Fate Within Time

Fate Within Time

By:  Jamie Hewitt  Ongoing
Language: English
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Finding the love of your life at 18 seemed so impossible. It had to be my imagination. Years later and years worth of missed opportunities, divorces and crushed hearts. What do I do when the fates line up and we're given another chance. Has it been to long? Will this be just another missed chance?

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16 chapters
It's late August in 1997, I'm eighteen and fresh out of high school. I was living with Ken, my abusive now ex, my dad died in April and I had to get away from that house so I ran to his. But... I'm back now. I couldn't take the shit from him and his bitch ass sister anymore. I was cut off from my friends and my family. It was him and his super religious family all day every day. I felt like I was in a cult. Maddy helped me get out quickly and get back to my moms' house. My mother and I already have a strained relationship, I was the kid she didn't want, but home sweet home... or so they say. Maddy had the bright idea to go out tonight. I haven't been out or seen our group of friends in six months, thanks to Ken. He hated all of my friends. He said they were trash. He was upper class, and most of us were the blue-collar type. That made them less in his eyes. He let me know every day that he was slumming by being with me. Super fun, right? "Are you ready?" I he
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Big Tex's
  My 18th birthday was months ago and I just got out of the worst relationshit of my life. I knew it shouldn't have gone past the first date, but I did it anyway. He was controlling and verbally abusive from the start.  It didn't help that my friends hated him and had no problem letting me know just how much they wanted to drown him in his own hot tub. My soul sister, Maddy, had a plan to knock him out and hold him down to the jets. She said it would take him out faster.  But... I'm stubborn and can not be wrong; a trait I inherited from my dad. (Thanks Pops.) I don't care how right they are. Eight months of my life I'll never get back. Oh well, fuck it. Tonight we're going out and I am finally free to be who I am and not have to listen to what a piece of shit I am for dancing with my friends or laughing at someone's jokes. I love to dance and it's been months. We pull into the parking lot of Big Tex's Road Hall. It's not really a club; the owners turned their recepti
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The Next Day
 *RING...RING...RING...*  "FUCK! It's 7:30 in the morning. Who the hell is calling me right now!?!" I'm growling as I look at the clock next to my bed and reach to grab the phone.  "Sup Bitch... I've heard about you this morning." you can hear the smile in Chuck's voice. "What are you talking about? And why are you calling me right now... I'm going to kick your ass later." I reply coldly "So... there's someone at my house right now. He's been calling everyone we know trying to find you. Lucky for them, they showed up at the right place. What the hell did you do last night?" Chuck's tone has switched to sly mocking.  I'm going over the details in my head. There's nothing standing out. Dancing. Laughing. Late dinner... (or early breakfast, however you want to look at it.) Just the normal stuff. Nothing worth remembering..... Dane... That was worth remembering. The scent of his cologne floods back into my senses.  Read more
A week has gone by and I still haven't heard from Dane. Maddy and I have decided to bypass Tex's and go straight to Tremors. I was completely fine with that after I humiliated myself last weekend. What the hell was I thinking? Hopefully, they're at the other club tonight playing with Ants new flavor of the week. I have resigned myself to it was just him giving a little payback after I left him standing by the dance floor. It's fucked up, but not really a surprise.  We are making our usual first lap around the club, just seeing who's there and if there's anyone worth flirting with. FUCK! There he is. Ant and Dane are playing pool on the other side of the bar. I grab Maddy, "Nope. Let's go to the other bar by karaoke. Ant and Dane are right there. I do NOT want to deal with that shit right now." Maddy looks across the bar right as Ant looks up from his shot, they make eye contact and he smiles. "Well, looks like that's out the window. We've been spotted."
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The Apartment
The next few days fly by like a dream. I've learned Dane and Ant are roommates, which explains why they're always together. Dane and I rarely get any alone time. It almost feels like Ant is jealous. I'm not sure of what, but his behavior doesn't feel right to me. Maddy is still annoyed with me for leaving with Dane that night, but she's starting to get over it. Turns out Maddy met her own "Casanova" Saturday night. Frank, Ants buddy, is an interesting guy. He's on the shorter side, about 5'7, golden tanned skin, a shaved head with constant 5 o'clock shadow. But it's the beady brown rat eyes for me though. He always looks like he's up to something. It's almost unsettling.  Maddy said it was the uniform that got her. He's a volunteer firefighter and had a picture of himself on top of a car putting out a house fire in his wallet... who does that? Maddy thinks he is the sexiest man walking, I think he's probably on a list somewhere. But she's happy. So I'm happy for her. 
