Mr President, We Meet Again!

Mr President, We Meet Again!

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Lin Wen Xin is a beautiful woman, born with elegant and distinctive features. There are countless men chasing after her love, but she has never accepted any one of them. She will always remember the promise that her first love made to her in high school, “Wait for me, you will be the only girl that I will marry!” Six years later, she was forced to marry the cold and ruthless billionaire president of DT Holdings, Wang Shen Ze. “Since she wants to play with me, I will play with her till the end. I will make sure that she will heavily regret her decision to marry me for the rest of her life!”

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60 chapters
Chapter 1 - Six Years Later
In Country C, Cheng City.In the luxurious five star hotel suite, Lin Wen Xin fixes her earrings as she looked at herself in the full-length mirror. Tonight, she is wearing a designer’s champagne off-shoulder gown made of silk, that accentuates her perfect figure.Lin Wen Xin is a beautiful woman, born with elegant and distinctive features. There were countless of men chasing her, but she has never accepted any one of them. She would always remember the promise that her first love made to her in high school, “Wait for me, you will be the only girl that I will marry!”They promised to stay in contact when the boy had to leave the country to pursue his studies overseas. Lin Wen Xin had never forgotten the meticulous love and care that the boy had given to her. She vowed in her heart that she would only want to marry him.Many years have passed, she has since graduated from university and has just started her work as a fashion designer in h
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Chapter 2 - It Is Him?
“It’s time for both of you to meet! I will introduce you to him later!” Granny Wang said as she rubbed gently on Lin Wen Xin’s shoulder.“Thank you Granny Wang.” Although Lin Wen Xin was smiling respectfully at Granny Wang, only she knows that deep down in her heart, she is very reluctant to marry her grandson.To her, a rich and handsome man did not matter. All she wanted is to marry a man who would truly love her and treat her well.The opening ceremony of the auction is about to begin. Being the esteemed guests of Granny Wang, Lin Gao Hai and Lin Wen Xin naturally had the opportunity to sit in the front row, alongside with the Wang Family.As DT’s new president, Wang Shen Ze had the honour to make the opening speech. He is wearing a suave blue custom made suit from France. His hair is styled neatly and his shiny black leather tailored shoes were making the “click-clock” sounds on stage, entirely dom
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Chapter 3 - I Will Play With You!
Wang Shen Ze looked over and immediately recognised that it was the lady who had bumped into him earlier. As he examined her closely, he saw that she was carrying and wearing high-end branded goods from head to toe. Haute couture dress worth millions? Limited edition branded bag and high heels? Extraordinary fine and rare diamonds? Seems like she is just like any other girls who wants to marry me for my money and looks! What a coincidence! What I, Wang Shen Ze, hate the most are superficial and fake women like her, who naively believes that she would be able to lead a good life after getting married to me. So she wants to be my, Wang Shen Ze’s wife? Impossible! Wang Shen Ze shook his head and sneered coldly as he stared straight into her face.Since she wants to play with me, I will play with her till the end. I will make sure that she will heavily regret her decision to marry me for the rest of her life.Lin Wen Xin’s sixth sense told h
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Chapter 4 - Now Is Not The Right Time
“Dad... I’m sure he will treat me well. Don’t worry!”Lin Wen Xin knew that even though Lin Gao Hai had arranged this marriage for her, he also cared about her happiness and did not want her to feel wronged in any way.Lin Gao Hai knew about the story of her first love in high school. But for some reasons, Lin Wen Xin did not want to share with Lin Gao Hai tonight that the boy she loves, is actually Wang Shen Ze.She felt that somehow, it was not the right time to share this piece of news. Especially when she saw how Wang Shen Ze was indifferent to her earlier at the charity auction event.After a few moments of silence, Lin Wen Xin said, “Dad... there is something that I will share with you, but... now is not the right time to do so...”“Mmm it’s okay, Dad understands. Share with me when the time is right.” Lin Gao Hai gave Lin Wen Xin an assuring smile. Lin Wen
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Chapter 5 - How Has She Been?
