My Role

My Role

By:  J. Fraley  Completed
Language: English_tagalog
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She's Andrea. The girl who doesn't really care about men. She prefers to be alone than to have a company. She never get involved in someone's business. She's the girl you will never wanted to be your enemy. You will want her to be your friend but she won't allow you. She once had a friend, her one and only friend. But because of those bad person she lose her. One day, she'll meet a guy that will make her heart beat just for him. She wouldn't notice that she's already falling for him. She doesn't know that she's falling in love with that man. That man will bring back the old her. The friendly, the girl who always smile and laugh. Will they be together at the end?

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    The man I used to hate is now my love.  My former enemy is now my boyfriend.  Is that possible?  I never thought of that.  Because I'm the type of person who never fall in love to a man.  I never thought I would fall in love with a guy I hate and playboy.  Destiny is deliberately weird... My former happy life was ruined because of him. The former silence is now filled with noise.  Even innocent people were affected. My promise to myself was broken because of him.  My values ​​and beliefs in life have changed because of him.  Why is it that I love him so much?  Why is it that of the multitude of men in the world, he is still the one who captivates my heart?  Why did I fall for him?  You're really weird, destiny.  You are very playful.  
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    Chapter 1
    Andrea's POV "Don't forget about Shan's party later, Andrea. Be on time." Andrew reminded me, the eldest of our siblings. Today is Shan's birthday. I almost forgot. "Yeah." I said. Shan is Andrew's girlfriend. They've been together for six years. They have been together for too long and they still have the strength to hold on to each other. If I'm going to describe Shan, she's beautiful. Kind and sociable. She is not like others who are stagey when they are at their boyfriends' house. She also doesn't just order us around even if it's possible because the oldest of our siblings is her boyfriend. And before I forget, her real name is Alexandra. I just don’t know why Shan is her nickname. It's still early, I can still go jogging. I went up to my room and changed my clothes. I will
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    Chapter 2
    Andrea Today is first day of class and I woke up late so I didn't have time for breakfast. I didn't see anyone at home when I came down because I was late. Why didn't they wake me up? I hurriedly drove to school because I was late. Sh*t! Fortunately, there is no traffic. ~ School ~ "You're late for the first day of class, Smith!" The subject teacher said when I approached the front of our classroom. "I'm sorry, ma'am." I answered while bowing. "I'll let it slide now. But if you're late again next time, I won't accept you." She said in a calm voice. "Thank you ma'am." "There's only one seat available. Sit next to Anderson." I nodded in response. I looked at the empty seat she said before I walked over to it. I saw Alexa smiling at me so I nodded at her. I don't k
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    Chapter 3
    Andrea I just went to the library after we say goodbye to each other. I always go here every lunch because it is quiet here. Noise is not allowed wherever you go in the library. When you make a noise, get ready in the librarian's mouth and get ready to be sent out of the library. I sat down at one of the tables at th end of the corner and I pulled out a book. I also pulled out my phone and earphones so I could listen to a song. I prefer to listen to a song when reading. After a long discussion of each class, I finally went home. My brain is tired, it's so hard to study. First day of class they already gave us a lot of work as if the class already started for a long time. Our classmates also don't change often, Whoever your classmates were last year, they will also be your classmates the other year. There are change
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    Chapter 4
    Andrea "Make sure to bring your books tomorrow, okay?" Our teacher said. "Yes ma'am!" Everyone's answer. "Class dismissed." Everyone got up for lunch break. I arranged my belongings before standing up. I finally have a time to relaxed my mind. "Andrea, can we eat together?" Asher asked me. "Next time." I replied then left. I walked out of the room and I was supposed to go to the library but Alexa blocked me and she is with Raia now. They grabbed both my arms and led me to the cafeteria. I thought I could escape from them, but I didn't. I feel like a fugitive prisoner now because of the two of them. The three are complete there and it looks like I'm the only one they're waiting for because there's already food on the table. They were all my classmates but they often came out first