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The Adventure
The next morning we were woken up by Tammys screaming "What the fuck!! I told y'all not to do anything on my fucking couch!! Get the fuck up and get out and take your slut with you!" Dane and I were still cuddled under the blanket, naked. Oops, guess we forgot to get dressed. Startled, Dane yanks the blanket up to make sure I'm covered completely. "It's a bit early for all this crazy, don't you think Tammy," Dane says lifting his head to face her. "Last time I checked, we were all grown. And you'll get over it. I promise." He kisses me on the head before dropping his back down on the pillow.  Ant comes out of the room, "What is all this yelling... oooo oooo my boy got him some finally. We are gonna talk about it later." Ant says laughing turning his attention to Tammy. "Girl, leave them alone. You're just made they got some and you didn't." "A few times..." Dane mumbles and snickers to himself causing me to smile. I wiggle my rear into him tauntingly. "D
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On the way to Queenstown
I was dropped off at home so Ant could go on his "date", and I could shower and get some much-needed sleep. I lay in bed going over the events of the past two days, over and over. How can I be falling for him so quickly? This still doesn't make any sense. What if it scares him off? I've got to try and distance myself.  *RING*RING* I check the caller ID, a little disappointed, it's Scott. Not the name I wanted to see, but I haven't talked to him really since he helped me get all of my stuff from Ken's house. "Hello" I answer. "Hey, what are you doing this weekend?" His voice is full of energy and excitement. "Um, nothing that I'm aware of or have plans for. Why what's up?" I reply "So my mom is taking me and my brother to Queenstown for the weekend. Do you want to go?" He asks. "It'll be fuuuuun. You'll have your own room and everything, but we can stay up watch movies, eat bad food and go hang out on the Riverwalk. The hotel we are going
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There goes the weekend
I woke up to the sound of someone pounding on the dividing door between my room and Scotts. I look at the clock on the nightstand, what the hell it's almost 1:30 in the morning. I get out of bed and open the door."Thank God! I'm soo sorry!!!" Scott pushes past me, almost knocking me over. He runs to my bathroom and slams the door behind him. The next several minutes are filled with sounds of him vomiting and cussing the restaurant they had eaten at earlier. He finally comes out and looks like he's been run over by a Mack truck."What's wrong?" I ask concerned, but I already knew. I was grateful I skipped dinner. "Food poisoning..." he moans. "I knew that meat tasted funny. But they swore it was perfectly fine." "Oh, shit. Are all of you sick?" I ask looking to the dividing door again."Not just me and Johnathan. Mom had cheese enchiladas." He flops across the foot of my bed. "Well, that's good at least. Do you want to stay
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Riverwalk Havoc
After a long night of terrible movies and worse snacks, we finally get up and moving around 9:30. "Morning sunshine," Scott says. "Ready for some shenanigans?" "Sure, let me go shower real quick," I say yawning. "I'm gonna go next door and check on my brother and let mom know we are headed downstairs for the day." He says getting up from the bed. "I'll get dressed and stuff over there.""Ok, sounds good. See ya in a bit." I get up and grab my bag and take it to the bathroom. I check my pager to see if I missed any pages, nothing. Hmmm. Ok. Hopefully, they had fun doing whatever it was Ant had planned. I finish my shower and put on some light makeup and get dressed. Scott is back in the room and ready to go. "You look nice," he says with a warm smile. "Thanks for being so patient with me while I was sick. I had fun last night. But you are grounded from movie selection from now on. Those were God awful." He laughed."He
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Football Saturday
Before I know it, a month has passed by. The leaves are changing and there is a chill in the air. Ant finally turned twenty-one and started a job with Dane at his fathers' company. I don't see them very much during the week, but with my classes and work, I don't have much free time anyway. I have to settle for talks on the phone and visits on Saturday and Sunday. Ant has laid claim to Friday nights as "boys night", they go do whatever they do and I usually hang out with Maddy.  She and Frank didn't work out. Tammy found out and suddenly decided that he was the love of her life and couldn't be without him. So, he went back.  Maddy and I are hanging out in my bedroom listening to music when my pager goes off. Its Dane. I grab my phone to call him back. He picks up on the first ring. "Hey, baby! I missed you today." The excitement in his voice makes me smile.  "Hey, babe. What's up?" I ask "It's football Saturday. We'll be on the way to pick you u
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