Alpha's Moonborn Mate

Alpha's Moonborn Mate

By:  Chantinglove138  Completed
Language: English
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'No matter if I am there with you or not, don't let anything get you. Just close your eyes, think about me, and persist. You are a female-wolf, Lisa, and a female can do anything if she determines it.' ~~~ It was Lisa's Twenty-first birthday when all the hell broke loose. Her parents, Alpha king and Luna queen died a painful death while saving her. Her brother, Sebestian, threw himself at the mercy of the enemies so that she escaped from their filthy clutches. They wanted her. All of them in the pack wanted her after the ambushment of her father's rule. And to protect herself, Lisa kept running away— until she fell in the arms of Alpha Alan, the strongest alpha of the continent who disguised himself as a rogue to keep her protected. But after months of saving her, he willingly let her be taken away. What made him take such a decision? He knew she was in danger, then why did he let her slip away out of the warmth of his protection and fall back in the hell she's been running away from?

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80 Chapters
Alpha's moonborn mate
||Disclaimer|| 'Alpha's moonborn mate'  Copyright ©️ 2021 by Chantinglove138  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author or publisher except for the use of brief quotations in critical articles or reviews. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. Stealing of my work/any idea or portion of the book may result to severe punishment to whoever who plagiarizes as it is a serious crime and won't be excused.  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events or locales is purely coincidental. _______ Alpha AlanRead more
Description 2
"Please don't reject me, Alan!" Holding his feet, Lisa wept with inevitable sobs.    "Reject you?" Alpha Alan snickered in disappointment, his eyes were a deep shade of red showing his exasperation. The wrath entertaining his face was so intense that it seemed he could kill anyone at the moment. "Huh, you were never mine, little princess."   Despite her hysterical cries and begging, Alpha Alan pushed her aside as he walked away with his mistress clinging to his arm.    ~~~   Alpha Alan was known as the generous alpha of Brave blood pack. He was one in thousand and an epitome of amiability. He was an unbeatable warrior until love knocked at the door of his heart and he met his mate in the woods of his pack.    She met Alan in the most unpredictable way possible, and was loved selflessly by him. However, one undesirable event and things never remained the same as bef
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Chapter 1
1. How it all started!  Princess Lisa's POV I don't want to die. I don't want to leave this world before taking my revenge on them. I don't want to let my parents' sacrifice go in vain, goddess. Give me strength, give me the power to get back what is mine. It was supposed to be my best birthday that night. Brother Sebestian was supposed to get father's throne and be the next alpha of our pack. But that bastard Jonah, he ruined my life. I cannot believe what I went through over the last few days, it is distrusting! It has now been three weeks that I am only running. My stomach growls. My feet are damaged and bleeding. My fingers feel numb. My whole body aches. I need food. The pain won't subside, it is intolerable! I lost everything within a night, I am alone. Everything has changed! Being extremely exhausted from walking, I fell on the ground on my back. My head is spinning badly, I don't know how long I wi
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2. Mysterious princess     Alpha king Alan's POV    "I am moving toward the south, you go to the west. I want the herbs today anyway. It is very difficult to see the cubs infected!" My beta was connected with me on our mind link.   We were in the Vesium woods of my Brave Blood Pack looking for this curative herb commonly known as Giant Dodder or Cuscuta reflexa that heals infections like shingles. "Understood Alan." Three percent of cubs in my pack have been caught up in an epidemic that has infected their skin with shingle-like disease and it is only increasing.   Yesterday, I attended the fourth death in a row in the last week. My doctors tried to make antidote but it is incomplete with this Curative herb that can heal their skin within the consummation of a night and here I, Alan Alvares, the alpha male of my Brave Blood Pack am here looking for the same so that the cubs can
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Chapter 3
3. Shit, She's In Danger! Alan ran faster than the speed which the light passes with, cutting through the trees, crushing the leaves under his feet and following her smell with a bleeding arm. He shot his eyes in his surroundings to look for her. She hardly ran for a few seconds then also it seemingly occurred difficult to search her.  Inhaling a breath of disappointment with his failure for not being able to find her, Alan growled loudly. His dangerous roar resonated in the forest. "Where can she go all of a sudden!" he roamed here and there, insanely breathing like a monster.  His fierce wolf was about to take control of him since he was more powerful than his human form, crazy and lunatic. But Alan anyway attempted to keep his wolf in control and find her on his own. However, the more his eyes roamed in the context to spot her figure the madder Alois grew.  'Let me take over Alan, I don't w