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    Chapter 5
    Alexa ~ Raia's house ~ "What are we going to do first?" I asked We are now at Raia's house. Andrea is already here too. "Let's watch a k-drama?" Raia's suggestion. I look at Andrea and she just look blankly at us. She sat on the couch while Raia and I sat on her bed. "Do you like k-dramas?" I asked. "Hmm." she answered almost in a whisper. "Good!" Raia said gladly. She stood up and took out a flash drive from her drawer. That's where she puts her dramas. "What genre do you like?" Raia asked as she put her flash drive on her flat screen TV. "Thriller." Andrea replied. In all our question to her. Whether it's long or short questions her answers are always short. Maybe it's one of her personalities. "Ohh thriller." Raia replied.
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    Chapter 6
    Andrea  I fixed myself when night came. Andrew said that we're going to have dinner with Shan's family.  I seem to be the only one they invited together with Andrew. I don't even know why Andrei and Andrello weren't invited.  ~ Arcardia Mansion ~  "Sir Andrew and his sister are here." the maid said while standing at the front door of the dining area.  She opened the door for us so we entered inside. We were invited here to the mansion of the Arcardia family for dinner.  Al is really crazy. It looks like he's looking for a fight.  "Andrea what?" Andrew also seemed annoyed because of his sister's behavior.  Andrea looked at him angrily.  "Why the hell am I here? I'm not part of this family." Sh asked annoyed.  "Al likes to stare at Andrea. He seems to know exactly how to pick up a fight with Andrea." Tristan whispered shakily.  He's beside me.
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    Chapter 7
    Andrea  Days and weeks passed. Raia, Lexa and I became closer to each other. I can tell them about myself even if they don't ask me. I can say that having a friend is fun too.  "Okay class, you have a new classmate." Our adviser said.  There is a transferee? A man entered our room. He is not yet in uniform. He sure- Wait, what is this prick doing here?  "Introduce yourself." Mr. Chavez commanded.  He nodded to our teacher before facing us.  "I'm Jake Amilton. Your new classmate." he introduces himself to us.  "Sir." He call our adviser.  "Yes?" ~ Sir Chavez.  "Can I move my seat?" he asked.  And where does he plan to move his seat  'Don't tell me ...  "Where?"  He looked at me then smiled from ear to ear. "Oh, I want to move my seat next to Andrea Smith."  This prick...  I stood up to refuse
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    Chapter 8
    Alistair "Don't invite her. She hates parties and loud places. She won't be able to handle the noise there." Alistair said.  His birthday is coming up next week. There will be a party, of course. He's a son of the owner of one of the biggest company in the world.  His part will be different from the other rich kid. There are two venues for his party. One in a bar, one in a hotel. They will held a party at the hotel for the people invited by his parents. And he will held a party at the bar for his friends and for people he invited.  Isn't it fascinating? "Are you worried about him, bro?" Tristan asked while grinning. "Nah. Why would I be worried about that freak?" "You're referring to yourself, right?" I sarcastically said. "Nah, I'm referring to you." "Oh, I thought you're referring to yourself. Because between us, you're the freak and not me." "Okay, that's enough." Raia rebukes us.
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    Chapter 9
    Andrea  I just finished taking a bath. I feel so good and refreshed after the shower. I dressed myself before coming down to have my dinner. I just wear my usual thing. An oversized shirt and a pajama. This is how I dressed when I'm just in our house. I don't need to wear a dress or a gown or any fancy clothes if I'm just going to stay at my room. Why would I? tch.  "Come here and eat." Mama said.  She's preparing the food at the table. I was right on time when I went down. Our dinner is ready. I sat down next to my youngest brother.  "What's for dinner?" I asked.  "What do you see?" My youngest brother imitated my answer to him the other day.  "Tss."  We have already started eating dinner after my mom served the food. As usual, me and my brothers, we teased each other while we're eating. That's our usual thing every time that we're together. That's our bonding.  E
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