinking about anyone as he is a heartless person. After 2-3 days when we tried all our sources and got nothing, mom decided to sell the house because that was the only way out. I know very well how close our house was to my mumma's heart but she did it to save her children as it was her children's life that was at stake and she cannot see her children suffering while she lives peacefully at home. So she took such a big decisi
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    Chapter 9
    Elena's POVForgetting him and his threats I focused on searching for a job. I have passed these two days under a constant threat of him attacking my family and have taken a breath of relief at the end of the day when everyone is inside the house, safely. I have an interview today with a company and I really hope that this time everything goes well and I get this job. The kind of response I am getting from the companies after the interview is depressing. I am getting tired of giving interviews and sitting in the exams. But I won't leave hope in any case. The only thing I could do is hope for the best. "Miss Elena Roy" the girl who was announcing the name of the person who is next on the list for an interview, called my name. "Here" I stood up with a smile on my face and confidence in my voice. I stepped towards the interview room but before I could reach the door the same girl who announced my name stopped me.
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