Alpha Kian and His Captive Mate

Alpha Kian and His Captive Mate

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Book Trailer: Dear Readers, This book is dedicated to all who have experienced some kind of loss in their lives and have learned to live with it by overcoming it in one way or the other. The sequel to this book, "Alpha Kayden and His Hybrid Mate," will be available soon. _____~****~***~_____ Her mate thinks she is a human, and she lets him think so... The ruthless Alpha Kian from the Storm Moon Pack wipes out an enemy pack only to realize that the enemy pack Luna, Nyla, is his second chance mate. Nyla is torn between avenging her soulmate's death and falling for the heartless man. Things go awry when the Storm Moon Pack members go disappearing one by one every full moon night. When the alpha finds out Nyla's true identity and that she is the culprit for his pack's suffering, they both have to decide if they want to fight each other or give in to their mate bond. Will Nyla bring doom to Alpha Kian and his pack? Will the alpha lose it all, including his second chance mate?

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37 chapters
Prologue: My Mate
Please skip this and start from ~Alpha Kian~ if you are already familiar with Werewolf 101. This paragraph is for readers who are not well-versed in werewolf terminologies: Pack: A family of wolves bound by some common rules/laws and territories. Each pack has its leaders and other important members, such as the pack doctors, warriors, and elders on the council. Alpha: Leader of the pack who makes all important pack-related decisions, chooses other higher-ranking wolves to be his second and third line of command, etc. Moon Goddess: The goddess worshipped by the pack. The Moon Goddess chooses/blesses werewolves with mates. True mate/Soulmate: A partner of a wolf chosen by the Moon Goddess. They are like the other half of the soul. Mates have a certain smell, and their touch sends tingles. Second Chance Mate: A partner chosen by the Moon Goddess when the true mate is dead or rejected. Chosen Mate: A mate chosen by the wolf with no blessi
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Chapter 1 | Red Crescent Pack
Six Weeks Earlier ~Nyla~ I was the happiest person in the world. Life was treating me really well, and I got everything I wanted. At least that's what I thought. I was too naive at that point to know that life didn't give a hoot about our wants and dreams. What life offered to us was more like fish bait, only to entangle us into a deeper abyss of sorrow and pain. Was I in the mood for such deep thoughts and realizations? Hell no! I was in the la-la land. I was standing on the west balcony of the palace, overlooking the fiery skies and the lush, landscaped gardens. In less than a year, this place had become more home to me than where I spent most of my life. This was Wyatt's home, and now mine and our upcoming pup's.  Until I met Wyatt, I thought soulmates were a hoax made up by the elders to push young people into forced marriages. I wasn't a wolf or a human, but I still felt an intense connection to him because of the mate bond w
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Chapter 2 | Coronation Ceremony
~Nyla~ By 5 AM the next morning, every dressing room in the palace was cluttered with hair and makeup products. The Omegas were hustling around while Skylar and Maya fussed about spa soaks and wraps in flowers and seaweeds. Maya was like me, not a human or a werewolf. Wyatt found her the same day he found me and agreed to take her in when I asked him to. Having her around was like having a piece of my home with me. To the outsiders, she was a rude, violent woman who wouldn't waste a second snapping their heads off. Wyatt never liked her around me. But she was different with me, she loved me and put me before her own needs or safety. I would do the same for her. "Our soon-to-be Luna Queen will get a full body treatment." She said to the girls who were ready to pamper me. "No scented oils and all, please. I feel nauseous." I told them before closing my eyes.  Ever since I woke up, I have been feeling the jitters. Probably I wasn't ready for
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Chapter 3 | The Chaos
~Nyla~ Most of the guests were in the banquet hall already, and breakfast was being served as I walked into the bedroom with Skylar and Maya. The pack doctor was on her way.  My heart was hammering against my chest, thinking about Wyatt, dreading the words his mother was speaking. "You will be the first one to know if anything happens to him. If the worst happens, you will feel the bond break, and the pain that comes with it." All four of us paced the room anxiously. This was such a terrible time for the baby to come. Melanie, our pack doctor, told me only this Tuesday that I wasn't due at least until next week. My contractions were getting closer, and she was nowhere to be seen. "Do you think the pack hospital is busy treating our wounded? What's taking Mel so long?" Skylar asked her mother. "No idea what's going on. It's been a while, definitely not a false alarm." "Why can't they just keep their mind links open to let u
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Chapter 4 | The Murderer
