The Outbreak of the New Virus

The Outbreak of the New Virus

By:  serenofiru  Ongoing
Language: English_tagalog
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Synopsis #sci-fic For years, humans lived in this world peacefully. No harm was done after series of improving the world with technology as an addition. Many things was discovered and so was created. From overcoming different plague and viruses. But what if, a new virus was discovered. Can their technology find its cure? Or they'll live with the virus itself.

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6 Chapters
"Belle, OMG girl!" The petite girl named Marj called the blonde-hair Belle. "Ace, Marj, how long have you been here in the Philippines?" Asked Belle, welcoming the two with a hug."Kanina lang, dumiretso agad kami dito sa inyo para makapag-bonding tayo. Ghad! It's been years since we last saw each other." Sabi naman ni Ace habang pinapaypayan sarili gamit ang kamay."HAHA, yeah right. Oh by the way. How's state?" Belle asked again.This time Marj was the one to answer her. "Same old, same old. State is still boring as ever." The three bond at Belle's house for hours. They just cope up things that they didn't experience together. Talking and enjoying the food Ace Dawn ordered on their way to Belle's house."Marj, belle. I need to go. See you tomorrow if I'm not busy. I still have to check my schedule, you know doctor's stuff." Ace bid her goodbye to the two while shrugging."We'll definitely see you tomorrow. How about you
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Chapter 1
THE sun was bright, hitting my skin with its shiny light."Ate Belle, gising." Pag gising sakin ni Sabrina.I slightly opened my eyes. "Sobrang aga pa Sab, inaantok pa ako." Reklamo ko sabay takip ng kumot sa aking mukha. Naglikot siya sa hinihigaan namin patuloy parin sa pagsasalita. "Pero ate, pupunta pa tayo kay Ate Ace diba?" Pagpapaalala niya.I groaned before opening my eyes. "Alis nga dyan, babangon na ako." I said grumpily. I finally stood up and went to my room to take a shower. After some time I was finally done and currently walking down the stairs."Wala ka ba pasok ngayon Sab?" Pagtatanong ni Marj. I walked towards them and grab one sandwich, Marj probably made it. I shrugged and took a bite. "She's home schooled since the last accident." I replied.Marj look at me. "Accident? What accident? I mean, how, when and where?"Marj asked frantically. "Calm down Marj, that was ages ago. It wa
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Chapter 2
"Belle! Belle wake up!" Nagising ako sa nakakarinding sigaw ni Marj.Hinilamos ko ang aking palad sa aking mukha. "What's the fuss?""You need to see this, get up Belle. Now!" She said in a hurry.I abruptly got up and she hold my hand and drag me near the window.I was terrified of what I was looking at right now. Ang daming tao na nakahiga. Para lang silang nahimatay. I almost cringe at the sight.Before I can touch the window to open it, Ace immediately close the curtains in order to block the view."Stay away. Don't go out. The Virus may not airborne but it was still infectious. If you don't want to be infected, then stay still and never go out. Well, you can go out but you need to cover up. From the tip of your hair to the bottom of you feet." She said then walked out of the room. "And oh, one more thing. Be careful."Napaupo ako sa sahig pagkalabas n
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Chapter 3
It's the 3rd day of being home quarantined because of the said virus.As we ate our breakfast silently, Rye suddenly spoke. "I got a call from Dr. Fierro. According to him, there's a location that evacuates the remaining citizens here." He looked at Ace. "And we have to help out. He sent me the location last night through email. I'm not familiar with the place but we'll use gps to lead us there. As for now, we'll not be evacuated, we'll just help out the evacuees to move out. As per Sab and Max, we'll send then away and make sure to be the first to be evacuated. Us adults will be left behind and help out." He explained. Marj shrugged her shoulder, "As long as the kids were safe, then I'm willing to help out." She said and ate a spoon full of food. She's a heavy eater, yep.After eating we cleaned everything up. Ace readied everything, from the suit to the things we need for travelling. Foods, beverages and other necessities like health care and girly stuff
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Chapter 4
He's Jed, together with a child?!Dali dali akong tumayo upang tulungan sila, sugatan ang bata na kasama niya, buhat-buhat niya ito at nilapag agad sa nakalatag na kumot pagkarating niya sa amin."What happened?" Kalmadong tanong ni Rye ng mailapag na ni Jed ang sugatang bata. Tumingala ito sa'min bago dahan dahang tumayo at pinagsalikop ang mga palad. "We're attacked by some stranger, they're looked like zombies, they're even acting like one." pagpapaliwanag nito.Kumunot ang aking noo sa narinig. Zombies? That's impossible."What do you mean?" Biglang sabad ni Ace. Kinakabahang tumingin si Jed kay Ace. Maybe he still haven't gotten over with the fact that Ace almost broke his arm. I chuckled inside my mind."T-They're acting weird, Ace. They're attacking us mindlessly. They seemed controlled by something or perhaps... someone?" Pag aalangan pa niya.Napatingin naman kami kay Rye ng bigla itong kinwelyuhan si Jed.
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Chapter 5
He came in front. "Ako na maghahatid sa kanila papuntang safe zone." Pag bubulantaryo pa nito.Tumango naman si Rye. At humarap ulit sa mga taong nandoon. "Now, since our car is only a small van, it can only fit up to 10 to 12 people inside. We'll make sure to prioritize the kids and the senior citizens.""We'll also search for cars, and also spot some nearby people that is also camping here. Baka kailangan din nila ng tulong." Pagpapaliwanag pa niya. "Marj?" Tawag nito kay Marj. Tumango lang si Marj na parang alam na ang gustong ipagawa ni Rye sa kanya.Tumayo si Marj at isa isang pinalapit sa kanya ang mga bata. There were a total of 4 kids, including the wounded one. Then there are 17 senior citizens in the crowd. So a total of 21 will be prioritized. Since sampo lang ang magkakasya, pinauna na nila ang mga bata bago sinunod ang nga senior citizen na may mga kapansanan na, like those seniors na hindi na nakakakita at nakakalakad."Hey." Tawag pansin sa
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