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Chapter 4
 4. SO!!! Continue With Your Little Rogue Game.  Cruel!  Cruel!  Fucking cruel!  Yeah that is what you would call your fate if you end up being feared by the one you are supposed to be loved! The veins of your body pop out in vexation and your heart stops beating at its usual pace when you see your mate laying under a tree unconscious and shivering with fear.  "Where the fuck have you been, Adrian!" Anger was adamant in every word he spoke, his irises staring murderously at his beta as if he would be under his grave sooner or later. "Do you have any idea how mad I am?" huffing with deep breaths, he inhaled the stale air again and again as he demanded for a real solid reason from his beta.  On the contrary, the clueless beta who just arrived after searching for his alpha for a period that seemed longer than a decade b
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Chapter 5
5. He Is... Caring. Pain was the very first thing she felt after unlatching her lashes. Luckily there was no sudden light cutting her vision. So it was easy for her to adjust within the atmosphere. Lisa hissed woefully when she attempted to move her left hand, it was paining badly as if it was pushed inside hot boiling water. Her irises itched. She rubbed her eyes when she sensed that her body was cocooned in warmth. She looked across from her, taking small breaths and realized her position. She was lying peacefully under a tree with a bonfire near her feet whose flames kept her warm while the winds floated in her direction. She was taken aback when the realization hit her. It was not because she was in better condition now but because her black cloak was removed and her shoulderless gown was put at view. It was torn from the side like a natural slit on a gown. Lisa's cheeks heated up. Her muscles tensed up, she quickly covered her body with her hands as soon as her eyes met wi
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Chapter 6
6. Freak, That Was A Dream!   "Uh, hey... You... Are... You are hurting me" An announcement made by her soft shaky voice was enough to pull him back to reality.   Alan batted his cilium blankly, his mind trying to register what she just spoke as he looked around them. "Ohh, I am sorry." he moved backwards realizing where his hands were.   He had pulled her gown upward just above her mid thigh. Lisa had to hold his hand in order to prevent him from invading her privacy. Alan looked away giving her her time to adjust with the circumstances but still, the happiness on his face was worth admiring.   He was happy. He couldn't think if he had been this happy ever before in his life. She, his mate, whom he had searched for all his life has started trusting him. It was a stepping stone toward his success.    She was a big waking mystery that he found in the daylight. What did she do
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Chapter 7
7. Please Leave.   Lisa's Pov    In the befallen dark night I was standing quietly in my place hugging my washed cloak tightly. The temperature was low. It was making my skin feel the agony of coldness. Surely I would have died if I were to stay in such a situation alone but the rogue guy and his company kept me warm.    He was busy giving a final touch to our diy abode. He made it real quick without wasting any time.   The way his heavy iron-like hands cut the bamboo with the axe, the area around him rippled and dust filled the air.    Just a few hours and I already started trusting him for his loyalty. He was not really loyal to me but after he saved me from the panther despite me attacking him, it made me realize that he was reliable. And that he could keep me safe until I got my wolf back.    Without a wolf I was as helpless as a newbo
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Chapter 8
8. Gorgon Wolves, Really?   Alan's POV… I left her standing there and marched toward the abode I had prepared for her. But, it looks like I will be using it all by myself. Unlike how I had assumed the both of us to be in its shadow.       Her eyes were glued on me, I can smell her growing tension after I made it clear to her that she can leave. Agreeably I wanted her to stay with me as she was my better half nevertheless I strongly oppose the way she was behaving with me.       I was stupid to say that. Wasn't that true though? She was a girl... And my mate, and I were curious to live with her in this jungle until she decided to tell me her story.       From the look on her face I understood long ago that she was in danger. The blood on her forehead, cut on her lips and her mesmerizing royal gown told the back story
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