~Nyla~ "Where are you going?" Maya asked the midwife in a surprised voice. She stammered, "I-I'm sorry but I have to g-go. I don't want to d-die today." She looked at me with a guilty face and continued, "Your baby is the heir to this kingdom and a potential threat. He will kill the baby the minute he gets here. Trust me when I say that today would have been the proudest day of my life, helping birth the future king, if things were different. But the kingdom has fallen and most people are either dead or taken prisoners. I hope you can forgive me."  Maya pulled out a dagger and stopped the midwife from leaving. I asked her to let her go. I told Maya to leave as well, run for her life while there was still time, and not worry about me. "I'll never leave your side, Nyla. I'll protect you until my last breath, even if death is inevitable for us both." The pain took over, and my eyes were soddened with sweat trickling from my forehead.
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Chapter 5 | Abducted
~Nyla~ "Don't fucking pull these stunts around me." The big bad alpha twisted my arm and seized my dagger. All I managed to do was scratch his wrist in the slightest. It was such a failed attempt that the minor break in his skin was already healing right in front of my eyes. I don't remember being this bad at close combat.  Frustrated by my weakness and the effect his proximity had on my heart and stupid legs, which were both trembling, I kneed him hard. *Slap!* I couldn't believe it! This asshole alpha just struck me hard. "What kind of man hits a defenseless woman?" I yelled in his face as he reached to snatch my baby away from me.  "Defenseless?" He placed the dagger near my throat as I was going to protest him touching my baby. "You just kneed me, woman!" I did not care about the pressure of the curved metal against my throat.  "No, please! Give her back. I haven't even named her yet. Please.
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Chapter 6 | Luna to Omega
~Nyla~ There was still daylight, but the sun was nowhere to be seen when I was jolted out of my sleep. The chopper had touched the ground already, and heavy rain with thunder rumbling and flashing lightning greeted us. The same woman who brought food to me earlier had come to wake me up. Everyone was already off the chopper except for two men with grumpy faces. The woman led the way while one man grabbed me by the arm and took me to the packhouse. We were walking towards what appeared to be a huge estate amidst a spectacular setting with at least 8000 acres. We passed through glorious gardens and an array of distinctive buildings. My mind wandered off to the stunning gardens at the palace where I loved to spend my mornings, eating scrumptious breakfast and listening to the birds sing.  How I took everything for granted because my man was the most powerful Alpha I knew. I thought no harm would ever come to any of us.  "The Alp
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Chapter 7 | Mine!
~Nyla~ "Will you shut the fuck up and sob somewhere in the hallways? Some of us have an early morning shift!" Sadie yelled at me the first night we shared the room. "Wake up, princess. Would you like some breakfast in your bed?" She threw the leftover water from her water bottle on my sleepy face when I felt tired and slept in.  I was counting down days to the next full moon. Life as a maid sucked, but I wouldn't have minded it so much if they told me where my baby was. My biggest complaint wasn't even the baby. It was the longing I felt for my nemesis. He never bothered me after strapping me to my seat in the chopper. It was as if he was avoiding me. I should be glad while perfecting my plan. What was I doing instead? I was thinking about him. My nights were mostly filled with tears, thinking about my little girl and wondering if she was okay. While my new mate successfully ignored me for days, something about him told me she was
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Chapter 8 | Mistress?
~Nyla~ My breath hitched, and I closed my eyes, not wanting to get affected by his proximity. Electricity surged through my body when I felt his wolf's rough tongue lick my neck. So he was mad about the finger marks left by that lusty man. My eyes remained shut, enjoying the feel of his fur against my thighs and the soothing way he ran his tongue over my skin. I thought I could feel him apologize to me for not coming to my rescue any earlier. He stopped suddenly when he realized I could sense his thoughts. If I was a human, I obviously shouldn't know what my mate was thinking. But I knew everything Wyatt was thinking when he touched me. My kind mostly lived in their own world and we didn't have this mate concept. Occasionally, the Moon Goddess blesses us with a mate. In my case, two mates. When we are chosen to spend our life as a werewolf's mate, we get to keep a moonstone that lets us remain in human form. I have to rejuvenate the pendant's
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Chapter 9 | Horny Monster
~Nyla~ "What do you want?" He almost snapped at me even before looking at me.  Seriously? Does he expect me to think that big black wolf was some stray? His wolf probably isn't an arrogant ass like him. Where the hell was he going? He put on a jacket and was now strapping a watch on. How could someone look so sinfully sexy?  He oozed such dominance in that perfectly tailored suit and a concrete jaw under a dark grainy stubble. No one should be allowed to look so hot! An earthy scent swirled around him as I moved closer. The mate bond was playing tricks on my mind again. My presence and scent should affect him, and being the human he thinks I am, I should be clueless. But here he was, standing with his back facing me, so indifferent while looking into the mirror and working up flawlessly coiffed hair. "I want my baby." "I told you she will live." "Why can't I have her? She's mine after all." "Didn't you
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