“Speak!”Yi Fan quickly reported, “The girl’s identity has been found. But the investigator still needs some time to arrange for her to meet up with you.”“I will give him another two weeks! Nothing more than that!”“Yes, President Wang. I understand.” Yi Fan bowed slightly.“Leave!” Yi Fan received Wang Shen Ze’s order and left the office immediately. In the office, Wang Shen Ze stood in front of the large glass windows and stared at the view.Since his office building is the tallest in the capital, he seems to have everything under his grasp and could only look down at the people beneath his feet.He could make millions of dollars in every few hours. He has the power to make any company collapse within a night. But why is it that he could not even find his little girl?Where is she? How has she been?Has she bee
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Chapter 6 - Mysterious Attack
Lin Wen Xin was completely stunned and did not know how to react when she saw Wang Shen Ze’s cold expression.“Aunty Jia Li, no... we actually... met at the entrance...” Lin Wen Xin responded shyly.Wang Shen Ze walked to an empty seat, and simply ignored Lin Wen Xin’s response to Xu Jia Li. Lin Wen Xin then went on to greet the rest of the elders present and took the seat beside Lin Gao Hai. Tonight, the elders of the Wang Family are all present - Granny Wang, Wang Li Xun and Xu Jia Li. Wang Yi Ning was invited to join them, but was unable to make it due to the filming of her new drama. “Wen Xin, I have picked an auspicious date for the wedding. Take a look and let me know if it is okay?” Granny Wang smiled as she handed an envelope over to her.Lin Wen Xin reached out both of her hands and took the envelope from Granny Wang respectfully.She glanced at Lin Ga
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Chapter 7 - You Are Not Qualified
“I just called you...” Before Lin Wen Xin could complete her sentence, Wang Shen Ze went forward and swiftly grabbed both sides of her outerwear.He once again slammed her back against the wall in an aggressive manner.Wang Shen Ze then released his right hand on Lin Wen Xin’s outerwear and grabbed her chin in the next second. His bloodshot eyes stared straight into her eyes as he coldly spat out these words, “Don’t you dare to call me that again!”“You? Heh...” Wang Shen Ze sneered as he looked away for a second before looking straight into her eyes once again.He raised his eyebrows and looked down at her condescendingly.Wang Shen Ze enunciated each word with a cold and mocking tone, “You are not qualified!”He then threw his hands down and took out a handkerchief from the inside of his jacket, wiped his hands thoroughly and threw it away into
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Chapter 8 - Only Once In A Lifetime
Lin Wen Xin hurriedly alighted from the bus and walked towards the huge striking billboard.She was not the only one!The advertisement also managed to catch the attention of the working adults who were squeezing through the heavy human traffic.“Will you marry me?”, the man asked the woman in the screen.Of course they were not marrying for real!But there were two things that caught everyone’s attention - one was the popular actor and actress, and the other was the exquisite diamond ring!The advertisement ended with a catchphrase “Only Once In A Lifetime” by SX Jewellery.Lin Wen Xin eyes twitched a little when she saw the last five words.It is indeed every girl’s dream to be proposed to by the love of their life.What about her?Would he ever give her the proposal that she had dreamt of day and night?The proposal that she
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Chapter 9 - Who Is It?
As his personal secretary, Yi Fan is paid high enough to run Wang Shen Ze’s private errands as well.So he naturally knew about his president’s upcoming marriage and future wife.Yi Fan glanced at Lin Wen Xin who is currently at the counter purchasing the ring.“President Wang, do you want me to pay the bill for her with your card?”Wang Shen Ze hesitated for a short moment before replying Yi Fan.“No need, leave her alone. I want to see how long she can last!” Wang Shen Ze responded with a glint in his eyes....Lin Wen Xin and Xiao Yu Meng chatted happily as they walked to the mall’s basement carpark.They quickly spotted the well-polished white BMW sports car that is parked just beside the lift lobby.Xiao Yu Meng is currently an entrepreneur who is running her small marketing firm.Her parents have always been hoping for her to t
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Chapter 10 - The Interrogation
Lin Wen Xin raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Yu Zheng with a blank look.Xiao Yu Zheng immediately burst out laughing, “I’m just joking! I’ve already heard from Yu Meng that you are getting married soon. Congratulations.”“Thank you!” Lin Wen Xin closed her eyes for a second, and gave a smile of relieve.“I hope you will be happy, I really mean it.” Xiao Yu Zheng said it with a deep look.He then smiled and jokingly added, “And if that man doesn’t treat you well, come to me, I will help you deal with him!”Xiao Yu Zheng did not wait for her reply and opened his car door.He walked towards the front of the car and gave Lin Wen Xin a teasing wink, and then went on to open the car door for her.Lin Wen Xin couldn’t hold back her laughter as she sat in the car and looked at Xiao Yu Zheng’s foolish face.Even though Xi
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